Fenugreek: its benefits for your hair

Fenugreek  is a remedy and a treatment used for a long time  for its medicinal virtues on health.

Also known as sénégrain or trigonelle, it is particularly appreciated for sublimating the hair.

No matter what type of hair you have, you can use it to maintain good hair health.

However, its benefits are still unknown to many women.

You will therefore discover opposite the advantages of fenugreek on the hair and some hair care recipes based on this plant.

Fenugreek helps fight hair loss

This natural remedy can indeed allow you to fight against hair loss.

Rich in vitamins, vegetable proteins and also in mineral salts, fenugreek has the ability to make your scalp stronger.

When you take fenugreek seeds, they are made up of lecithin .

This natural emollient allows the trigonelle to moisturize your hair .

When they come into contact with water, senegrain seeds also release a slimy substance called  mucilage .

This infiltrates the hair to make it stronger and more solid. By doing so, there will be less chance that you will lose your hair again or suffer from baldness.

Fenugreek promotes hair growth and makes it shinier

Since it prevents your  hair from breaking  and falling out, fenugreek obviously stimulates their growth.

This is even one of the reasons why this ancestral remedy is prescribed in  Ayurvedic medicine .

By means of its proteins, the mucilage of fenugreek also nourishes the scalp to give it more shine.

If your hair lacks tone, an application based on oil or powder will make your hair resistant to external aggressions.

The use of a hair dryer, the wind or UV will no longer have as many effects on your hair, which will be more voluminous and silky.

How to use fenugreek to fight hair loss?

To add shine to your hair and prevent hair breakage, you can use trigonelle as a  hair lotion .

To make it, you will need about 1 liter of water and at least 8 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds.

The preparation of senegrain lotion against hair loss

This fenugreek-based hair lotion can be used to prevent hair loss. Here’s how you should prepare it.

  • You start by putting water with the fenugreek seeds in a saucepan.
  • Let the water boil for 15 minutes, you stop the heating then you leave to macerate covered for at least two hours.
  • You then filter the seeds and put the viscous liquid in a jar to place in the refrigerator.

Before putting them in water, you can also grind senegrain seeds into powder form.

Remember to prepare a sufficient quantity of this lotion that you can put in reserve.

Because of the powerful smell of fenugreek, it is advisable to add drops of essential oil of orange or lavender in your preparation.

Use of hair lotion

Hair lotion based on trigonella is used as the last rinse after you have washed and cleaned your hair for the first time.

You will then have to apply it correctly on your scalp.

For more efficiency, you must impregnate your hair sufficiently with the liquid substance obtained.

This  hair care recipe  can be used as much as you want.

In addition, you can apply it on frizzy, curly or frizzy hair . In order to prevent hair loss, you must use it for at least 3 months in a row.

How to use fenugreek to promote hair growth?

In order to stimulate the growth of your hair, you can use senegrain in different ways.

You can indeed use it to carry out an  Ayurvedic treatment  or macerate its seeds in the Arabic version.

Whichever method you use, you will get an effective product to beautify your hair and provide it with proper care.


Preparation and use of Ayurvedic treatment to grow your hair

This hair recipe calls for a tablespoon of  powdered fenugreek  as well as coconut, olive or argan oil .

Its preparation consists simply of mixing senegrain and oil. Once the mixture is complete, you can now apply it. To do this :

  • You gently massage the scalp with the substance as well as the rest of your hair.
  • Afterwards, you surround your hair with a towel and you let it rest for about 1 hour.
  • Then wash your hair  thoroughly.

This Ayurvedic treatment makes your hair grow faster and thus slows down hair loss.

It also makes your hair shinier, neater and thicker. However, it will be necessary to repeat the treatment at least twice a week in order to fully benefit from its advantages.

Maceration in the Arabic version

For this recipe, you will need about 6 tablespoons of fenugreek and 1 liter of olive oil.

  • For its preparation, you start by letting the seeds bathe in olive oil, the whole must be put in a closed container.
  • You then leave to macerate for a minimum of a month during which you must stir the contents every 3 or 4 days.
  •  After leaving to macerate, you now move on to filtering the oil.
  • The substance obtained will then be used to promote the growth of your hair .

Regarding its use, it is used in the same way as the Ayurvedic treatment presented above.

Ultimately, the benefits of fenugreek for your hair are quite multiple. This plant can strengthen your hair and give it shine.

It also prevents breakage, facilitates disentangling and helps  fight against baldness .

You can use it in the form of seeds or powder.

By making fenugreek-based lotions, you will have a solution at your fingertips to take good care of your hair.

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