Maca Hair: Its Incredible Benefits!

Do you know the benefits of  maca for hair  ? or have you ever heard of maca?

It would indeed be a plant allowing  hair to grow  and also serving to  slow down hair loss  .

Quite close to radish, maca is native to the Andes. This is an ingredient that will not only do good for your hair, but also for your roots.

Known because it stimulates hair growth and slows down the thinning of hair, the maca plant would be very useful for men whose hair is weakening.

For the  Incas , this plant was sacred! Today, it is widely used in food and/or cosmetics. And we can easily say that it has proven itself.

What are the benefits of maca for hair?

Maca is rich in  vitamins C, D  and  E. One of the first benefits of this plant is that it increases  cell multiplication  occurring in the  hair bulb .

Which stimulates hair growth. Maca also intervenes in  the fortification of the hair , and this, thanks to its action on the cellular multiplication.

The bulb is indeed strengthened and the growth of your hair is significantly accelerated. Your hair thus becomes much more resistant, and this, from the inside!

On the other hand, we notice that maca also helps fight against abnormal hair loss . This has been demonstrated since it stimulates the hair bulbs.

With a stronger bulb, you will have hair that is much more resistant to all types of aggression, whether  external ( heat , pollution, tobacco and others) or internal (poor sleep, dietary deficiencies, stress and others).

Apart from this, it helps to increase  the density of collagen  in the skin tissues. Thanks to this the hair has a better support in the scalp and the latter becomes stronger.

Maca is therefore a plant that can be interesting for those people who have dull, fine,  frizzy , curly or even fragile hair.

By the nature of these hair types, they are very delicate and tend to fall out quite easily. This is even more so when you opt for hairstyles that put a lot of strain on the  scalp  or the  hair fiber .

Thanks to this plant, your scalp will be strengthened and your hair at the same time. Vitality and vigor will be there!

Maca, how to use it?

In cosmetics, maca is very often directly integrated into the composition  of care products, shampoos  and other  growth-stimulating and anti-hair loss cosmetic products .

Alternatively, you can find the ingredient commercially  in powder or liquid form . You can then integrate it yourself into your cosmetic products.

This is what is commonly called  Do It Yourself  (DIY) or  homemade . On the other hand, it is also possible to consume it by combining it with your diet in your  herbal tea , in your  tea  or in general in all the drinks that you are used to consuming.

You can also consume it in  flour  to make  cookies and/or cakes  for example. The rendering can be really very nice!

Maca, how can it act on the hair?

As mentioned earlier, a maca plant can serve to facilitate hair growth and therefore help prevent hair loss and thinning hair.

Maca works by providing protection to the  hair bulb  and facilitating  keratinocyte mitosis . The maca plant has a specific composition of  macamides and macaenes .

They are the ones who allow it to have this effectiveness on the hair. If maca is able to promote hair growth, it is because there are a number of mechanisms that allow it.

It can mainly help to develop  the epithelial sheath  while increasing  cell proliferation .

The latter represents the protective sleeve around the brand new hair. Eventually, you will get much longer hair.

Maca for hair, where to buy it?

You can find it here .

Maca hair mask: the recipe

It is possible to use the powers of the maca plant in the form of food supplements, in  smoothies  or by making  hair and face masks .

We will focus here on the maca hair mask which will fight against hair loss while promoting hair growth.

All hair types can benefit from it, without exception. You will need for this mask:

  • 10 drops of castor oil.
  • 4g of Provitamin B5.
  • 100g aloe vera gel.
  • 5 drops of Maca essential oil.

The application of the mask

Once all the ingredients mentioned above have been combined, they must be mixed in a container.

Then massage  your scalp, applying the mask to your hair. Leave it on for  about twenty minutes.

Don’t forget to wrap your head using plastic wrap plus a hot towel. Then rinse.

Place the leftover mixture in the refrigerator. They can be kept for a week. Enjoy the benefits of this mask. Your hair will look much better.

Hair mask recipe for curly hair

This mask will require:

  • Castor oil.
  • Provitamin B5.
  • Aloe vera gel.
  • Vital Maca.

Once the mixture is done, you put it down for about an hour. As for the app, don’t worry! She is very pleasant.

You have the option of leaving the product in your hair since the aloe vera will give it a wet effect. The washing as the application is also done very easily.

Note that you will not notice the effects at the time, because maca acts over time on hair growth.

It would then be wise to  combine it with lotions  that you apply to the scalp on a daily basis.

Maca is therefore renowned for its effectiveness in protecting hair against abnormal hair loss and in hair growth.

It makes it possible to increase cell multiplication and has many other benefits for both the skin and the body.

Take advantage of it and do not deprive yourself of it.

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