Hair and hairstyle play a determining role in female beauty.

To stay beautiful and seductive, you can change your hair and adapt it to your current look.

If you want your frizzy and curly hair to become smooth, there are two solutions, natural straightening and using the chemical alternative (which I do not recommend! but I will give you some information).

Here’s how to straighten your hair when it’s frizzy and curly.

Natural straightening, is it possible?

First of all, I inform you that it is impossible to change your hair texture naturally. On the other hand, you can soften your hair with regular deep care or accessories such as straighteners.

If you want to straighten your frizzy and curly hair, here are the steps you can follow. Here’s how to do it.

1st step: Make an oil bath

To naturally straighten straight, frizzy hair, start with a good  oil bath . It is a hair care treatment preceding the application of the shampoo. It allows to :

  • Nourish the hair.
  • Take care of the hair.
  • Make hair shinier.

The oil bath requires the use of vegetable oils. These apply to the lengths and ends.

Rich in  essential fatty acids and ceramides , vegetable oils improve the condition and resistance of the hair. They ensure its protection against various hair threats.

To make an oil bath, proceed in stages, starting by  detangling your hair .

To do this, you need a hairbrush suitable for frizzy hair.

The rest of the operation will require you to moisten them. This will soften your scalp and promote better oil penetration.

So that your hair retains a  natural and careful hydration , aloe vera will be a perfect ally. The ideal is to apply it before the passage of the oil.

For this treatment, you should divide your hair into several sections  to facilitate the action of the product.

Then apply your oil and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. A mixture of several vegetable oils is also a good alternative and may be more beneficial.

2nd step: Apply your shampoo followed by a conditioner

When the oil has finished its action,  apply a shampoo followed by a conditioner and leave to act for a few minutes.

Step 3: Apply your hair mask

To increase the action of your hair mask tenfold , the ideal is to leave it on for at least 40 minutes under a heated cap, heated helmet or cellophane.

You can also leave it on overnight.

This restructures the hair fiber  by fortifying and nourishing it. It improves the flexibility of your hair and makes it easier to style.

After leaving your mask warm, you can now get rid of the mask and prepare your hair for straightening. The next step will be drying.

Step 4: Dry your hair

For this, a thermoprotective serum  adapted to your hair will be necessary.

Favor a thermoactive substance, capable of countering the impacts of heat on your hair. During the application of the serum, do not neglect the lengths, since these remain the most fragile part of the hair.

Arm yourself with your hair dryer and a flat brush, with detangling properties. Brush the hair from the tip to the roots and dry your hair at the same time.

Thus, the brush will undo the knots and promote a more natural glide. The heat of the hair dryer should not be too high.

You should know that straightening with the straightener lasts a few days. The more the hair is hydrated with creams etc. the less the straightening will last. Last recommendation: for the well-being of your hair, straightening must remain exceptional.

Chemical smoothing

There are many chemical solutions for straightening your hair.

One is to use  artificial keratin . The latter is obtained in different ways, one of which is to extract it from the wool of sheep.

We recommend that you go to a hairdresser who will apply keratin to the hair after washing it thoroughly.

You can also cover with  CHI smoothing at a specialist to restore your frizzy and curly hair to their full shine.

Chemical straightening isn’t just for frizzy, curly hair. All hair types can use this treatment. In addition to its traditional vocation, it makes the  hair more shiny . Chemical straightening allows you to do without a straightening iron, which is not completely harmless on the scalp.

Chemical straightening is also not without its drawbacks for your hair, especially when you abuse it.

However, chemical straightening is not recommended if you have already sensitive or damaged hair . This method is also a bad option if you are allergic to the products used. Indeed, these remain likely to cause irritation or itching in some people.

The silk press

How to perform a Silk Press in just 4 steps?

Before straightening: consider brushing

Brushing refers to a technique of simultaneously drying  and shaping the hair . Prior to the operation, you must prepare your hair.

The preparation will require pre-drying and the application of a protective substance adapted to your hair.

Before blow-drying,  divide your hair into four sections . To do this, you need a hair dryer and a round brush for more comfort.

A straightening iron can be just as practical. However, it is still less recommended because of the high amount of heat it releases and which is likely to weaken your hair fiber . If you want to, then wait for your hair to dry well after washing.

Before a new brushing, let at least 15 days pass after the previous one. This aims to minimize the risk of hair-related aggressions.

How to maintain its smoothness?

To maintain your smoothness, a  smoothing serum will be a good ally. Apply a few drops of this substance every day to fix the lengths and prevent hair shrinkage or shrinkage.

Before going to bed, remember to make a “wrap” to keep your hair straight. This consists of wrapping them around your head while flattening them . To keep your hair as it is, fix it with clips before covering your head with a small cap.

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