Dry Hair what to do? 9 effective tips

Having  dry hair  is no picnic. It is an unpleasant sensation to the touch just as it is visually unpleasant.

Then comes the fatal question: dry hair what to do? to cut or not to cut?

This is right on the money! Put your scissors down first and make yourself comfortable. Time to rest and think for 5 minutes, because we have all the information you need to help you treat them properly.

Here are  9 effective tips  to make your hair shiny and healthy.

Why is your hair dry?

The  scalp  needs a  lot of hydration  for the proper growth of strong and robust hair.

There are many reasons behind the dryness of your mane.

The scalp does not produce enough sebum

Sebum  is  like a fixing engine for the hair fiber. Its production indicates the good health of the hair, because it ensures their hydration.

Dry hair does not produce enough, which leads to dehydration.

Indeed, the ends are split, the lengths are brittle and dull. In short, the touch is rough.

Hair lacks care

Dry hair needs   lots and lots of attention. We can not emphasize this enough.

You may not have time to deal with it, that’s understandable, but not inevitable.

There are several quick and effective techniques to keep them well hydrated on a daily basis.

You could dedicate up  to 40 minutes  to your hair every day to care for it instead of condemning it to a certain length. In other words, just a little effort and you can avoid cutting your hair every time.

The products used are not suitable

Be careful what kind of products you use for your dry hair. As they are naturally, consistent use of the  correct products  will help them to have  better quality .

So it’s still an unfortunate circumstance if it’s the products supposed to beautify them that destroy them.

Dry hair what to do? Here are 9 effective tips

Difficult or even impossible detangling  , brittle and split ends, dull hairstyle, etc. Dry hair really doesn’t make your life any easier.

That’s why we are going to bring you the 9 most effective tips for their hydration  and for their health.

1 – Space out the use of shampoos

Frequent washing with shampoo weakens dry hair even more. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day at the risk of making it even drier.

What is recommended would be to use  shampoo once a week ideally .

It’s the right move to avoid breaking the lengths of your hair but still, it will keep your hair in good condition.

It can also happen that you have dry lengths but oily roots. In this case, opt for a clarifying shampoo to degrease them and match them to the condition of the lengths.

2 – Stop hair dryers to put dry hair back in good condition

Hairdryers  are  handy, we agree.

But it is not a good tool for dry hair. Which is a shame, but it will have to be done. Heat damages the  hair fiber because it opens the hair scales more than necessary.

This will make the mane even more dehydrated and dry.

What is favorable after washing would be to let your hair  dry in the open air after wringing it out in a microfiber towel.

Attention ! You must avoid rubbing your hair on the fabrics of the towel, this is one of the first factors that coats brittle hair. Roll them up and just flatten them.

If you have long hair, after drying, you can opt for braids or vanillas . This way you will get the wavy/curly effect.

3- Reduce the use of straighteners

We can never repeat it enough,  abusive straightening puts the hair in very bad condition. Plus, it’s addicting.

The more you straighten your hair, the more addicted you become to it and you will need it every day.

Certainly, it is not irremediable.

Compared to the heat of the hair dryer, the straightener is much hotter. The  scales of the hair  are sensitive to the high temperature of the  heat  of the iron. Thus, your dry hair will be even more damaged.

What you have to do is to  refrain from smoothing  for a while so that the scalp can rest, but also, so that you can adopt other alternatives such as masks and deep treatments.

Opt for well hydrated curly hair, it’s a thousand times better than artificially stiff, brittle and dry hair.

4 – Use vegetable oil to moisturize and nourish the hair

Vegetable oil  is the best friend of dry , curly and frizzy hair. You have the choice between several oils (castor, mustard, piqui, etc.) for a  100% natural  and effective treatment.

Vegetable oil brings suppleness and softens your hair. It strengthens the hair fiber and is an anti-stress weapon for your scalp.

However, if you have oily roots, apply the oil from the  lengths  of your hair and insist on the tips .

5 – Pre-shampoo to take care of hair scales

This is the  hair care  to do before washing with shampoo. It is recommended to opt for  softening vegetable oils  or easily soluble essential oils in   water.

You have the choice between an oil bath if your hair is very damaged or a vaporizer to slightly moisturize your hair.

6 – Use a moisturizing mask once a week

The hair mask  is a  good treatment  for damaged hair.

Its use is especially recommended after washing on damp hair. The mask deeply hydrates your hair. In addition, it brings out the shine of your hair by disciplining it.

  • Choose a  good quality mask  or a  natural mask  based on vegetable oil.
  • The quality of your hair depends entirely on the quality of the products you use to maintain it.
  • Avoid products that contain sulfate. The latter is too chemical and quickly deteriorates the quality of your hair.
  • You can rely on specialized care for dry, frizzy or curly hair.

Here are some good products specially adapted for dry hair according to the experts:

  • Egg yolk shampoos.
  • Aloe vera masks.
  • Shea butter.
  • Coconut oil.

7 – Use homemade cosmetic recipes

Homemade recipes save   both  time and money And since most of them are natural, they are suitable for the care of your damaged hair. Only, are they entirely effective?

The answer is simple: it depends on  how often you use it . You must know how to limit and alternate their use with suitable commercial products (of good quality).

Their only use is not enough if you plan to beautify your hair in the rules, you must also have an excellent hair routine.

8 – Cut the tips

It is a difficult stage, it must be recognized.

But it is a very  good gesture  to promote good hair growth.

When you cut the split ends, you avoid that the lengths are brittle.

We recommend trimming your ends every 3-6 months. If your hair is really damaged, you can do a bog chop!

9 – Say stop to aggressive coloring

Discoloration? No, no and no !

It’s  too chemical  and too aggressive for the hair.

Indeed, the colorings are too expensive for our hair. At a minimum, you must space out the applications and adopt colors with natural properties.

You see, having dry hair is no less a torture when you know how to take care of it! See also:  20 tips for dry hair

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