How to choose and use the best curlers?

Choosing hair curlers is not a task to be taken lightly as some people think.

Indeed, contrary to what most imagine,  curlers  are very useful accessories that work wonders on women’s hair.

Discover everything you need to make profitable use of it.

What are curlers used for?

Don’t we often say that when we don’t really know what a thing is for, abuse of it is never far away?

Well, it’s because many don’t actually know what curlers are for that they don’t care so much about their choice.

Thus, they are hair accessories that allow you to straighten the hair without having to damage it with the straightener.

These are also small rings that help give well-defined curls to the hair .

Now that we have just made a quick reminder of the usefulness of curlers, let’s now move on to the essential: how to choose one.

How to choose your curlers?

To choose the curlers to use, it is important that you focus on different aspects such as:

  • The material used to make them because on the market, there are different kinds (plastic, foam , scratch  , tile, and others).
  • The size is this aspect that will determine the type of curl or smoothness that your hair will have.
  • The type of hair you have, as it is not ideal for all hair types.

Once you have considered all these points before making your choice, you can be reassured that you will make a very good choice of curlers.

Which curlers for which type of hair?

When you go to buy the curlers, don’t be intimidated by the different models of curlers that you might see.

With the modernity of things now, you will have them in all colors, all shapes, and etc. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, it should suit your  hair . So, here is some information that should help you.

For example, if you have fairly short hair , but also fairly thick, opt for curlers made of Velcro or scratch. You will have no difficulty using them.

If, on the other hand, your hair is known for its fragility and dry texture, plastic ones should be your choice. Foam ones are also quite an interesting choice if your hair is quite fine.

There are nowadays on the market, what are called  heating curlers .

These go with any type of hair and are for those who don’t have time to sleep with them or who only have 1 hour to do at the hairdresser.

Having a heating device, these heated curlers do the job intended for them in very little time. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions on the hair before using it.

Some popular hair curlers on the market

Whether your hair is curly or not, afro or not, several models of old-fashioned and modern curlers are very popular with women. It’s about :

  • Perm rod sets.
  • Magnetic rollers that are somewhat reminiscent of traditional curlers.
  • Sponge rollers, very comfortable and great for those who like to sleep with curlers on their heads.
  • Flexi rods that offer so much flexibility  and beautiful curls to your hair.
  • Spiral rods for those who prefer English curls.
  • Ribbon curlers to obtain natural and very flexible folds, ideal for those who have long hair.
  • Wave shapes, for  sublime waves.

How to put your curlers on the hair?

Depending on the type and model chosen, the laying technique may be different.

However, note that to take full advantage of their effectiveness, it is important to put them on wet hair while taking the trouble at the start, to separate your hair well into several sections.

For a traditional pose, once the  hair is moistened , and separated into sections, take strands of hair whose width is equal to that of the curlers to be used, then wrap them on the curlers from the tips towards the hairline. Do this until your entire head is covered.

Once the installation is done, let the surrounding air now do its job. As the hair dries while being rolled on the curlers, it will take on the shape of these curlers.

For an effective result, the rolling movement of the hair on the curlers must be done inwards.

As soon as your hair is dry and you see fit to remove it, don’t do it in haste.

You have to go there delicately. Otherwise, you risk creating knots in the hair, which will spoil the beautiful curls you have been able to make.

Also, to make the curls last, you can use  fixing spray , or hair serum, or any other product intended to maintain the curls and give them shine.

Top 5 best curlers on the market

There are many brands that manufacture and make hair curlers available on the market.

But there are a few that really stand out from the rest. And among them, we can mention the following brands:

  • Zhehao.
  • Remington.
  • Deluxe Pro.
  • Anewone.
  • Ohuhu.

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