Short Dreadlocks: The Best Hairstyles

Having  short dreadlocks  as a hairstyle can be a difficult choice for both women and men.

There are many reasons why you might change your mind about adopting this always-on-trend look over the years.

Dreadlocks are natural whether short or long, although some believe otherwise.

They form naturally if you stop brushing or combing your hair.

How to make short dreadlocks?

There are many ways to do short dreadlocks for a better  hairstyle .

Here are some simple methods that you can apply for your hair.

Short and natural dreadlocks

This is the simplest process, since all you need to do is  not brush  or comb  your hair .

Although your choice is on short dreads, you still need a certain length to have a wide choice of hairstyles.

You still have to wash your hair during the process, the knots will form naturally since the hair will get tangled.

There may also be irregular lengths.

This method is especially suitable for people who have frizzy hair .

Dreadlocks using extension

This method is easy to perform because you only need to go to a hair salon that specializes in dreadlocks.

There are two types of dreadlock extensions , synthetic extensions and natural extensions.

However, natural extensions are stronger and easier to maintain, and feel better when touched.

You can choose the color of your dreads, be it black, chestnut, or blonde.

In addition, there is a wide choice regarding the thickness of short dreadlocks (thin, medium, or thick).

But, you must avoid coloring or bleaching with the extensions.

The knot technique

It is an easy and quick method to perform to have short dreadlocks.

You just have to take a strand of your hair and divide it into two equal parts.

Make a knot , then repeat the same gesture.

Knots  will start to form by repeating the operation as much as possible  .

After the knots have formed, you have to roll them with your hands to even them out, and repeat these gestures until the hairstyle is finished.

Best to go to a professional.

Dreadlocks using a backcombing brush

It is a rather tedious method that can last about ten hours, but the result is worth it.

You must first divide your hair and then crepe it with the help of the brush.

Comb strokes should always be directed towards the skull during the process.

These actions make it possible to make knots that simply have to be braided to have dreadlocks even if the braids are made in a coarse way.

You have to  moisturize your hair well  if you want to adopt dreadlocks, for that you can use a mixture of:

  • Two tablespoons of avocado oil.
  • A tablespoon of olive oil .
  • A teaspoon of  shea butter  that must be melted in vegetable oil.

This mask must be applied wick by wick, and left to rest under a plastic film and a hot towel for one hour.

Hairstyles ideas with dreadlocks for women

Short dreadlocks are perfect for women.

There are different feminine cuts that can be adopted with this type of hairstyle.

Bohemian dreads

This style is ideal for women who want to assert their freedom of spirit by drawing inspiration from nature.

Perfect for short dreadlocks, you can personalize your hairstyle with flower petals, pearls, or shells.

This type of dreads allows you to give free rein to your inspirations by personalizing your hairstyle yourself.

The Crinkle Dreads

Crinkle dreads are rather original thanks to their characteristic wave properties.

She offers both dreadlocks and curls which appeals to a lot of people.

The process allows straight hair to have dreads that are similar to mermaid waves.

Dread shorts

These are the quintessential short dreads that offer a simple, chic, and easy to maintain cut.

This type of hairstyle does not require hair volume, and is suitable for all types of hair texture.

Indeed, short dreads fit perfectly regardless of your hair type.

Hairstyles ideas with dreadlocks for men

Dreadlocks are just as trendy for men, but you have to choose the style that suits everyone.

You can choose among these trendy cuts.

Dread side pony

This cut is easy to perform since you just have to tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

This is particularly practical if you like to exercise indoors or outdoors.

It offers a cool style that adapts to all types of events, and it can also be adapted to long dreadlocks.

Dreads with undercut

This cut is ideal for short dreads, as the process is just to swept the hair back.

This easy-to-do style of dreadlocks offers a practical and cool look.

You can clean shave the sides of your hair for a neat touch that will draw more attention to the top of your hairstyle.

Irregular Dreads

These  short and irregular dreadlocks  are interesting if you want to move away from the classic dreads.

In addition to being practical, this look allows you to have a touch of timeless energy that you can surely like.

By the way, here is a mask recipe that can repair and shine your dreads:

  • Half an  avocado to mix.
  • One to two tablespoons of avocado oil.

This mixture is to be applied wick by wick, and must be left to rest under a plastic film and a hot towel for one hour.

Short dreadlocks  have a long lifespan that will save you repeated trips to the hairdressing salon.

In addition to being economical, they protect the hair and have beautiful hairstyles !

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