Frizzy and dry hair? Here are the solutions!

For your own comfort and that of your scalp, ending up with dry frizzy hair is not very pleasant. Even more, when we do everything to avoid such a situation.

Very often, when your frizzy hair gets too dry, hair loss from it is almost inevitable.

However, the ultimate wish remains to avoid hair breakage or hair loss as much as possible.

So, if you also happen to find yourself at times, or all the time, with frizzy, dry and damaged hair, no need to worry.

Here, we first help you understand the causes, then we also take the time to offer you some simple and accessible solutions that you can apply to get out of trouble.

Why do you end up with dry and coarse frizzy hair?

Basically, frizzy hair is more common in black people who reside in arid areas.

It is the type of hair that helps protect against solar radiation due to its shape and texture.

However, for various reasons, they can very easily and in no time become dry and hard.

So let’s explore the probable causes of dry and brittle frizzy hair.

Lack of hydration in your hair

You have to keep your hair hydrated if you want it to be healthy and beautiful.

The rule is simple: moisturize your frizzy hair every day if necessary, over-hydrate it.

Indeed, you must define according to the rate at which your hair begins to dry out, a frequency to moisturize your hair.

Your hair may sometimes become dry. But you shouldn’t let your guard down or that by lack of attention you can end up with dry hair on a regular basis.

So, if for some reason you notice that your hair is generally dry and brittle instead of moisturized and beautiful; it is important that you can put yourself in a state of alert.

The goal is above all not to panic to the point of accumulating stress to the detriment of your well-being.

In reality, it is rather a question of becoming aware of the situation in relation to your hair very quickly in order to opt for a corrective and tailor-made approach as soon as possible.

Lack of hydration or ineffective hydration inevitably brings breakage in the long term.

No detangling of your hair

Hair maintenance can quickly become a chore if you don’t find a fairly simple and effective way to take care of it as soon as possible.

Having a hair routine , as simple as it may seem, can very quickly become a nightmare.

Indeed, when you are tired or when the laziness manages to get the better of you, you tend to leave your frizzy hair in the open air or in afro and without any care.

In doing so, you will find that the tips will intertwine and generate knots that are not very pleasant both to the sight and to the touch.

This banal situation will, in turn, cause your hair to stiffen or harden, giving way to dry and hard frizzy hair.

Their texture will be such that you will have great difficulty handling them easily and wanting to show them love.

This series of inconveniences can also take place if after washing your hair, you do not detangle it properly.

The cyclical nature of the condition of frizzy hair

In addition to the two causes of which it was made case a little higher, it is necessary to recall that in certain cases; dry, brittle hair occurs in cycles in some people.

In other words, it is possible to find that these people have the habit of doing certain hairstyles that dry out their hair and make it quite hard.

This will lead them to do moisturizing treatments and then to put back in place these same hairstyles which strongly dehydrate their hair by simple ignorance.

This cycle then becomes infernal and can destroy your Afro hair in the long term.

This cause is quite common, but requires a better knowledge of your frizzy hair before its detection.

What to do to best soften dry, hard and brittle frizzy hair?

Having frizzy hair is a wonderful thing that should be enjoyed by everyone.

Thus, to ensure that this pleasure continues, it is necessary to apply certain essential tips.

Focus on these practical solutions to find malleable hair that is pleasant to the touch.

Apply masks that deeply hydrate your dry hair

This is the very first solution that comes down to putting into practice when you notice that your hair is becoming dry, hard and brittle at times. It is easy to reproduce and helps your dry frizzy hair to regain or maintain its flexibility.

This flexibility that allows you to have fun maintaining your hair or that of someone close to you (sisters, children, friends, etc.).

Naturally, the result is not immediate. Don’t expect your hair to go limp the minute after you apply a moisturizing mask!

You need to be patient, diligent and regular, especially if you want to obtain, upon arrival, very supple or very soft hair.

In most cases, it would be more effective to apply a moisturizing mask for dry hair at least once a week.

In this way, the desired softening for your hair would be more durable and stable over time.

Indeed, a moisturizing or nourishing mask is a treatment for dry and brittle hair that contains components that will act collectively to hydrate your hair.

The moisturizing mask is very rich in humectant and emollient. Both of these help your dry, frizzy hair lock in the moisture and retain the water it needs.

On the other hand, the oily texture of the moisturizing mask is what allows frizzy and dry hair to be handled with greater ease and ease.

The hydrating/nourishing mask is a very effective solution not only to combat the appearance of dry and damaged hair, but also and above all to help detangle your lengths and ends.

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Avoid handling your hair

We can never say it enough, dry hair will settle down little by little. By leaving your Afro hair constantly in the open air, you make it easier to dry out. The solution is therefore found: protective hairstyles.

The risk of knots appearing will be considerably reduced and your hair will also have an easier time retaining or retaining moisture. As a result, they will always be hydrated and more malleable.

Before doing your protective hairstyle, you will need to detangle your hair properly. I recommend using a detangling spray.

The latter will initially moisten your hair and make it easier for you to detangle it afterwards.

You can also make an oil bath that you will leave for about thirty minutes.

It is also recommended to make a shampoo and a conditioner. This makes it easier to detangle and cleans them thoroughly so that they are clean and beautiful.

End this infernal cycle

This solution is simpler, but calls for more knowledge and a better concentration in the evolution of your frizzy hair.

Here, it’s all about staying attentive to the finer details to successfully get your hands on what’s giving rise to the dryness.

So it can be a hairstyle or gestures that you do constantly but for which you do not see any improvement.

As soon as you have found it, you will simply have to cut ties with this routine which does your hair no good.

For this, you will need to be very patient. You will also have to sharpen your sense of observation as well as possible. Identify the irregularity that creates real carnage in your frizzy hair in order to put an end to it.

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Now you have all the cards in your hands. Now you can take care of your frizzy hair and prevent dryness. Better, you can also help a loved one who would be constantly repeating over and over again: I have dry and brittle frizzy hair, what should I do?

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