Keep Beautiful Curls with the Pineapple Method!

The pineapple Method (translated by pineapple method in French) is an interesting technique especially for curly hair types.

It is easy to use, and allows you to keep hair curls or extensions longer.

By using this solution, you no longer need to manually redo your curls every morning, or to braid your hair in order to have the desired curly result.

The pineapple method is here to save you the day, to solve your curl problems.

You can have a beautiful hairstyle all day long by practicing this method!

What do you need to know about the Pineapple Method?

The pineapple method keeps the curls  as long as possible.

It is effective at night, and curly locks remain intact even after sleeping.


What is the pineapple method or pineapple method?

Silk scarf

It’s about performing a few well-defined gestures at night for a few days in order to preserve your curls .

You only need a rubber band, and a silk fiber or satin scarf to perform this method.

By using this method, no more morning problems to restyle your hair, or to undo the braids.

The pineapple method allows you to keep your curls well for several days in a row.

How to do the pineapple method?

Before starting to perform the pineapple method , you must first apply vegetable oil, or a serum to all of your hair.

Special attention must be paid to the ends of the hair in this step to have a better result.

Then, you have to tilt your face forward to gather your hair more easily.

Then, you have to tie your hair by making a kind of ponytail on the top of the head.

Afterwards, wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf.

The purpose of his maneuvers is to achieve a kind of pineapple on the head with your hair, hence its name the pineapple method.

In addition, if your hair overflows during the process, you can add a satin cap to hold your hair.

Why use the pineapple method?

The pineapple method allows you to have bouncy curls effectively after waking up.

This also helps prevent hair shrinkage.

This easy-to-do hair habit doesn’t crush curls during sleep periods.

Because this method keeps the curls away from friction with sheets and pillows.

As a result, you avoid the presence of frizz and knots when you wake up, but also the presence of crushed curls.

After taking the scarf off in the morning, just shake your head a bit to put your hair back in place.

How to keep your curls with the pineapple method?

In order to maintain your curls, redoing braids every night is not really necessary.

You can keep your curls for several days without necessarily redefining them. You can try the “pineapple wrap”.

How to make a pineapple wrap?

If you want to use this technique to maintain your curls, you must:

  • Tilt your head forward to more easily flip your hair up.
  • Apply a silk scarf especially on the part of the neck.
  • Take the two ends of the hair to cross them at the front, then tie a knot.
  • Raise the hair upwards by pulling on the edges of your scarf.
  • Bring all of your hair forward using your hands if any strands get stuck behind during the process.

By applying these steps, you will have a kind of pineapple on your head as a result.

This pineapple method is more effective compared to the classic technique since it does not crush the curls at all.

By wrapping your hair down, your curls crush more easily and last less.

Don’t forget to shake your head a little in the morning when you take the scarf off, it helps to put your curls back in place.

How to hydrate your curls?

To keep the curls with the pineapple method, it is important to moisturize your hair well .

For this, you can in particular apply a mask by mixing:

  • Three tablespoons of plain yogurt .
  • Three tablespoons of aloe vera gel .
  • Two teaspoons of honey .

You must leave your hair under a plastic film and a hot towel for 30 minutes then wash it using a mild shampoo to remove the mask.

Then apply your moisturizer.

You can do this practice once a week in addition to the pineapple method to best preserve your curls.

You also need to hydrate yourself well by drinking 1.5 L of water a day , so that you and your hair stay healthy.

How to treat your curls when you wake up?

When using the pineapple method , it is important to gently undo the scarf.

Then, you can reform the beautiful curls by gently placing them with your hands.

To maintain their shape throughout the day, you need to moisturize your hair well .

You can in particular apply a spray, or a vaporizer in order to keep the hydration. You can apply with a light vegetable oil , or even a moisturizer.

You can also alternate with another mask for curly hair once a month by mixing:

  • Two tablespoons of castor oil .
  • Six tablespoons of coconut oil .
  • Three drops of ylang-ylang essential oil.

Afterwards, you let your hair sit for an hour and then wash using a mild shampoo to remove the product.

Performing the pineapple method is an excellent technique for keeping curls longer.

The pineapple method is very practical if you have curly hair.

If you want to start applying this method, now you know how to do before sleeping to have fresh curls all day long.

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