Does Your Hair Naturally Change Color?

At the start of the new school year in September,  the hair changes color naturally . Indeed, they generally have much lighter locks than they were before the holidays.

This, very often to your great hair despair!

You should know that when your hair is exposed to a summer climate, well, it thins out .

During these periods, many external aggressions will have an impact on them. We are talking here  about sun, hot air, chlorine, sand  and  sea .

It will therefore be necessary to reduce the exposure of your hair to these, if you do not want them to lighten. Besides, the climate factor,  age and stress  can also cause your hair color to change.

A color change due to summer

This phenomenon is much more common than you might think. Whether blond, brown or brown, body hair and hair change color during  the summer period .

If exposure to the sun allows the skin to tan, hair and hair, they become lighter. A change that is synonymous with holidays, but also aggression since your hair is attacked in two distinct ways.

To begin with, it should be remembered that it is  melanin  which makes it possible to obtain the color of hair and hair.

The latter, following  exposure to UVdiscolor the pigment . The more the melanin fades, the more  the fibers tend to lighten .

Also, when you swim in a pool or in the sea, your hair comes into contact with  chlorine and salt .

These are two components that affect  keratin  (another component of the hair fiber).

The chemical phenomenon occurring at this level is the “oxidation reaction”. The hair will thus lighten by a  quarter or a half tone.

The stress and the change in color of my hair, a link?

You should know that a link has not yet been established between the appearance of gray or white hair and exposure to stress.

However, it is quite likely that a  state of stress  can  accelerate the aging of your hair . This,  in people who are genetically predisposed .

Stress has real negative effects on the whole body. It can increase the risk of obesity and heart disease.

It can also cause acne, weaken the immune system, and change  the color of our hair .

The latter would thus take on  a white or gray color under the effect of anxiety . But, is there a scientific explanation for this? Hard to say.

Each hair we have is accompanied by a  hair follicle  which contains some  pigment cells . The latter produce melanin which in turn determines the color of your hair (red, blond, brown).

The color will depend on the amount of melanin present in each lock. The older we get, the more pigment cells present in our hair follicles begin to die.

Consequence: more grey, white or silver hair and less melanin

My hair changes color naturally: reducing stress levels

If stress has been proven to cause gray hair, then it  hastened aging .

According to some studies on the subject, it may be that  stress hormones impact the lifespan or activity of melanocytes .

The latter are responsible for the natural coloring of the hair and the manufacture of the pigment.

However, this is a gradual process in addition to other factors such as hair stress, hair care and genetics.

However, keep in mind that the link between the natural change in the color of your hair and stress has not yet been really established.

Treatment for naturally colored hair

Vegetable colors such as henna are already a natural care for your hair. Indeed, in addition to coloring them, they strengthen your hair, make it shiny, supple and of course colored.

However, henna can sometimes dry out  dry , sensitized and fine hair. What to do then:

  • Add to your preparation one to two spoonfuls of virgin olive, argan, coconut, castor, jojoba, or lightly melted shea butter to your mixture, or plain yogurt.
  • Opt for a conditioner with raspberry vinegar or cider vinegar to bring shine to your hair.
  • To preserve your natural color, preferably opt for mild and natural shampoos, and especially sulfate-free.

What about chemically colored hair?

Chemical colorings are aggressive for the hair and weaken it. To restore their radiance and shine, you can apply a hair mask  :

  • Mix a tablespoon of castor oil, lemon juice , an egg yolk and yogurt.
  • Then apply the preparation to your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes . Don’t forget to wrap your head using plastic wrap and a warm towel.
  • Now proceed with your usual shampoo.

Following this recipe will allow you to strengthen your hair.

To conclude, why does my hair change color naturally?

Hair color change  , as you will understand after reading this article, can occur naturally for many reasons.

It will then be necessary to make every effort to avoid strong exposure to UV rays and a permanent state of stress if you do not want to be a victim of it.

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