Holding Your Braids: 7 tips

Although a braided hairstyle is always trendy and pleasant, it attacks the hair and the scalp.

If you don’t apply the proper care to your hair, this cut will break your hair over time.

Maintaining your hair is essential, especially for a protective hairstyle like braids, if you want to keep it as long as possible.

By not taking care of your hair, you risk destroying the scalp because of the accumulated products.

Hair loss is even to be expected if there is a lack of hydration, so it must be maintained.

What are the tips for maintaining your braids or braids?

Proper maintenance of her braided hair is necessary to have a beautiful cut every day.

Here are some tips you can apply to maintain them.

1 – Preparing the hair before cutting

Moisturizing your hair is important especially before having your hair styled.

You must use an adequate mask and cream to bring hydration to your hair.

Here is a moisturizing mask recipe you can use:

  • Half an avocado to mash.
  • Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
  • A tablespoon of honey.

You must apply the mixture strand by strand, and leave your hair under a plastic film and a hot towel for 30 minutes.

2 – Sleep on satin or silk

With a new hairstyle, you must have good hair habits to keep your hairstyle as long as possible.

You should use a silk or satin fiber scarf or bonnet when you sleep.

This allows your hair to avoid rubbing against the pillow.

If this kind of situation happens, the hair may dry out quickly because the moisture is absorbed by the cotton.

If you do not apply this habit from the start, your hair is very likely to break over time.

3 – Maintain your braids: washing

It is necessary to wash your hair even with the braids at least once every two weeks.

The ideal would be to wash your hair once a week after you have applied the nourishing treatment.

I advise you to use shampoos that do not contain sulphate to prevent the product from attacking your hair.

You can also add a natural clarifier (especially apple cider vinegar ) to have a better wash.

4 – Maintain your braids: the nourishing mask

This is an important step to properly maintain your hairstyle for the longest time.

Know that the fact of doing a treatment will inevitably damage your hairstyle. But you can do it if you don’t have time to take your braids out.

In particular, you can use a nourishing treatment mask, by mixing:

  • Two egg yolks.
  • A tablespoon of avocado oil.
  • A teaspoon of honey.

You need to make sure that the mask reaches every strand all the way to the root of the scalp .

Then, you have to leave your hair under a charlotte for an hour before washing it with shampoo .

There is a risk of itching if the care is not well rinsed and the hair is still dirty. The best would be to remove the braids to do your treatment.

5 – Daily hydration of the braids

Even with braids, your hair needs to be moisturized daily.

For this, you can use a moisturizing leave-in spray.

If you don’t have a moisturizing spray, you can mix water, jojoba carrier oil, and aloe vera in an empty spray.

You can also use a leave in, a hair milk, a growth serum or vegetable oils.

By using a nourishing cream once a week, your hair will stay healthy.

6 – Manipulation of braids

This haircut requires delicacy so avoid pulling too hard on the locks.

Chignons, high ponytails, and other types of styling of this kind are to be avoided.

By pulling too hard on the braids, you can weaken and weaken your hair, and irritate your scalp.

7 – Do not keep them too long 

It is important to let your hair breathe, avoiding keeping the braids too long .

With this type of hairstyle, hair growth can be slowed down due to abnormal blood circulation.

Braids suffocate the hair so it is important to change the cut from time to time.

We recommend that you keep them for a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks and wait at least a week before braiding them again.

How to wash your scalp with your braids or braids?

It is necessary to clean your scalp to properly maintain your hairstyle.

The washing is done more precisely in the parts of the hair roots to be effective.

Indeed, it is in this area that impurities and perspiration are most present.

Here is a trick that will allow you to wash the roots well without damaging the braids :

  • In a spray bottle, pour a teaspoon of mild sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Add a good amount of water then shake the spray bottle after closing it.
  • Apply the product between the braids.
  • Make circular movements using your fingers for three minutes.

You should avoid making big movements that can damage your braids.

Finally, you must rinse only the root of the hair, holding your braids up.

Above all, do not wet the lengths of the braids, to avoid relaxing them and damaging them afterwards.

You can also dry your roots in the open air or with a hair dryer after washing them.

Maintaining the braids is necessary to always have a fresh and pleasing cut on the eyes.

The root of the hair is the part to be washed most frequently to take good care of your breads.

You can also use styling mousse to control hair that sticks out of braids over time.

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