Leave in: What is it and when to use it?

The leave-in! It brings hydration, nutrition, suppleness, definition in a single gesture and in a few minutes!

It is suitable for all hair types and restores a good level of hydration.

How to choose it according to your hair type, how and when to use it, we will answer all your questions about this wonderful treatment.

What is a leave-in?

The hair leave-in is a  leave-in treatment . Literally translated from English, “leave-in” means “leave in”, which means that we leave the care in the hair!

It is the treatment of hair after washing.  It will hydrate and nourish your hair  so that your curls are soft and highlighted.

Your hair is frizzy, the curls are beautiful when wet, but fall apart when dry?

This is because the water inside evaporates, leaving your hair dehydrated and the curls losing their suppleness and definition.

Leave-in is here to lock in moisture, soften and let curls define themselves! In short: leave-in is a must!

When the leave-in is applied,  you can go further by applying styling gel to boost definition, fix curls or create different hairstyles!

But how to choose it?

As with all hair products, you should choose  a leave-in conditioner based on your hair type  and curls.

The curlier your hair, the more rich hair leave-in you can use.


How to apply the leave-in care without rinsing?

If you have chosen this precious product, now is the time to use it!

After washing and detangling your hair (with conditioner!), you can proceed with the application without rinsing.

Take a good nut, spread it in your hands, then rub it on the lengths and arrange your hair between your hands.

You can also rub it with your fingers to apply it properly. When you have everything on your hair, massage it well with your hands to help curls form.

You can then dry your hair in the open air or with a diffuser.

Why choose a leave-in?

After washing your hair, you have frizz, your hair is dry and difficult to detangle  ?

The leave-in treatment  makes styling easier. This product contains humectants, moisturizers and primarily water.

A softening cocktail that covers unruly curls and preps them for styling.

Leave-in for whom?

The Leave-in is suitable for all hair types.

Especially curly hair that is prone to humidity will love  this leave-in conditioner. 

It covers the hair and is one of the most important products for building natural curls.

For relaxed or often straightened hair, the leave-in treatment brings softness and deep hydration without sticky or greasy effect.

The method will no longer be a difficult task. It helps soften and shine your hair instantly.

Which leave-in to choose for your hair?


Leave-in hair care without rinsing comes in different forms.

To find the best one for your hair, you need to determine your hair type and its degree of porosity, thickness or even thickness.

For example,  fine hair with low porosity  prefers a lighter leave-in conditioner, while dry, coarse and very porous hair tolerates thick textures well.

Make sure the leave-in you choose really nourishes your hair type.

Many brands offer leave-in treatments. You can also do your own leave-in treatment by buying the necessary ingredients.

A homemade leave-in recipe

This leave-in leave-in care formula that we recommend has the texture of a rich cream. It is very nourishing and ideal for dry and damaged hair as well as for frizzy and curly hair.

Before giving you the recipe, here is some information on the ingredients used and their benefits.

  • Aloe vera  is recommended for dry hair because it nourishes and strengthens it. It also has the effect of cleansing the scalp and accelerating hair growth.
  • Like the oil,  coconut milk  is known for its protective and fortifying properties. Repairs damaged, brittle and split ends and regenerates dry hair.
  • Shea butter  allows the rehydration of the scalp thanks to its richness in vitamin A.

Ingredients needed:

  • 40% aloe vera gel.
  • 30% coconut milk.
  • 20% shea butter.
  • 10% coconut oil.

Steps to prepare for the treatment:

  • Start by mixing coconut oil and shea butter until you get a paste.
  • Then add the aloe vera gel and the coconut milk.
  • Add the previous mixture to the blender.
  • Mix everything.

Application of care:

  • Apply the treatment to damp hair, strengthening on the lengths and ends.
  • Take the time to work the product in or define your hair with your fingers.
  • No rinsing, that’s good!

When and how do you use this leave-in treatment?

Leave-in  can be used alone or with oil. For best results, we recommend applying to damp hair after your shampoo and conditioner/mask.

Dry your hair with  a microfiber towel  and apply the product with your hands. Use your fingers to help your hair define your curls.

Massage your lengths and ends to make the product penetrate. Finally, style your hair as desired (twists, vanilla, braids or natural). If necessary,  fix your hair with curling gel.

If your hair is very dry or porous, it is recommended to seal in the moisture with an oil or serum or use a richer moisturizer.

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