Hair Washing Frequency: What is ideal?

Whether curly, straight or frizzy, the frequency of hair washing is fundamental.

Washing is very important  as it helps remove sebum and other impurities from the scalp.

Washing your hair well means thinking about the needs of the roots and their tips.

The shampoo is for the scalp and the treatment for the treatment of lengths.

How often should you wash your hair daily or once a week?

In fact, when should you wash your hair? This is one of those questions that each of us has asked ourselves at least once in our life.

But is there a clear answer to washing frequency?

In general, the needs of each of us are different depending on the type of hair.

For example, those with  fine, straight hair  feel the need to wash it every day, while those with  frizzy hair  may wait a full week before washing it again.

Our sports habits and our eating habits have a significant impact on the condition of our hair.

People who go to the gym often or eat foods without amino acids and vitamins tend to get dirty hair faster.

There is no hard and fast rule on the best hair washing frequency, but we have to find the balance that suits our needs.

Let’s just dispel the myth that washing them every day makes them fall off.

In fact,  washing cannot cause hair loss!

If you see streaks in the shower, it’s not the shampoo. There is the natural loss but also the loss linked to external factors such as brushing.

Some expert advice on washing frequency

Experts say  twice a week  is the best number (this for Caucasian hair). Of course, this is general advice and not an absolute rule.

For frizzy and curly hair, it is advisable to wash your hair once a week.

When you wash your hair too often, dirt is removed, but also  the natural sebum  that our skin needs to protect itself from external aggressions.

In this way, our scalp tends to produce more sebum to compensate for the loss and the hair becomes greasy faster.

Therefore, at first it will be difficult to reduce the number of washes per week.

However, experts recommend patience, because over time the hair gets used to it and the production of sebum decreases considerably.

There’s another downside to washing your hair every day (or often): you have to heat your hair with heat from the hair dryer and styling tools.

This makes the hair dry, brittle and dull because  the heat damages the cuticles,  which are the outer layer that protects the hair from external aggressions.

Once you know how often you wash your hair properly, we’ve created a short guide with 8 tips to keep your hair cleaner.

Washing frequency: 8 tips for clean hair

Here are some tips to get rid of hair that gets greasy after washing.

1 – Look for the right products

Everyone’s hair is different, so it’s important to know  which products suit our needs  and which to avoid.

There are millions of shampoos on the market for all hair types.

Simply call a professional to choose the one that suits you best or refer you to brands and stores specializing in your hair type.

2 – Prioritize quality products

Often, cheap products do not bring the necessary health to our scalp and hair.

This is due to the ingredients they contain.

The advice is  to favor natural products , without sulfates or parabens which produce less foam and do not damage the scalp.

3 – Use the right amount of shampoo

You don’t have to have a foam party every time you shower!

Work with  a little shampoo  and massage with fingertips only on the scalp .

Do not apply the shampoo directly to the lengths, but the foam that runs through the hair when you rinse it is enough to wash it.

4 – Do not apply too much oil or mask on the hair roots.

Avoid applying too many creams, oils and masks to your scalp as they tend to smother the scalp due to their highly moisturizing power.

These are very good products but apply lightly to the scalp and insist on  the ends and the lengths.

5 – Clean combs and brushes often

We often forget to clean combs and brushes.

However, we must remember that there is a lot of bacteria and dirt hidden between the pimples.

Clean these tools well,  it is a necessary operation to keep our hair clean and healthy.

6 – Make a dry shampoo

The best part to space out washing is dry shampoo, i.e. a liquid shampoo that absorbs  excess oil  and quickly refreshes the hair.

7- Stop playing with your hair all the time

Well, this advice is too difficult for most of us!

But as we all know, hands produce sebum and often come into contact with dirty surfaces.

Every time we run our hands through our hair, all of these ingredients get stuck there.

So do your best and try to tweak your hair as little as possible.

8- Have a healthy and balanced diet!

Of course, food is everything.

The health of our scalp and hair is strongly influenced by our diet.

Experts recommend  a healthy diet rich in vitamins  that help regulate natural sebum production.

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