Frizzy Hair and Winter: 7 Important Tips

Humidity, cold, wind and snow make our hair frizzy and wavy, vulnerable, fragile, brittle, dull and tired.

To avoid breakage, it is important to think of a few gestures that will save your mane.

If I say this, it’s simply that Afro hair needs a special routine in order to cope with the dry and cold air.

The first snowflakes are starting to fall or the weather is asking you to put on a jacket to go out?

Think about your hair before exposing yourself to the cold. Here are 7 tips to remember.

1 – Keep your hair dry

Changing from hot to cold throughout the day is likely to intensify breakage.

The basis is therefore to never go out with damp or wet hair.

But, if you have to take off after your care, invest in a good hair dryer which offers the possibility of having warm, even cold air to dry gently.

Also favor the use of a thermo-protective product .

2 – Strengthen your hair

The dry and cold weather in winter further weakens the hair.

This is why it is important to protect it while providing it with tonics whatever its nature.

The solution would then be to not leave your hair in a state of intense capillary dryness.

This is the right time to use protein products that will help strengthen your hair fiber.

For your weekly treatments, you can, for example, alternate moisturizing treatments with protein treatments.

It’s a good way to create a certain balance to optimize the health of your hair.

3 – Choose a mild sulfate-free shampoo

The shampoo is the first gesture of care that we bring to our hair.

For the well-being of your scalp during cleansing, you can favor a mild shampoo, because it will allow you to wash the already well-stressed hair fiber without damaging it.

A rinse with lukewarm water would also be ideal to avoid tensing the skull but also to activate blood circulation.

Don’t forget to give your scalp a little massage to get rid of the dirt.

4 – Use protective oils and vegetable butters

True protector of the scalp, vegetable oils and essential oils are the best allies to protect and moisturize your hair.

If you’ve been relying on hair serums for a long time, it may be time to discover the benefits of other oily materials.

For example, there is castor oil which has a thicker consistency than the others.

To avoid frizz, you can turn to jojoba oil, because it is easily absorbed by the hair.

There is also the essential oil of Ylang-Ylang which will be perfect in the care.

The essential winter beauty can also be presented in the form of vegetable butter.

True protective barriers, butters such as shea butter, almond butter or even cocoa butter help to discipline hairstyles and protect them against external aggressions.

5 – Favor protective hairstyles

To be trendy while taking care of your afro, it is best to use protective hairstyles .

There are different ways to discipline your locks to combat excessive manipulation.

For example, you can opt for twists (vanilla) , flat twists (glued mats), braids (mats) with or without addition , etc. … In this sense, do not hesitate to watch online tutorials to be sure to correctly achieve the desired hairstyle.

6 – Eat healthily and drink plenty of water

I never tire of repeating it: hair health also involves good health in general.

To have strong and full of life hair, it is essential to eat healthy and stay well hydrated.

I advise you to regularly eat foods rich in vitamins C and E, such as fruits and vegetables.

Targeted food supplements are also good allies to strengthen the scalp.

7 – Cover your hair at night

Sleeping with loose hair increases the absorption of moisturizers by the pillow and the formation of knots .

The use of a scarf or a satin nightcap is a good solution.

It helps in the health and maintenance of your hair. Even if it’s not very glamorous, there are alternatives like the satin pillowcase.

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