10 Oils to Use On Dry Frizzy Hair

Are your locks desperately rough or even brittle?

Or do you simply have this feeling of extreme dryness at the tips?

If the usual hair masks no longer seem to have an effect, it is because you have to go through another treatment.

It is then time to treat them with vegetable oil to optimize hydration and regeneration of hair fibers!

Among the essential treatments in your hair routine for frizzy hair , vegetable oil must imperatively be part of it, whether pure or as a component of a nourishing treatment.

Let’s see together the best vegetable oils to adopt to overcome the straw effect.

Top 10 Best Carrier Oils for Dry Frizzy Hair

These vegetable oils are back on the front of the stage to the delight of dry and brittle frizzy hair .

To be used alone or mixed in your care for  a wash and go , each substance offers specific benefits to your hair.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the oils most used on dry frizzy hair.


Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, sweet almond oil is at the top of the list for frizzy hair care.

It deeply nourishes, tones and softens your hair to give a softer and silkier texture to your mane.

Thanks to moisturizing agents, it intensely hydrates the hair fiber and coats it to trap water in the heart of the hair.

Emollient, it regulates sebum production and helps fight scalp problems.


As wonderful as it is fragrant, coconut oil is particularly appreciated for contributing to the health and hydration of frizzy or relaxed hair .

It is partly composed of many saturated fatty acids which help to give flexibility and repair your hair in depth.

Very fine but ultra-nourishing, it penetrates very quickly into the fiber to repair your lengths instantly, thus reducing frizz and breakage.

Due to its contribution in nutrients, it strengthens the hair and makes it silky and less brittle.


Derived from shea butter, shea oil is rich in minerals , vitamins and fatty acids.

For your dry frizzy hair, it can become your ally, as it is particularly recommended to nourish, soften and tone dry hair.

It also softens and restructures the hair in depth. It softens and revitalizes damaged and dehydrated hair fibres.

While enjoying the benefits of this ingredient, know that for best results, you should also avoid the common mistakes that most people with curly, frizzy hair make .


Ultra light, this oil is rich in vitamins A, C, K and calcium. Thus, it is an excellent source of nutrition.

It intensely hydrates your hair without weighing it down. It brings shine, facilitates detangling and tames rebellious hair.

Often compared to a conditioner , it relaxes the hair fiber and limits frizz due to humidity.

If you have trouble finding this oil, do not hesitate to do research on the internet where you will find some recipes for making it at home.


Ultra nourishing, it is an excellent  hair treatment product . Rich in essential fatty acid, it is one of the rare oils to combine antioxidant and restructuring properties.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, argan oil is ideal for moisturizing the driest area of ​​your hair.

It strengthens your hair, nourishes it and gives it shine.

It also helps to fight against hair loss.

To take full advantage of the virtues of this oil, you can incorporate it into your mask or use it as an oil bath.


Castor oil is the star of care for frizzy and dry hair.

This oil  promotes their growth and reduces split ends .

It also helps tame flyaways.

This very healthy oil helps to treat and prevent scalp problems .

By using it regularly in your care routine, you will quickly notice that your hair is shinier.


It is the most commonly used oil in  frizzy hair care .

With its softening properties, it allows deep hydration of the hair, which prevents its user from having brittle ends.

It restructures the hair, from root to tip and brings a sumptuous shine. It cleanses the scalp, which helps prevent dandruff.


Jojoba oil is a “must” for your dry frizzy hair. It remains on the surface of the hair fiber forming a  protective barrier , which prevents loss of moisture and makes your hair less dry and less brittle.

Over time, it protects your hair against breakage and improves its flexibility.


It is an ideal nourishing oil for damaged frizzy hair .

It deeply and effectively nourishes hair fibers that are very dry by nature and require intense treatment.

Its moisturizing properties make it a suitable oil for sealing in moisture.


Ideal for dry frizzy hair, baobab oil deeply nourishes the hair .

Moisturizing: it repairs devitalized hair and takes care of hair lacking vitality, limp and dull.

An alternative if you can’t find a baobab oil is to opt for a baobab powder that you will mix with another vegetable oil.

To find the oil that best suits your frizzy and dry hair, it is best to compare the virtues of these vegetable oils.

But you can also use them in synergy or test other ingredients as well.

Discover, for example,  the incredible benefits of garlic on your hair .

Their common points? These oils compensate for the lack of fatty substances in dry ends and repair the hair fibres.

You can easily find them online and introduce them into your skincare routine : as a mask, in an oil bath or in your shampoo.

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