Clean Your Hairbrush: 4 methods!

Topic of the day: clean your hairbrush!

The hairbrush is one of the necessary elements to care for and maintain your hair.

For the maintenance of the latter, it plays a very important role.

To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the hairbrush is always clean by cleaning it.

But, how to clean this instrument intended for hair care?

Suitable method for cleaning all types of hairbrushes

1 – Dry cleaning 

To clean your hairbrush, start by getting rid of any hair that has gotten stuck between the teeth of the brush.

It must be done using a mini rake. This instrument is able to remove not only hair stuck in the brush , but also dust.

It is therefore a dry cleaning without the need to use water. On the other hand, if you don’t have a mini-rake, you can do it using the tip of a comb.

2 – Cleaning with the use of water

After removing hair and dust and even residue, take a toothbrush with which you do not brush your teeth. Put some shampoo on this brush.

Then scrub the hairbrush with the toothbrush containing shampoo.  Preferably a  mild shampoo . Be sure to rub it well.

After scrubbing it, rinse your hairbrush. For rinsing, only lukewarm water should be used to obtain a good result.

Thereafter, expose your hairbrush so that it dries. When it dries, you can start using it again.

This method can be applied to all types of hairbrushes. To keep your brush clean, make sure to clean it daily.

Do it once a day. Otherwise, do it when you see that your brush needs it.

3 – Simple method for cleaning your hairbrush

This method is simple to apply. You have to do:

A bath with white vinegar to your hairbrush

This first step is to put your hair bump in a container of lukewarm water.

Add a few spoonfuls of vinegar or baking soda to this water . If you use vinegar, we recommend white.

On the other hand, if it is bicarbonate, that of soda is better. One or the other promotes the disinfection of the hairbrush. It rids the brush of all dirt.

Rinsing the hairbrush:  When you have put the brush in the container containing water and vinegar, leave it inside for at least thirty minutes (30 min).

Then, remove your brush and always rinse it with lukewarm water. Hot water is not recommended for cleaning the hairbrush.

Finally, dry your hairbrush by exposing it to the open air.

Note that water is the common element of the two cleaning methods that we have just presented.

However, cleaning a wooden hairbrush with water could damage it. For this purpose, it is therefore necessary to provide a method specific to this type of hairbrush.

4 – Cleaning method specific to wooden brushes

For the wooden hairbrush, we offer a special method. Indeed, use a toothbrush for cleaning.

But be sure to moisten it beforehand. If you notice excess water, use a towel to clean up the excess.

Next, apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to your hairbrush to disinfect it. By extension, it could serve as a perfume for the hair.

The wooden brush will soon dry out. Now you can use it.

Whichever method you use, get into the habit of applying it regularly so your hairbrush is always clean.

Besides, why is it important to clean your hairbrush?

What are the benefits of cleaning your hairbrush?

When the hairbrush is used for brushing the latter, waste can cling to it.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to see residues of  hair care products  lodged between the teeth of the brush.

Likewise, the hair gets stuck between these teeth. Dust also settles there.

All of these items, when you don’t get rid of them as soon as possible, become waste. They attract bacteria.

So, if you brush with the same hairbrush, these bacteria could become embedded in your hair.

They will penetrate your scalp and may have negative impacts on your scalp, such as impaired hair growth or itching.

It will therefore be difficult for you to have clean hair . At the same time, these bacteria could enter your body and cause other more severe consequences.

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