Knots in the Hair: How to get Rid of Them?

Knots in the hair , what horror…

It pulls and hurts when you brush them. When you wake up or after a very hectic day, you cannot escape the dreaded ordeal of untangling your hair.

And welcome to the screams in the bathroom! For some, the knots unravel easily while for others, they are quite painful to remove.

How to manage to disentangle them without suffering and especially without damaging your already sensitized hair?

Discover in this article some tips to get rid of knots in the easiest way and a list of ways to avoid them!

Simple tricks to untangle knots

Knots in the hair mainly form when your hair lacks care and detangling.

Care, unstoppable protocol, tools adapted to untangle knots in the hair: all the solutions available to you.

Use a detangler

When your hair makes knots, you need a good detangler  that will coat the hair fiber.

Whether it’s a detangler, conditioner or spray , the important thing is to choose a product that matches your hair type.

Very useful, the detangler for dry hair is full of repairing ingredients for the hair fiber.

Adopt the right gestures when brushing

If you start brushing from the root to get a  knot in your hair , there is a risk of falls and breakages!

Gently run the brush over the lowest part of the knot working your way to the scalp. Goes up gradually on the lengths, all in delicacy.

Use the oils

If you need to untangle a huge knot in your hair, attack it as soon as possible with an oily product like coconut oil, olive oil or any hair oil suitable for your hair.

Recently, we discussed a topic on  hazelnut oil, a must for your hair . This treatment can also help you with detangling. Thanks to the lubrication, the comb or brush should slide more easily.

Use appropriate accessories

To  detangle a knot on dry hair , use a brush, preferably with soft bristles or a brush specially designed for detangling with flexible pins that follow the curve of the hair like the tangle teezer .

If you have very tangled, curly or frizzy hair, use a wide-tooth comb. The wide-tooth comb is also perfect for removing a tangle in the hair  in the shower, during the conditioning step.

Cut the knots

When, despite a good technique to get rid of knots , your hair is still tangled, it’s probably because the hair fiber is too damaged.

It is therefore necessary that you cut the knot or the forks. Do not regret that little centimeter lost, it is better to have shorter, but healthy tips than brittle and dull forks.

How to prevent the appearance of knots in the hair?

To avoid knots, there are a few simple tricks to apply.

  • Tip n°1: tie hair before sleeping 

As you can see, your hair can be very knotted in the morning, since during the night your hair is rubbing against your pillow.

To avoid this, it is advisable to tie your hair before bedtime to minimize the consequences of friction during the night.

There are plenty of ideas for effective hairstyles to avoid knots in the hair : a bun, a loose braid or braids.

On the other hand, if you prefer to spend the night with your hair loose, the trick is to rest your head on a silk or cotton pillowcase which will considerably reduce friction.

  • Tip #2: Brush your hair properly

In order to bring down the sebum on your lengths, brush your hair correctly from the ends up towards the root.

Brushing helps rid your hair of dust and residue from styling products.

With good brushing, your hair will be more disciplined, and therefore less tangled.

  • Tip n°3: take appropriate care

Dry hair tends to form knots. In this case, opt for products adapted to nourish them, hydrate them, and smooth the hair fiber.

And above all, use oils, serums, masks and leave-in treatments.

By creating a thin protective layer, your hair will be softer and easier to comb.

When applying care, focus on the roots. You can also consider doing a hair scrub to have healthy , tangle-free hair .

  • Tip n°4: protect the hair from external aggressions

Rain, sun, weather, and wind dry out and frizz hair.

As well as too frequent heat sources that can weaken your hair, cause damage and knots!

So protect them from these external aggressions with a protective hairstyle or tie them up to keep them safe. In short, treat your hair as if it could feel the aggressions in the same way as your skin.

  • Tip n°5: dry the hair without rubbing it

Probably the most common mistake you’ve made is rubbing your hair with a cotton towel after washing.

It’s tempting, especially when you’re in a hurry. But this is the absolute guarantee of the formation of knots.

The solution ? When you get out of the shower, wrap them in a microfiber or cotton towel, which is more absorbent.

Once most of the moisture has been absorbed, gently detangle your hair and let it air dry.

  • Tip n°6: go to the hairdresser

Despite all these tips, if you still have knots, your hair is simply too damaged and clinging to each other.

It is therefore time to go through the hairdresser box to make a small cut. Removing the damaged part is enough to solve the problem.

Taking care of your hair is key to  getting rid of tangles .

There is no need to use force when detangling, there are several ways to go about it gently!

When nothing works, a small cut is recommended in order to avoid that all the hair is damaged.

Don’t forget to  take appropriate care regularly  and take the right steps to take good care of your hair .

The healthier your hair is, the easier it is to style.

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