Hair Botox: All You Need To Know Before Using It

After the frequent use of smoothing, exposure to the sun and successive colorings, your hair is bound to be dull and dry.

If, despite the countless hair treatments applied, no improvement seems to be observed, hair botox can be a good alternative to repair your hair in depth.

Indeed, this innovative treatment promises to give a second life to your hair. If you are wondering if this treatment is really effective, rest assured, it will do wonders for your hair! A quick overview of this new hair care product.

Hair botox, what is it?

When we talk about hair botox, at first glance, you think of injection syringes and scalpels. Do not panic, it is only a purely commercial name.

In truth, it has little to do with surgery like dermal botox. It owes its name to its rejuvenating effect that works magic on the hair.

Hair botox is a hair treatment based on keratin and hyaluronic acid. These key ingredients are in great demand in many anti-aging cosmetic products and are enjoying unprecedented popularity.

Keratin is recognized for its sheathing and protective power and hyaluronic acid is acclaimed for its moisturizing action.

By combining the benefits of these two active ingredients, hair botox is like a real makeover to rejuvenate the hair fiber.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only a smoothing treatment or a  straightening of frizzy or curly hair . It is above all a high-intensity nourishing and repairing treatment for damaged and dry hair.

It acts on the hair by calming frizz and closing the scales of the hair fiber. As a result, the hair regains a healthy and balanced appearance. They will be soft to the touch and will regain their suppleness and shine.

Who is botox hair care for?

Hair botox treatments are recommended more particularly for people who have hair in very poor condition.

If your mane is therefore the victim of frequent use of straightening irons and brushings, of repeated coloring and discoloration, you would certainly like to see it again with a good appearance and in good health.

Do not forget that the well-being of your hair can be affected by the harmful effects of the sun and the use of hair products with chemical ingredients.

Water sports enthusiasts are seduced by this innovative technique to remove the harmful effects of chlorine or salt on the hair. In short, everyone with damaged hair would voluntarily adopt this treatment! In addition, the treatment is suitable for all hair types.

How is hair botox performed?

Hair botox is offered in hair salons, but you can also perform this treatment at home.

In the hair salon

The staff taking care of you will first prepare your hair. Beforehand, he will make two shampoos to thoroughly clean the hair.

This phase is essential to remove the residues and impurities that cling to your hair. Then he applies the care products to all of your still damp hair.

The application will be done wick by wick using a brush. The fully covered hair will be wrapped in a cap and placed under a heated helmet for about twenty minutes.

With this thermal process, the scales will be removed and the treatment will penetrate more easily. The hair will be dried using a blow dry at low temperature to fix the botox.

The procedure lasts approximately 3 hours and the effects are immediate. The price of the treatment varies according to the hairdresser and the length of your hair. Not all salons offer this service, make a phone call to confirm before disembarking.


It is not impossible to perform a botox treatment yourself at home, but we strongly recommend that you go to a hair salon. if you decide to do it at home, you just have to devote the necessary time to it and invest in a good product.

If you think you have the right hand to perform this treatment at home without then thinking of a big chop in case the results are not as expected, here is how to do hair botox treatment at home, step by step.

  • Before the intervention, carefully read the instructions for use of the product and take into account the advice of professionals on the precautions to be taken when handling the product.
  • Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands.
  • Wash your hair well with a clarifying shampoo to optimize the adhesion of the botox product.
  • Remove excess water with a hair dryer or towel.
  • Apply the treatment all over your hair, in the same way as with your classic mask.
  • Wrap your hair in a hot towel or cellophane to remove the scales.
  • Leave on, rinse, and let dry.

After the treatment, it is advisable to wait 24 to 48 hours to wash your hair.

When to perform botox treatment?

Do not hesitate to do a hair botox when you notice that your hair is deteriorating, lacks shine, is dull or when it is going to be exposed to a degradation risk factor. You can observe the state of your hair according to the season.

  • In winter.

During the winter period, the hair is dull, dry and tends to break. Cold and humidity favor this state. Therefore, you can turn to botox treatment to restore light and shine to your shiny hair.

  • In summer.

The aggressions of the sun and the heat, the rain, the salt and the chlorine of the swimming pool deteriorate the quality of your hair. A botox treatment is absolutely necessary before going on vacation. Ditto after returning from vacation, it will rid the hair of accumulated harmful substances.

  • No matter the season.

It sometimes happens that the hair is lost and it is impossible to make a return to naturalness. With the regenerating and reconstructing action of the botox treatment, you can start a hair detox cure.

How often ?

The results of hair botox are permanent and fade in approximately 2 to 3 months.

This is why hairdressers recommend performing a botox treatment every 3 months for healthy hair unless you want to go through a big chop  if you have very damaged hair.

But this duration may vary depending on the frequency of washing and the natural growth of your hair.

However, it is essential to avoid shampoos containing substances that accelerate the disappearance of the product and in the long term, such as sulphates.

It is advisable to use low poo shampoos and conditioners to ensure long-lasting care.

A short summary

Hair botox is an innovative technique in the field of beauty.

Its reputation comes from keratin and hyaluronic acid, which are well-known active ingredients for their anti-aging benefits.

Combined, they make hair botox a miracle product to treat all hair problems.

The cure is generally offered and provided by professional hairdressers in salons. But it is not impossible to do it at home.

You can start botox when your hair is exposed to factors that may deteriorate the condition of your hair.

On the other hand, if your hair is very damaged, we recommend that you first adopt a better hair routine or do a big chop.

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