Cutting the ends is essential to keep the hair healthy

When you have frizzy or curly hair, it is really essential to keep the length and this necessarily involves cutting your ends (yes!).

This is also a frequently discussed topic in the community.

To boast of good hair, you should also ensure proper hydration and a good hair routine .

If you want to promote growth and maintain the vital health of your hair, the time will certainly come when you have to adorn yourself with a good pair of scissors , not to make a cut, but to get rid of the ends.

If you are not yet used to this routine or if you see no interest in it, we tell you everything here: why and when to cut your tips .

Let’s talk about cutting the tips

Time, repeated external aggressions (heat treatments, coloring, climate, etc.), straightening , friction , the hair ends up weakening, even being damaged.

This damage is especially visible at the level of the length and the tips.

You will surely have noticed that these can be forked, damaged or brittle. Forks can have several aspects.

There are, for example, very slender points, splitting into two or more, points at right angles, points curled up on themselves…

Regardless of their form, split ends always hinder the well-being and growth of hair.

Unless you have taken the time to prevent them with appropriate care, the only solution is to cut them.

When you decide to  cut your ends yourself or use a professional hairdresser, it’s always to be able to start on a good basis.

It is therefore essential to know when to cut your split ends to avoid any inappropriate decisions.

When to cut split ends?

If the signs still seem blurry to you, know that it’s time to say goodbye to your tips if they start to break down.

These become particularly rough due to lack of hydration, due to heat or excessive handling.

So, if your ends are very dry and despite the care, you can no longer hydrate them properly, it’s time to cut them.

This thinning of the ends can also affect the density of the hair (fine or thick) , that is to say that they become less voluminous.

It’s also time to  cut its straight ends  if to the touch, you feel that they are rough or rough when you touch them.

How to cut your ends?

As a good self-respecting nappy, you certainly know that it is quite possible to cut your ends alone .

In this case, it is necessary to arm yourself with specific and well sharpened scissors because these allow a cleaner cut.

The first instinct is therefore to leave aside the classic scissors under penalty of further aggravating your split ends and thus damaging the length.

You have two methods to cut your tips:

  • The first is to take a small handful of hair, straighten it and then cut the ends directly. With this technique, you will have a fairly precise cut.
  • To avoid the use of heat, you can also make braids or vanilla then cut the ends. This method is easier if you don’t want to go to a salon.

Second solution: have your ends cut in a hair salon! You take no risks and you ensure a perfect fit.

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