Knotless Braids: A New Braiding Technique

It’s no secret that oriental braids , especially African braids , have the reputation of inflicting great suffering in their production.

Curly, frizzy hair tends to be rebellious, which is why braids are made to bring it under a bit of discipline.

Who says discipline necessarily says pain, as the famous adage says “you have to suffer to be beautiful” or “no pain, no gain”

However, we evolve and we discover effective tips to make our lives easier.

Indeed, new African hairstyle techniques have been created for some time. Braids without knots that hurt less. Among these techniques, the Knotless box braids or commonly called the Knotless braids are having an effect in the world of Afro fashion. Do you find it hard to believe? Try it and see the result for yourself.

Here is everything you need to know about Knotless braids, happy reading and good realization.

Knotless box braids or Knotless braids: what is it? 

Knotless braids are variants of box braids but without the great agony of pain that usually comes with it.

Yes, you read correctly. In other words, these are braids that do not cause any harm to the scalp in the realization because we do not attach from the root of the hair. The braid is started with your hair and the strands are inserted little by little.

A painless braid

As we have seen before, Knotless braids are among the most effective braiding methods to intertwine your hair.

They don’t cause horrible pain just because there’s no knot . Because of this, there is much less tension created on your scalp. In addition, they protect against itching and irritation that we used to know with classic braids.

No wonder they’re everyone’s favorite braids . Thank you Queen B!

A sublime braid 

Very fashionable since their creation, the Knotless box braids are adopted by almost all women with curly or frizzy hair. They give a modern and stylish look.

What are the interests of Knotless box braids? 

The problems of very irritated scalp and very tight roots do not exist with Knotless braids.

The preparation of the braid starts directly with your natural hair and with the locks (artificial or natural) that you will add later.

A hairstyle that lasts a long time 

Knotless braids can last a really long time depending on how tight they are . In other words, when they’re done right, they attach well and they stay strong.

That said, it is necessary to make a touch-up two, three times every week to check and rework the roots.

Knotless braids can last up to 2 months depending on their good hydration and depending on the quality of the braiding. But we do not recommend that you keep them for so long. 3 weeks is the recommended maximum.

So take care to maintain your mane by moisturizing them with vegetable oils (preferably organic) or with your appropriate products.

A reassuring hairstyle 

Unlike knot braids, Knotless braids provide strong braids that stick to the hair for a long time.

They promote rest for your roots and scalp. In other words, the roots are much less tight compared to the usual braids which pull the scalp too much.

Also, this type of braid helps you want to moisturize your hair daily to keep it healthy. It is an ideal braiding technique because it secures your hairstyle and protects your manes.

How to make Knotless braids on the hair? 

The first rule to have successful Knotless Braids is to have well hydrated and clean hair.

This means that you must have washed, well wrung and dried hair and above all well hydrated.

You can achieve it by tutorials. You may fail on a first attempt, and that’s okay.

Or you also have the choice of going directly to the hairdresser to ensure the quality of your braid. Just note that the realization in the living room could last several hours. But you know “the best things need patience. »

The right number of hairpieces to make the Knotless box braids 

  • If you have long hair , 4-7 packs of highlights (artificial or natural) are recommended by experts.
  • If you have medium-length or short hair , 3 to 4 packs of highlights (artificial or natural) will be more than enough.
  • Know how to choose well for quality and softness if you opt for synthetic wicks.
  • Adapt the locks according to the arrangement of your hair (thickness and texture).

The right size for Knotless braids 

  • For a first attempt, make medium knotless braids because they are practical and effective. They will save you time.
  • For regulars, the choice is yours. But never make wicks too small at the risk of pulling too much on the scalp. Well-made knotless braids protect your scalp and promote hair growth.

Maintenance method for durable and resistant Knotless braids

The key formula for prolonging and maintaining knotless braids is simple: hydration, cleansing and protection.

Bonus: your hairstyle is embellished and it is radiant.


  • Nourish your hair with oil bath treatments (especially for very dry or damaged hair).
  • Use a moisturizing vaporizer spray containing a solution of hydrosol and vegetable oil or essential oil.
  • Spray the scalp and also the lengths of the hair.


  • To successfully prolong the life of your braids, don’t be afraid to apply your usual shampoo directly to them.
  • This is the kind of braid to collect impurities easily. Wash, degrease and clean again with the appropriate products (sulfate-free shampoos, conditioner and moisturizing mask of quality highly recommended).


  • Wear a barrette or bonnet (cotton or silk) at night to secure your hairstyle.
  • Avoid buns that hug the scalp and roots too tightly to fight hair loss.

Some models of Knotless braids especially for you 

Knotless box braids the most adopted

The Knotless braids with chignons for more style

The Knotless braids with colored wicks

Thanks to the knotless braids , you have a trendy and protective hairstyle . You will be spared from pain and free from all suffering because your roots will be pulled in the reasonable and your scalp relaxed.

In addition, you have many ways to adopt to achieve them (buns, large braids, small braids, colored extensions, etc.)

You won’t have to worry about tying knots anymore because there simply won’t be any. Also, they are much riskier than classic braids because there is no direct contact between the locks and your natural hair.

Finally, they are by far among the best braids to adopt nowadays.

They are practical, effective, trendy and reassuring. What better dream?

Tempted? Go for it!

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