45 shorts haircut ideas for women with afro hair

In this article, we are talking about: short afro woman cut !

I am sure that many of you are waiting for that famous day when you will have long hair full of shine.

But while waiting for the result, enjoy your short lengths.

Who said short hair was only for men? Don’t listen to them!

Dare a new boyish look !

If currently you have short hair, see very short, know that cutting your hair is very trendy.

Fewer styling products, easy to maintain… And many more!

As your mane grows , you’ll see what I mean.

I explain in detail its advantages and full of ideas of hairstyles to sublimate any woman. Inspiration guaranteed!

Short afro woman cut: The 4 advantages 

1 – Less washing time

Of course, since there is less hair, washing time is a breeze.

You don’t have to cut multiple sections of your hair to braid , or fight with knots.

With short hair, you can shampoo or co-wash with a reduced washing time.

2 – Shortened treatment time

If you’ve found your hair routine, you know your “wash day” will take much less time than if you had long hair.

Moisture in frizzy hair struggles to spread throughout the hair, especially the ends.

With short hair, care is much easier, faster and more efficient.

3 – A large choice of hairstyle models

A short haircut looks great no matter your hair type . The boyish cut brings out the shape of your face and your neck with a sexy side.

You have a wide choice of hairstyle ideas: shaved, wavy, layered, parted, asymmetrical, plunging square…

You can very well crack on a little hair color!

4 – Not much to do at bedtime

The longer the hair grows, the more you will notice that you need to tie it up with a protective hairstyle (buns, pigtails, braid), before going to bed.

By having short and well hydrated hair, it is enough just to put on a satin cap , and to bed!

If you have long and very damaged hair, I invite you to try the big chop .

For one thing, you’re starting from scratch to tame regrowth in a healthier way. On the other hand, you will change your mind with lots of ideas for beautiful cuts for women with short hair.

Short afro woman cut: 5 hairstyles 

Finger coils

Of all the afro hairstyles on this list, this one is probably the most time-consuming, but you can get well-defined curls once done.

If you don’t want to twist or braid your hair, this is a no-fuss option that only requires your fingers and styling products.

Start by washing your hair as usual, but leaving it damp. Apply a curl cream (again, we recommend using a natural product) and part your hair into sections.

Then start twirling the hair of each section around your finger.

Once your curls are dry, you can stretch them out or separate them further to get a bit more definition and volume. It will take time but it’s a fabulous look that will last for a week!

Who says you can’t have cool afro haircuts with short hair? If you devote some time to it in the morning (or evening), there is no short afro short haircut that you cannot achieve!

Side part

Want to try something different with your short afro hair but don’t have time for a slightly more complex (and long) hairstyle? Why not try a side parting?

This will take only few minutes ; start by washing your hair, moisturizing it and then applying an oil.

Then take a comb and place your parting. Once you’ve done your parting, you need to apply a setting gel (be sure to use a natural gel that doesn’t leave any residue).

Once the gel is applied, use clips along each part to hold it in place.

To set the gel, dry the roots using a hair dryer, then remove the clips by sliding them.

Twist out & braid out

So if you have the time and a bit of patience to practice, these are great short afro cuts to try.

They are also considered a protective hairstyle but a bit more funky. You will also get great curls once you undo them!

Achieving the perfect twist or braid requires (you guessed it) a good hair care routine.

The most common issues are lack of curls or definition. If your hair is dry or brittle, you won’t get the look you’re looking for and you’ll damage your hair by twisting it.

When styling, follow your hair care routine as usual, wash your hair, towel dry (don’t blow dry as twists will work best with slightly damp hair), then detangle.

Once done, moisturize and separate your hair before twisting it.

If your hair is too damp, either from product or water, your twists won’t hold. So be sure to let your hair dry and roll it up before you go to bed.

The puff

It is not necessary to have an ultra sophisticated short afro cut. You don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to pull it off, either.

The puff is a practical short afro cut for women that requires nothing more than a big headband, a comb, a bit of humidity and hydration.

So how? Well…

Start by spraying some moisture around the perimeter of your hair (you don’t want it to get wet), then liberally apply hair oil to the base of your hair, working it in.

Next, brush your afro hair where you want to place the puff.

Finally, take your rubber band and stretch it across the front of your head, pull it back and cross the two ends. Pull on the ends to tighten it.

Afro pixie cut

This is a very easy and functional short afro cut to achieve and very popular. You can also fade, cut the sides, opt for patterns, making this a very versatile style.

Again, the key to this style is to keep your hair clean and moisturized because a large part of the look is built around the curling of your hair.

If your hair is brittle and/or dry, you won’t be able to curl it satisfactorily (and it will also lead to breakage and damage).

Afro woman short haircut: 39 hairstyle ideas


Short afro woman cut: How to have healthy short hair? 

Taking care of your short hair is one of the easiest steps on your hair journey .

As your hair grows, it becomes more difficult to moisturize effectively and tangles can become a problem.

This is why many women choose to maintain a short hairstyle .

We give you some tips to keep your short hair healthy.

1. A good wash 

Use a mild, nourishing sulfate-free shampoo . This will prevent your hair from being dry after washing.

You can also wash your hair using only conditioner to prevent it from getting too dry.

The frequency of washing will depend on your needs, a good starting point would be once a week.

Make sure your scalp is clean with our 10 super effective homemade clarifying shampoo recipes .

2. Don’t forget the conditioner

If you use shampoo to clean your hair, you should always follow it up with a good leave-in conditioner.

The conditioner smooths the hair fiber and facilitates detangling .

3. Deep care

Make a habit of deeply moisturizing and nourishing your hair as often as possible. Leave on for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

If you can do it at least once a week it will be optimal.

If you can’t, try at least once every 2 weeks. Do not forget to do a protein treatment.

If you don’t have any care ideas, check out our article on organic/natural and homemade frizzy hair care. Cover your hair with plastic wrap and/or a towel to help the treatment penetrate more effectively.

4. Oust the knots! 

Detangle your hair when damp using a wide tooth comb and/or brush.

You can always start by using your fingers to detangle any tangled hair you can feel, then proceed to detangle with a comb.

Depending on the length of your hair, you may not need to detangle the hair with your fingers.

When combing, start at the ends of your hair, then comb through to the roots.

It may sound weird, but believe me, you’ll have a lot less breakage !

5. Moisturize your hair even if it’s short

Always remember to moisturize your hair to avoid dryness.

Whether short or long, no matter the type of hair , they need nutrients, vegetable oils , hair cream etc…

We give you lots of tips in our article 8 effective tips to keep your frizzy hair hydrated

6. Protect your hair at night 

Always wear a satin bonnet or scarf to bed. Don’t like beanies?

You can use satin or silk pillowcases instead.

The cotton in your bedding dries out your hair and can break it under the effect of friction.

As your hair grows out, you can braid or braid it in large sections to prevent tangling.

7 . Make a cut with or without accessories

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have to do simple braids.

You can do a lot of haircuts… like for example doing a cut with vanilla in the front and a mini afro in the back.

Among the afro cuts to try, let’s mention the bantu knots, the glued vanillas, the wash and go etc… We have prepared 41 hairstyles for you that you will love!

Not ready to try new haircuts? It’s time to gear up!

Wear headbands, barrettes, colorful scarves with pretty earrings and a necklace. You are going to be sublime!

8 – No stress!

Don’t get frustrated or become a product addict. Not everything works for everyone.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying the latest, greatest and most popular product lines that come out on the market.

It takes trial and error to find the products that work best for you.

To avoid high prices, buy few products and test. You can also exchange products with your friends.

You will have no more excuses to take care of your hair if it is short

What haircut did you go for?

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