7 Effective Straighters Brushes on Frizy Hair!

Today, we’re talking about the best straightening brushes for frizzy hair!

Having natural hair  is a good idea, but when it is dry and difficult to manage, the pain does not take long to point its nose.

You no longer have to worry since it is possible to straighten your hair without resorting to straightening, but by using a straightening brush instead.

We have identified for you, some straightening brushes to use for frizzy hair.

The 7 Best Straightening Brushes for Frizzy Hair

For straightening frizzy hair, we recommend the following straightening brushes:

Madame Paris Angela smoothing brush

Straightening brush Madame Paris Angela

This is a straightening steam brush, which will allow you to protect your frizzy hair and keep it hydrated and shiny.

With the steam it gives off, the Madame Paris Angela steam straightening brush repairs and restructures the hair.

The latter is one of the 7 best straightening brushes, because it is suitable for all hair types, you just need to adopt the right temperature that suits your hair.

If you have frizzy or thick hair , 230°C is the best temperature you should select from the five available, for the hair to respond favorably.

The GHD Glide straightening brush

GHD Glide – straightening brush

This ceramic straightening brush is able to tame even the toughest frizzy hair with ceramic and ionic technology .

The GHD Glide controls frizz and transforms your hair in just seconds, with an optimal temperature of 185°C, allowing it to heat up quickly.

No strand can resist it, because the two spikes (short and long) with which it is equipped manage to style small and large strands evenly and quickly, for a supple and natural result.

The Philips BHH880/00 ​​heated straightening brush

Philips BHH880/00 ​​StyleCare Essential Heated Hair Straightener, Extra Wide Brushing Area

With its ThermoProtect technology and tourmaline ceramic coating , the Philips BHH880/00 ​​heated straightening brush is only designed for dry and frizzy hair, which can rely on a constant temperature.

With the adjustable temperature, it gives you natural straightening in just five minutes, for silky, shiny and frizz-free hair.

The brush is wide enough to cover a large part of the hair, you will be able to straighten your hair at once.

The Philips BH880/00 ​​heated straightening brush has a compact design and has three types of bristles. You will detangle and smooth your hair , while protecting the scalp against heat.

No need to reach long to straighten your hair, with 50 seconds this brush is ready to use.

The Remington CB7400 straightening brush

Remington Ionic Straightening Brush [2in1: Straightener & Hairbrush]

Here you have a brand, known for the quality of the different styling devices, that it offers in the market.

The Remington CB7400 brush is made of a ceramic coating and three temperature levels up to 230°C. These different characteristics allow your hair to be in top shape, in a shiny and solid state.

Thanks to the Advanced Ceramic technology , the brush glides easily, which makes it possible to detangle and straighten the hair in a single gesture.

Don’t be afraid to damage your hair, it’s protected against heat, thanks to the anti-static coating .

The Babyliss HSB100e straightening brush

BaByliss Paris – HSB100E – Liss Brush 3D – Straightening brush

Babyliss is a recognized brand, and the quality of its devices is well established, as well as its value for money.

To help you take care of your frizzy hair, the Babyliss HSB100e straightening brush offers three types of pins (heating pins, for styling and for straightening).

Thanks to its lightness , you can take it everywhere with you, whether for a business trip, a honeymoon, a weekend…

LANDOT smoothing brush

LANDOT Hot Smoothing Brush

For the LANDOT straightening brush, you have an ionic technology, thanks to which you can eliminate frizz, preserve the moisture of the hair and bring it shine.

Your hair fears nothing. Indeed, they are protected by negative ions .

The multi-dimensional comb as well as the presence of the detangling bristles do a good job, boosting and reviving your hair, to give it a second life.

You have a digital display , which allows you to read the temperature, a built-in feature to monitor the displayed temperature to avoid the risk of overheating .

CNXUS heated straightening brush

Heated Straightening Brush-CNXUS

This other straightening brush adapts to your frizzy hair, which you want to straighten. In addition to being an excellent straightener, the CNXUS brush detangles perfectly.

To obtain rapid and natural straightening without frizz, it has four temperature levels (150 to 230°C).

No more hassle to get your hair in order, now use this time-saving brush, which offers anti-scalding technology.

Your frizzy hair will not be damaged , because of the plastic coating. MCH and ionic technology provide fast, uniform and constant heating.

In addition, it can be set to automatically turn off after 30 minutes of heating, this helps to avoid burning accidents.

Tips for using a straightening brush

Before you use a straightening brush, you need to make sure it’s at the right temperature for your hair type .

Then, make sure your hair is clean, detangled and dry, to avoid the appearance of frizz.

Likewise, in order not to damage the hair , you must respect a frequency of use of four times a week. There isn’t really a frequency of use, but for hair safety, please adhere to a frequency of use.

What would be perfect is to apply a protective lotion on frizzy hair, before proceeding to straighten it, useful for not exposing the hair directly to heat.

The best thing is to use the heated brush sparingly!

How to use the straightening brush on your frizzy hair?

No matter what type of hair you have, you need to adopt the right attitude to use the straightening brush on your hair.

In order to better get out of it, we recommend the steps of the following recipe:

1- Wash your frizzy hair by co-washing 

This way of doing is to use only conditioner (trick to detangle and soften the hair). To do this, use hair conditioner . It should be rich in:

  • Shea Butter.
  • Coconut oil.

But, before, apply a thermo-protective treatment all over the hair, let the treatment rest under a plastic film + hot towel or a charlotte.

After 30 minutes, remove the towel and straighten the hair and finish with a swipe of anti-frizz spray .

2- After having nourished and made frizzy hair easier to comb, you will move on to the brushing stage

Here you need to start by drying and detangling frizzy hair . Then, separate them into six sections and blow-dry using a hair dryer and a large round brush.

The gestures here are important, for successful brushing. Take the round brush and wrap the hair from root to tip. Slide the brush down, keeping the air from the hair dryer in the same direction as you brush .

Repeat the same gestures for the rest of the hair, before starting a second time. To finish the brushing, use a blow of cold air to fix the hairstyle.

3-  Finish straightening the hair with a straightening brush, the temperature of which is set at 230°C.

Straightening frizzy hair is important, to better tame it and take care of it.

Apart from straightening, the straightening brush is the best solution.

Among the many straightening brushes, those mentioned above are ideal for all hair types.

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