How long can i leave my hair mask on?

Topic of the day: how long to leave your hair mask on?

For best results and depending on your hair type, it is best to leave the mask on for 10 to 40 minutes.

However, did you know that there are many other things to know about the exposure time of your mask?

In fact,  it depends on many factors  : the condition and structure of your hair, the conditions of application, the mask used, etc… There are even mistakes that you should not make…

In fact,  there are times when the hair no longer absorbs the product ; keeping it on will only saturate your hair and the mask will no longer be able to stick to it.

Note that  the exposure time must be adapted to your hair and the mask used . Choose a mask adapted to your needs (fine hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, etc.).

How long to leave your hair mask on healthy hair?

If your hair is healthy, it is recommended  to leave the  mask  on for about twenty minutes.  This “short” pose is enough for the mask to work well with your hair.

How long to leave your hair mask on dry or damaged hair?

If you have dry, damaged, colored or bleached hair (this can also apply to curly or wavy hair), choose  a longer break of 40 minutes.  Your hair needs more time to absorb the mask so it can work properly.

How long does the mask take depending on the product used?

When we talk about masks, sometimes we get lost. In fact, there are two main treatments that we should leave to the hair:  masks based on water and natural oils  (for example, coconut oil or castor oil ).

Do not confuse these two types of mask, because the exposure time and the way our hair absorbs are completely different!

Classic water-based “cream” masks

In this article we talk about this type of homemade hair mask for growth.

As mentioned above, water-based masks therefore require a “short” exposure time to do so, around 20 minutes for healthy hair and more than 40 minutes for damaged and dry hair.

Natural hair oils

Oil-based masks  (coconut, castor, etc.), better known as oil baths , nourish and lighten the hair by leaving the oil in the hair  for several hours .

In this case, it is preferable to leave the oil on all day or all night to obtain good results.

What are the best conditions for leaving your hair mask on?

To make sure that the results are up to your expectations, we have a few other tips to give you in addition to respecting the exposure time.

The app

Correct application of the mask is essential to obtain satisfactory results. Here are the steps:

  • Wring them properly  so that the mask is absorbed afterwards.
  • Wrap your hair with plastic wrap + a hot towel and let it rest.
  • Finally, once the exposure time is over, wash your hair.

The heat

Note that heat is an important factor that greatly affects mask performance. The longer you leave it in a warm place,  the better your hair absorbs the mask.

For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to cover your hair with cellophane + a towel or cap  to be as close to your body temperature as possible.

What mistakes should not be made when wearing a hair mask?

Leaving the mask on too long can damage your hair.

Unlike oil, which does not damage the hair,  water-based masks penetrate the hair fiber. 

If you leave the mask on for longer than the recommended time, it may damage your hair as it will become saturated.

This phenomenon is called “ overconditioning” : too much product on your hair can weaken and damage it.

The benefits of hair masks

No matter what type of hair we have, the mask  should be done from time to time .

Whether store bought or made at home, the most important thing is to pamper your hair which suffers from our hair craziness and the environment.

The mask promotes deep hydration of the hair fiber for beautiful and healthy hair.

In addition, the mask prevents the formation of knots and strengthens our hair. Of course, it is not necessary to make a mask before each shampoo, but once every two weeks is fine.

In short, apply a mask when you have time to let it act! Be aware of your exposure time  or choose a conditioner that acts quickly!

In fact,  the effectiveness of the product depends on the exposure time. It is therefore not necessary to make a mask after each shampoo if you wash it after 30 seconds.

You can also use a towel to improve the absorption of active ingredients.

In any case, the exposure time must not be exceeded. Only the oil bath can be left on overnight.

Do not hesitate to alternate the use of different masks to obtain different benefits: moisturizing, preservation of color, antioxidant, ..

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