Jojoba Oil, The Ally of Frizzy Hair

Being natural and vegetable, jojoba oil goes perfectly with frizzy hair by moisturizing it.

Generally, frizzy hair seems denser and maintaining it can seem difficult at first glance.

One of the best ways to take care of it is to make use of jojoba oil.

The following information will be useful for you to perfect your knowledge on the subject.

What is jojoba oil?

Organic jojoba oil

It is a wax obtained after the jojoba seeds are compressed. It has a beautiful  amber color .

Rich in omega 3 and nutrients such as copper and zinc, it is one of the few oils that cannot be saponified.

This factor makes it an excellent way to protect yourself from the effects of aging.

Instead of using  Indian powders, you can resort to the latter to  take better care of your  frizzy hair.

Jojoba oil is perfect for all skin and hair types . It repairs dry skin and moisturizes normal ones.

The benefits of jojoba oil on frizzy hair

The first benefit of jojoba oil is that it prevents the overflow of  sebum . This is mainly due to its active ingredients which aim to regulate the pH of the scalp .

This oil also fights against hair loss. By promoting their growth and fighting against their poor nutrition, it inhibits the probable risk of them falling.

The  growth of your hair  is possible thanks to the increased blood circulation in your scalp.

Jojoba oil is also used as a means of preventing the proliferation of  dandruff . It represents a real anti-infective thanks to its many properties.

When you use this oil frequently, you strengthen the firmness of your hair. They become more beautiful, toned and increase in volume.

It also helps prevent frizz and is very effective in repairing split ends.

This oil also finds its use in the manufacture of cosmetic products such as  shampoos .

Indeed, most of what is on the internet contains a multitude of chemicals. These can seriously damage your hair in the long term.

With jojoba oil, you can deeply nourish your hair.

The use of jojoba oil on frizzy hair

Franck Provost Expert Reparation professional mask, jojoba oil mask

The scalp massage

To take full advantage of this massage, you must first heat the jojoba wax so that it is as soft as possible.

Pour a small amount onto the palms of your hands and rub it into your hair. You need to let it sit for ten minutes.

For more efficiency, you can simply leave it on your hair overnight.

By continuously doing this exercise, the lifespan of your hair increases.

Use as a pre-shampoo

All you need to do here is prep your hair before you shampoo it .

As with the previous method, you must remember to slightly heat this oil before applying it to your hair.

There are many masks or hair treatments based on oil such as jojoba that you can make. To make a mask based on this oil, you can for example:

  • Take a container and add three tablespoons of jojoba oil to it.
  • Add an egg yolk inside.
  • Add three drops of geranium and ylang-ylang essential oils to enhance your hair.
  • Mix all the ingredients and slightly heat the resulting paste before applying it to your hair.
  • Leave the mixture to act for about ten minutes before shampooing.

This recipe is simple and easy to make. It will cost you almost nothing and will give you full satisfaction.

The jojoba oil scrub

Kérastase hair scrub

The objective of this practice is to cleanse your scalp and rid it of all kinds of impurities.

If you already have the habit of making scrubs, it is good that you add jojoba oil to your list of ingredients.

This trick can help you solve the problem of “why frizzy hair does not grow”?

Indeed, your new scrub will have a positive and restorative effect on your frizzy hair.

Pairing with other products

You can combine jojoba oil with many other products. For example, mixing it with other substances like  coconut  or argan oil .

If you want a moisturizing mask made with coconut and jojoba, here is a simple recipe:

  • Heat the coconut oil in a container so that it is very fluid.
  • Add the jojoba oil to the container.
  • Divide your hair into multiple sections for easy product application.
  • Use your fingers to work the mixture obtained from the root to the tip of your hair.
  • Leave everything to rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair afterwards.

This recipe is really easy to make. For its effects to be prolific, it is recommended that you perform it once a week.

You can finally understand that jojoba oil far from being a simple oil is a jewel for many cosmetologists.

Its benefits are visible not only on the skin, but also on the hair.

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