Bhringraj oil is excellent for hair

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Hair plays a very important role in your appearance, but also affects feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

Alopecia, thinning hair and hair loss can be very frustrating to deal with.

It becomes difficult to find a good treatment because of misleading advertisements, but also false promises.

What is Bhringraj Oil? What are its benefits ?

Bhringraj oil: what is it?

Bhringraj oil is an   herbal hair oil that is formulated with the bhringraj herb as the main ingredient. It is a plant native to India that is usually used in combination with oils such as almond oil or coconut oil.

It can also be mixed with other oils and complementary plants.

Bhringraj oil is recommended for the treatment of baldness, hair loss and other hair disorders because of its cooling properties.

Bhringraj oil is considered a  balancer  for the doshas, ​​and helps soothe the pitta dosha .

Aggravation of pitta plays a big role in hair thinning, hair damage, baldness.

The cooling properties of this oil can help combat pitta heat, relieving certain conditions related to pitta imbalances.

As an imbalance there is hair loss, alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, follicle. There is also scalp ringworm or scalp psoriasis. Clinical studies have revealed the benefits of bhringraj oil.

What are the benefits of bhringraj for hair care?

Helps in hair growth

The hair growth that bhringraj oil brings, is for most people, the most important thing.

According to research, regular use of bhringraj oil decreases the normal time for hair growth, and increases hair volume.

This helps to curb the effect of hair thinning and loss .

According to a study on the effectiveness of products based on the bhringraj plant, their use improves the growth time and regeneration  of  hair.

They also noticed an increase in the number of hair follicles during the anagen phase, which means it leads to thicker hair. Also, bhringraj oil has a high vitamin E content.

This results in the reduction of damage caused by free radicals, but also promotes hydration of the hair.

Fight against dandruff

We often notice hair loss because of problems like seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff and infections related to the scalp .

As a natural treatment, bhringraj hair oil is very effective against dandruff, due to its demonstrated antifungal and antimicrobial effects.

Bhringraj oil also exhibits anti-inflammatory effects and can therefore reduce inflammation of the scalp.

This inflammation is linked to other scalp infections such as psoriasis, but also to dandruff. The reduction in itching and inflammation leads to less hair loss.

Hide graying

If you have gray hair, it doesn’t cause as much of a problem as baldness and thinning hair.

Because you can always hide the graying of your hair by dyeing it.

Yet this is what many wish to delay or avoid. The graying of the hair being the inevitable end of aging, it is influenced by genetic factors.

Frequent use of Ayurvedic hair oils such as very fine bhringraj oil and herbal remedies delays or prevents the process.

Other health benefits of bhringraj oil

Bhringrah hair is full of a multitude of benefits for both hair and health.

Natural stress reduction

Herbal oils that contain bhringraj and bhringraj oil are usually used as a treatment in Ayurvedic medicine.

They fight against anxiety disorders, tension headaches, stress and anxiety. Evidence for the use of bhringraj exists as it uncovers potency as a natural nootropic agent.

Which means it can improve cognitive function, support brain function and boost concentration.

Studies show that it also has anxiolytic and sedative properties known to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

They also relieve sleep disorders and insomnia. Also, bhringraj contains magnesium which is an indispensable ingredient for mood regulation, muscle relaxation and sleep.

Relief of skin disorders

Bhringraj oil is much more well known for its hair benefits, but it can also be used to treat several skin infections.

Specifically infections that include skin inflammation or dry skin. The oil is essential for its treatments because of its soothing cooling effect thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Bhringraj has antimicrobial effects and can help fight certain types of skin infections.

When used in the application of epidermal care, it can be more active when combined with other greens known to defend the health of the skin.

Some hair care recipes?

When you want to do hair care with bhringraj oil, it is essential that you do not use it only as the only ingredient.

You can use Indian oil blends like brahmi, amla, nagarmotha… Make sure you have bhringraj oil as the main ingredient.

Oil bath 1

It is a mixture of oils intended to bring you more volume.

  • Mix the oils of bhringraj, amal, brahmi, nagarmotha, jatamansi.
  • Section the hair into 4 or 6 parts.
  • Apply the oil from the scalp to the tips while massaging the scalp properly for 10 minutes.
  • Protect hair with a hot towel or plastic wrap.
  • Leave to stand for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

This treatment should be done at least once every 2 weeks.

Oil bath 2

This recipe will help you give more vitality to your scalp

  • Mix the oils of bhringraj, coconut, castor, almond.
  • Section the hair into 4 or 6 parts.
  • Apply the oil and massage the head for about 15 minutes.
  • Protect hair with plastic wrap or a hot towel.
  • Leave to stand for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse and proceed with your usual shampoo.

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