Is it possible to straighten your hair every day without damaging it?

Can you use a straightener every day without damaging your hair?

It partly depends on the condition of your hair. 

Nutrition and protection from heat are necessary to avoid damaging them.

In general, it is not advisable to straighten your hair too often. This is all the more true if you exceed 190°C without protecting or moisturizing your hair regularly.  Hair fibers  become dehydrated and brittle.

The effects of iron on hair often cause split ends. Thin hair always faces this problem! If you are in this case, it is better to spread out the smoothings.

Regular hair straightening requires maintenance. Remember to dry them well with a repairing mask and do not forget to apply protective care before each smoothing.

We give you all the tips to have smooth and healthy hair.

How many times a week can you straighten your hair without damaging it?

In order to keep the hair healthy, it is necessary to take breaks between straightening sessions. In order not to abuse the heat, the straightening period should not exceed 2 times a week.

Straightening 3 times a week is better suited to so-called “normal” hair, which is not very fine and not dry. If you have fine and fragile hair, avoid it as much as possible. If you can’t do it once a week maximum (even if it’s not recommended).

Frequent straightening may cause hair loss per day.


When to straighten your hair so as not to damage it?

You probably already know that straightening dry hair can lead to burns when exposed to humidity.

So even if you arrive late, take the opportunity to dry them well with a hair dryer for example. Straightening your hair every day without damaging it is therefore quite possible.

For best results,  straighten your hair in the morning  before going to work.

Admittedly, it requires waking up earlier, but the smooth results will be neater than after a good night’s sleep. Indeed, smoothing done the day before is less effective than in the morning!

How to straighten hair without damaging it?

The best way to straighten your hair without damaging it is  to protect it from heat . Here are some tips for a healthy fit:

  • Before starting your conditioner, it is advisable to use a shampoo rich  in Pro-Keratin . It is a heat protection treatment that strengthens the hair structure and provides strong protection. Your hair will be shinier, softer and fuller.
  • Take the time to detangle your hair. Use a suitable brush to remove small knots. Otherwise, the iron will strip the hair and cut the fiber.

Improving the quality of straightening  also involves maintaining your device. Clean your straightener once a week to remove residue from hairspray and other treatments.


What type of iron do you prefer?

We recommend  adjustable temperature models  with ceramic plates.

The non-stick material makes it easy to glide. This type of straightener is the gentlest on the hair, allows for quick straightening and gives shiny results.

The latest generation of hair straighteners now benefits from a technology that ensures constant and well-distributed heat on the fiber plate. 

For added protection, you should consider another feature:  a sleep mode  that will power off the straightener after 30 minutes if left unattended.

As for the heated brushes  that allow you to straighten the hair with a simple stroke of the brush, they are also advanced with a ceramic coating that respects the hair fiber.

What products should I use?

We start by detangling the hair well, especially if we use a flat iron.

For the shampoo,  use a product for fragile hair  that strengthens the fiber and do not forget to apply a protective spray or a protective balm to protect from the heat.

There are many treatments and serums designed specifically to prepare hair for straightening.

Before straightening, there is a  thermo-smoothing serum ,  applied to the ends and lengths, covering the hair and protecting it from the heat. In addition, the formation of frizz is prevented.

Please note that before using a hair straightener,  the hair must be dry,  otherwise the hair fibers and structure will be damaged.

You can also use conditioners to nourish the fibers or oil your hair after straightening.

Some special products also have a luminous effect. Mask once a week – leave on overnight if your hair is very dry – ensure good hydration.

What is the best way to take care of regularly straightened hair?

A usual mild shampoo –  you don’t put two in a row with each shower – that you apply to the roots and rinse well.

Immediately afterwards – once or twice a week – a mask is applied to towel-dried hair so that the active ingredients that take care of the fiber penetrate and seal the hair.

The best thing is to leave it under cellophane . You can again rinse and smooth using a tooth comb.

Then let it dry before applying serum to the ends and unsheathing your straightener again

In short, can we straighten our hair every day? With good products and good equipment, in practice yes.

However, this is nothing natural for the hair. It is best to use a straightener  every other day if possible to take care of the hair and keep it at a temperature not exceeding 185 degrees.

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