Mango Butter, a hair essentials

Mango butter is a  vegetable butter  that has many virtues .

Long overlooked due to the fact that most women didn’t even know such a product existed, mango butter is slowly finding its way into many women’s hair routines.

Highly recommended by hair professionals, mango butter is a hair product that should certainly not be underestimated.

How is mango butter obtained?

Before embarking on the various hair care products based on  mango butter , it would be good to find out how it is obtained. Mango butter is therefore a butter that is obtained thanks to the pressure that is exerted on the kernel of the fruit in question.

The almond contained in the kernel of the mango is pressed until a liquid whose texture seems to be tender is obtained. This liquid is called mango butter.

So you can have fun no longer throwing away the mango pits after tasting the flesh in order to make it yourself.

You therefore discover on this occasion that the mango is a tropical fruit from which nothing is lost. Contrary to what most people think.

What are the properties of mango butter?

Now that you know that mango butter is a product typically made with the core of the fruit, it’s time to find out what properties this vegetable butter, which is often talked about, contains.

Thus, among the many  properties  or many components of mango butter, we can note:

  • Antioxidant properties.
  • Softening properties.
  • Softening properties.
  • Regenerative properties.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing properties.

It is also appreciated in cosmetics because of its restorative capacity . Indeed, used on the skin, it soothes it and even protects it against external aggressions.

It is a beauty ally  that should no longer be neglected, ladies. It is perfect both for the skin and for your hair; especially those with frizzy hair.

Do not hesitate to opt for its use when you have dry and sensitive skin. However, note that whatever type of skin you have, mango butter will do the job.

As for the hair, the use of butter is recommended on dry and damaged hair   .

How to use mango butter on hair?

The effectiveness of using mango butter on hair is well established. Many have tried it and seen amazing results after a time of   mango butter hair routine .

To get there, just apply the vegetable mango butter to your hair on a daily basis, while taking care to insist on your ends.

This daily routine will allow your  hair fiber  to be intensely nourished and repaired in case it suffers from breakage or loss.

To fully enjoy these properties, it is also advisable to do this routine in the evenings. Thus, throughout the night, the butter will have time to soak your hair well.

The next day, you will only have to comb and do the hairstyle you want. Already in one week, you will be surprised at the shine as well as the level of hydration that your hair enjoys.

However, you can opt for masks based on mango butter to take advantage of the properties of this butter.

Little daily trick

With the daily hair hydration tip given above, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

However, to better benefit from it, when you want to use the vegetable mango butter in the evening, it is advisable to divide your hair into several sections.

This will allow an easier and more even distribution of the butter on the  scalp . Also, after soaking the hair in the butter, do not leave it out in the open.

You could make big vanillas and cover the head with a satin bonnet.

Mango Butter Mask Hair Routine

In case you don’t have time to do daily routines, you can opt for the weekly ones. These are masks to do every week.

To  make this mask , you will only need mango butter of course. SO :

  • First, divide the hair into sections.
  • Then pass the butter over each section, so that no strand of hair fails to be massaged.
  • Once this is done, cover the head with plastic wrap and a warm towel, then leave for about an hour.
  • In the absence of the hot towel, opt for the heated cap which is just as good for this routine.
  • Once the one hour has finally elapsed, massage  the entire scalp again , then rinse the hair properly.

This mask is super effective. But it should not be done more than once a week.

Treatment to redefine your curls

Mango is an excellent ally for frizzy hair . In addition to nourishing them, it helps to have very beautiful curls , whether they are big or not.

So if you have frizzy hair and want to bring  out the  curls  of the latter, here is the trick to put into practice.

In a small container:

  • Mix 6g of mango butter.
  • A few drops of essential oil (preferably Ylang-Ylang oil).
  • Then 3 g of Brazil nut and yangu oil.

Then apply the resulting mixture to damp hair.

This treatment is normally done as a conditioner.

As you would have noticed, mango butter is a  major ingredient  in the field of cosmetics. It is time for everyone to recognize its powers and be able to take advantage of it as it should.

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