Should i make a mask on dry or damp hair?

Should we do the hair mask on dry or damp hair?

We generally use a hair mask after a shampoo and conditioner.

We firmly believe that  the mask works best on damp hair.

However, there are benefits to using a hair mask on dry hair too!

So how do we navigate through all the advice and ideas we find on the internet? Should we change our hair routine?

That’s why we show you here  how to apply a hair mask.

What techniques should we use to take care of our hair? Which mask to choose according to the state of our hair?

Hair mask on dry or damp hair: which method to choose?

It is common to apply  a mask to damp hair  after washing it.

Especially hairdressers often recommend this application technique.

Indeed, it is said that the mask penetrates  the hair fiber of the hair better  when it is wet or damp.

Masks coat the hair cuticle to reduce flaking.

Therefore, they deeply moisturize and nourish our hair.

But, a little chemistry lesson is also necessary to understand how it works.

Do you remember the law of attraction of the poles?

Our hair has a negative charge, which is increased by the action of the shampoo, and the mask has a positive charge.

Experts call this the absorption effect. Because of this process,  the care therefore adheres to the hair fiber.

However, it is recommended to apply  a mask on dry hair ,  especially if it is damaged, curly or even frizzy.

Just a mask for dry hair can nourish them in depth.

The exposure time  is much longer than the mask in the shower.

Nevertheless, to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of the mask, it must be done according to the rules of the art!

How to put on a hair mask?

To apply a hair mask to dry or damp hair, there are a few steps to follow to maximize its benefits.

Can we make a hair mask on dry hair?

Before your shampoo, apply the mask on the length and ends, avoiding the roots.

Then let it sit for at least twenty minutes. 

To enhance the effect of the mask, you can wrap your hair in cling film and a warm towel.

After the leave-in period is over, wash the hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo and, if necessary, conditioner.

This type of mask can be done once a week.

If you want to deeply hydrate your hair , you can leave the mask on longer or overnight.

But in this case, it is better to apply  an oil bath based on olive oil,  argan oil or even sweet almond oil.

Make a mask on damp hair

After your shampoo and maybe the conditioner, wash your hair carefully to rinse it well.

In addition, to know if all  shampoo residue  has disappeared, you have to feel the hair fibers under your fingers!

Then apply the mask to well-dried hair.

In fact, it works better on wet hair than on non-wet hair. The reason ?

If there is too much water left, the product will be diluted and therefore less effective. Distribute the mask  along the length and ends.

As with the dry hair mask , you can leave it on for 20-30 minutes and cover your hair with plastic wrap and a hot towel to intensify the effect.

All you have to do is rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The hair mask  should be used at least once a week.

But for very dry, curly or frizzy hair that needs deep hydration, it is necessary to use it before or after each shampoo.

However, to get all the benefits, it is necessary  to choose the mask that suits your hair type.

What are the differences between conditioner and mask?

Functionality of a hair conditioner

The main function of the conditioner is to soften and condition the hair. It smoothes the hair fiber and facilitates detangling.

This makes it easier to comb them and create hairstyles. It also has a nourishing and repairing effect  on the hair fiber.

Its use makes the hair shiny after washing and prevents the appearance of frizz. The conditioner  also helps with hair growth.

Using a hair mask

A hair mask is a more advanced and comprehensive method of hair care. It intensely nourishes the hair.

It is a deep treatment that promotes hair growth and combats hair loss.

It also ensures good blood circulation to  the scalp  and protects your hair from external influences.

The application time of a conditioner

The effects of the conditioner are almost immediate.

Therefore, its implementation does not take much time.

The application is done on all the hair and at the same time.

It is very important to emphasize the length and ends to effectively remove all knots.

After that, you can leave it on for about  1-5 minutes before washing it off.

How long does it take to apply the hair mask?

The hair mask needs more time to completely penetrate the hair fiber and to integrate all the active ingredients into the hair.

Apply strand by strand  to ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair. For its duration, a minimum of 15 minutes is required. The average recommended exposure time is 30-40 minutes.

However, you can extend this time depending on the volume of your hair, the capacity or suitability of your hair to be treated.

Which masks to choose for the health of your hair?

Natural or ready to use, you have no choice but to find a mask adapted to the nature of your hair:

  • Dry, brittle or damaged hair: choose a repair mask rich in oil or butter.
  • Coconut oil and argan oil nourish and repair your hair. And as a bonus, it gives a nice effect to your mane.
  • Oily hair : choose a cleansing mask with green clay. It prevents excess sebum without attacking the scalp.
  • Curly hair : a moisturizing and softening mask rich in vegetable oil (almond oil or argan oil) is perfect. Indeed, curly, frizzy or frizzy hair needs hydration to define the curls and restore suppleness and elasticity.
  • Normal hair  : prefer a toning mask based on green tea or argan oil which optimizes the fiber.

And if you can’t decide between all these products, you can always choose an aloe vera mask!

In fact,  aloe vera  is packed with benefits and will keep your hair looking great no matter what condition it is.

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