Damaged Hair: is it possible to repair it or not?

Colorings, heating devices, …. There are many causes that can damage our hair and give it that rough straw appearance that is as unpleasant to look at as it is to touch. But is it possible to repair damaged hair? How to do ?

Why is hair brittle?

The first reason why the hair becomes brittle, with split ends and dryness, is because the protective barrier also called hydro-lipid film has disappeared.

It is a kind of shield that protects the fiber from external aggressions and is therefore the most exposed to pollution, harmful products and also to the heat of straightening irons and other heating devices.

It is therefore necessary to restore this hydro-lipid barrier in order to restore the hair’s shiny and supple appearance.

The hair fiber is made up of interlocking scales, much like those of a turtle.

Dehydration and the use of hair products that are not suitable for your hair type can lead to the deterioration of these scales. This leads them to separate and weaken the inside of the hair.

Indeed, the natural hydration of the hair is no longer preserved, which leads to excessive dryness.

Finally, one of the main reasons for hair breakage is the destruction of keratin at the heart of the hair.

By using heating devices such as straighteners, curling irons, brushings and hair dryers excessively, we break the keratin chains that make up our hair. This makes the material porous, dry and very brittle.

How to repair damaged hair?

First of all, we must make things clear: the hair is a dead material and it is impossible to regenerate it.

The best solution will be to cut them.

Nevertheless, it is possible to improve its appearance or even minimize the damage by adopting the appropriate gestures and products.

The first thing to do is to go sparingly with the hair dryer and the straightener. These are the two main enemies of damaged hair.

The best solution is to choose a hair dryer with a cold function for gentle drying, without exposing the scales to aggressive temperatures.

Also opt for a good quality straightener, which goes up to 200°C in order to straighten the hair in a single pass. Of course, you should never skip the care before straightening which protects the fiber.

Whether you have curly or straight hair, it is recommended to use styling products that do not contain alcohol, since alcohol tends to dissolve the hair’s protective fatty acids.

To get rid of the dry and brittle “straw” effect of damaged hair, it is essential to nourish it deeply with appropriate care.

Products based on natural active ingredients are your best allies, without forgetting homemade masks based on avocado , shea butter, cocoa butter… Known for their restorative effects.

Finally, we must not forget that beautiful hair also requires a healthy and balanced diet.

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