How to take good care of your type 2a hair?

Does type 2a hair  make you think of your hair? You have certainly noticed that your hair incorporates the characteristics of this type of hair ?

But in reality, you are concerned about the proper maintenance of your beautiful hair. You do not want to pass for a woman who neglects herself and does not maintain her feminine assets.

It is quite natural and it is rather a good resolution. How to go about it ?

What should you know about this type of hair? How to maintain them?

In this article, we will discover the essentials to remember about this hair as well as everything you need to take better care of it.

Description of type 2a hair

The hair is a detail of the female physiognomy in which it is important to take an interest in order to provide it with the necessary care and maintenance.

Because there are several categories of hair which are, in turn, composed of different types of hair.

Have you often paid attention to your hair and discovered that it is naturally wavy, with not too tight curls and tends to form a slight “S”?

If so, that means you have type 2A hair. In addition to their S-shaped wave, these types of hair have many other characteristics.

A member of the “  wavy ” hair category , hair types 2A are quite fine and wave indefinitely.

Not thick enough, they are rather low bulk and smooth at the root.

Unlike other types in the same category, your hair does not show frizz but can be curled although the curl does not really hold.

Clearly, type 2a hair is:

  • From wavy hair category.
  • Distinguishable by their slight S-shaped undulation.
  • Much less tight than curly hair which  can easily be confused with.
  • Thin and with waves rather than curls.
  • Shiny and don’t require much effort to style.
  • Smooth at the scalp.

But how can I properly maintain my hair if it is type 2a? This is the concern that you certainly have at this stage of your discovery.

This is why we will soon be offering you the pleasure of discovering the tips and means of maintaining type 2a hair.

How to maintain type 2a hair?

Although much more manageable than frizzy and curly, wavy hair, especially 2a hair, deserves a little care to maintain its shine and wave.

Do you have time for yourself and want to pay attention to your hair?

Do you want to redeem yourself for having neglected them so much because you did not know the methods and means of adequate and effective maintenance?

Here we offer you the best opportunity to catch up with tips that will bring your type 2a hair back to life and make you look better.

Tip 1: Moisturize your hair regularly

Type 2a hair, although smooth and fine, is linked to a high risk of dehydration and easy damage.

This is why it is very important to hydrate them as often as possible.

To do this, several varieties of products exist. But we will focus more on the natural ones.

Shea Butter is   one of those natural essentials that keep your hair hydrated.

Applied a few hazelnuts each week, shea butter will allow your hair to be hydrated without weighing it down and making it thicker than desired.

You can also do an oil bath and let your hair rest under a plastic film + hot towel for at least 30 minutes.

Care or moisturizing creams with honey  and agave syrup are just as many ways to naturally moisturize your hair and be protected from any risk associated with the use of industrial products.

Tip 2: Limit the use of heat-generating devices

Heat-generating devices such as hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc., are the worst enemies for your hair that you should never take pleasure in playing with.

If you’ve never been told, well know it now: you are naturally radiant and beautiful.

Regular use of these devices is all to your disadvantage because it causes your hair fiber to dry out and can unfortunately lead to hair loss or alopecia.

Imagine having to fight one day against the progressive fall of your beautiful hair which made you so proud but which you have unceremoniously subjected to the devastating effects of heating appliances.

It really isn’t pretty, is it? And I bet that’s not what you want.

Tip 3: Hate frizz

If excessive use of heating devices is a source of boredom for any hair, then frizz is the enemy to be most wary of when you have type 2a hair.

Frizz is the result of poor hair care or the humidity you often subject your hair to.

To combat this, get into the habit of using anti-frizz serums when your hair is in a damp state.

As we like natural solutions, we offer you two (02) here to fight against frizz: vegetable oils of broccoli and  coconut .

1 time per week you should maintain your hair with these oils as an oil bath before you use before your shampoo.

At the end of each use, don’t forget to let your hair rest under a plastic film + hot towel for a while.

You will now understand. Your type 2a hair, essentially characterized by its slight wave in the shape of an “S”, is therefore a wealth of hair that should not be neglected for you.

They deserve all your love, all your care, all your attention. Because not only does their maintenance depend on your beauty but also and above all on your health.

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