How to Wash afro hair without shampoo?

Washing your afro hair without shampoo, is it possible?

Compared to other long and straight hair, frizzy, afro or curly hair needs special care.

It is especially important to avoid washing it frequently.

Shampoo is a detoxifying and aggressive product, it should not be used every day in your hair .

And besides, there are effective methods that allow you to wash your hair without using shampoo.

With this technique, you can keep your hair clean without attacking it.

This is the low-poo , it is a very effective method that contributes to the improvement of the health and hygiene of the hair.

Instead of using shampoo, you favor the use of sebum.

Contrary to what is often thought, the function of the sebum cure is to fortify frizzy hair in a natural way.

Dry hair and shampoo: disenchantment

In a low-poo trend, many products with different brands fit every hair type .

Whatever the efforts made, this does not prevent certain products from being harmful to health.

They are considered dry shampoo.

Why are they dangerous for hair health?

This is because this product severely dries out the scalp , its ingredient retains sebum in the hair.

This prevents it from coming out, because indeed, sebum is an essential element for hydration.

And even more for frizzy hair because it is naturally drier .

Certainly, shampoos are a routine for hair care.

However, they have drawbacks in that some of them are counterproductive.

It has the function of blocking the porosity of the hair while preventing hydration.

Then the hair becomes brittle . In addition to all this, the shampoo also contains silicone.

Which is also toxic because it attacks the scalp, and therefore prevents normal hair growth.

Another consequence is that you have the impression that your hair produces an excess of sebum.

We feel that our hair gets dirty quickly and it is necessary to wash it more often.

A final consequence for the use of shampoo is the fact that it contains endocrine disruptors.

They are both dangerous for the hair but they also have a significant health impact because they disrupt the normal function of hormones.

However, this situation only concerns certain shampoos because there are shampoos that pose no risk to the hair.

They are renowned as a natural, gentle, and even organic shampoo.

Therefore, it only has benefits for the hair as well as the scalp .

However, it is essential not to use it frequently despite their natural appearance.

If you use it repeatedly, your hair may not grow properly.

The co wash: the best alternative to wash your hair without shampoo

As mentioned above, washing your hair with shampoo is risky and can even destroy the scalp .

However, there are natural products that can alter the shampoo to be applied to the hair.

These products are very effective in making your hair healthy.

Use rhassoul

It is the most used powder to wash frizzy hair .

With this powder, you prepare the products yourself to apply to your hair.

It is enough to mix it with hot water in order to obtain a paste for washing hair.

The main function of rhassoul is to capture sebum and therefore cleanse your scalp.

It makes the hair clean and purified, while it is enough to apply it 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing it out with lukewarm water.

The rhassoul is not only a hair cleaning product, it is above all a care product.

In case you have doubts about its reliability, you can use other natural products.

Use marshmallow powder

Marshmallow powder is also very practical.

It has the same function as the previous one but with a surplus of hydration.

It is also very effective in redefining the curls of your hair .

For more shine, the use of vinegar is preferred as a conditioner. It gives more shine, light and softness to your hair.

It is also possible to add essential oils or a serum to this mixture.

The latter has the function of adding smells and virtues to your coWash.

Wash your afro hair without shampoo: DIY

If by chance the cow ash doesn’t convince you. You can always prepare your hair washing product yourself.


  • A tablespoon of corn flour.
  • A tablespoon of baking soda.
  • An essential oil of your preference.
  • Organic cocoa.

The preparation

  • Start by mixing baking soda and corn flour in a bowl.
  • Once well mixed, you add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.
  • Finally, you add a little organic cocoa to give color to your preparations.

This is especially recommended for people with brown or dark hair coloring .

Some necessary tricks for washing frizzy hair

  1. Washing should not be frequent, it is necessary to space out washing.
  2. Prefer a mild shampoo or washing with Indian powders.
  3. During washing, manipulation of the hair should be done in sections using the fingertips.
  4. Do not wash the hair with a very high or very low temperature. Be sure to use the correct temperature when cleaning.
  5. Care must be applied in order (pre-poo-shampoo-after shampoo-mask).
  6. Do not use regular cotton towels while drying, you should favor a microfiber towel.

Here are basically the different methods that allow you to wash your Afro hair without shampoo.

Which method do you prefer?

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