Glued Wig: How long to keep it?

Question of the day: how long to keep a wig glued on?

From now on, all those who wish, can put it on, in order to protect natural hair .

This allows you to change your style  whenever you want, without having to mistreat your own hair, with straightening or blow-drying.

Even though the wig is easy to put on and take off, one wonders how long to keep a wig glued on.

In the rest of this article, we will answer this question.

A glued-on wig: how long is it worn?

How long to keep a wig glued on?  The answer to this question is not fixed, it depends on several criteria.

But, generally, you can have your wig up to 6 weeks when you use an adhesive, long-lasting glue.

Some people recommend 12 weeks, but that’s not a good idea, because of the many consequences that could follow.

However, for a glue-on wig, you must remove it every 6-10 days, to wash it, shampoo it and  take care of your hair.

What characterizes the lifespan of a bonded wig?

6 weeks is the recommended time to wear a bonded wig. However, to achieve this duration, without having to deal with the inconvenience, there are tricks to follow.

First, adopt a good  method , to pose the wig.

Then, use suitable products such as a cap, a good glue, a straightener on  Afro hair , etc., to put your wig in place.

Why not keep a wig glued on too long?

When you have a wig on your head, there is a time to keep it on, because you have a scalp underneath that needs to breathe.

Indeed, wearing a wig for too long increases and damages natural hair or even the scalp.

Moreover,  natural hair  becomes dry, brittle, fragile, until it loses its elasticity.

In addition, keeping a wig glued on for a week, without removing it, could be the cause of bad smells, itching and the appearance of dead skin.

However, you should know that these inconveniences depend on many factors.

Tips for maintaining a bonded wig

To make your wig last a long time, you need to take care of it, thanks to some tricks. It’s about:

Properly remove the glue

When you have in mind to offer a long life to your wig, you must adopt the right strategy, to remove the glue , without having to damage the lace of your wig.

To do this, use 70 or 90° alcohol or a peeling spray to dissolve the glue.

Take care of the wig

You know how to do it, but here you will take care of your wig, to give it a shiny and silky appearance.

This is, moreover, the occasion. In this case, this recipe will be of great use to you:

  • Make a shampoo, treatment or mask.
  • Brush the wig hair properly.
  • Apply shampoo or mask.
  • Leave to rest under a plastic film + hot towel, for a few minutes.
  • Rinse abundantly and dry the wig.
  • Detangle the wig using a moisturizer, detangler or nourishing oil (almond oil, argan oil, etc.).
  • Gently comb the hair, while avoiding circular gestures, which could cause the appearance of frizz.

Take care of your natural hair

When you remove the bonded wig, it’s time to protect and nourish the natural hair. You know how  to moisturize  frizzy hair on a daily basis, now is the time to apply it:

  • Wash the hair and wring it out.
  • Use Indian powders or a homemade treatment to nourish and strengthen your hair.
  • Let rest under a plastic film + hot towel, for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and let hair dry.

When you wear a wig, there is a time to respect, so as not to damage the hair .

In addition, by using the tips mentioned above, your wig will have a longer life.

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