Smoothing with tannin: What You Need to Know Before Starting!

Have you ever heard of tannin smoothing?!

For us women, having our hair straightened is sometimes necessary and useful.

You’re already used to taking care of your hair, but today you’re going to learn more about tannin straightening.

This smoothing is considered by some as a deep care and by others it is only a method of softening the hair.

We’ll tell you more right now!

What is tannin smoothing? 

Have you ever heard of tannin smoothing? It’s compatible with many hair types, but many people with curly, curly or frizzy hair think about doing it.

The smoothing tannin comes straight from Brazil . This type of smoothing allows to have a shiny and supple rendering in order to comb the hair more easily.

The principle of this smoothing is to soften the hair. It is important to know that this smoothing is not a relaxer. Which means in other words that it does not stiffen the hair in the long run.

As explained above, tannin straightening consists of softening and disciplining the hair in order to have smoother and frizz-free hair. 

Which means that after the tannin smoothing, you’re not going to have straight hair out of the shower.

You will have softer and more defined curls. If you want straight hair you can use your straightener right after. You’ll be getting your hair done in no time!

What is tannin smoothing and for whom?

Tannin smoothing is a smoothing proposed for textured hair in particular. But in reality, it is a smoothing that is suitable for all hair types. It therefore applies to thick , fine, curly, oily, dry, frizzy hair etc.

This smoothing is based on tannin which is extracted from grapes . This technique is also known as “  Alphin Tanin  ”. First of all, we inform you that this type of smoothing is totally natural. The term often used for performing tannin smoothing is taninoplasty .

The result is truly spectacular. It is an effective method for many women.

It is composed of several organic elements that are really effective and regenerate your hair cells at high speed, such as collagen , keratin , or other natural materials such as Macadamia oil or shea butter .

What is the purpose of tannin smoothing?

  • The primary goal is to transform and bring your hair back to life. Among other things, you will have stronger and more hydrated hair with lots of shine .
  • Secondly, it has the mission of not modifying the texture of your hair. There is little risk that these will be damaged after the straightening session (provided that they are in good health).

Tannin smoothing offers several benefits through tannic acid such as:

  • Strength.
  • Vitality.
  • Flexibility.
  • Resistance.
  • Hair is rich in protein.

Another advantage is the content of the hair after the treatment. An application on your hair will last several months before redoing a new straightening. It will save you a lot of styling time in the morning and will keep your hair moisturized for quite a while.

Does the practice of smoothing with tannin present any risks?


There are just a few rules to follow and consider if you have other things planned for your hair after the tannin straightening .

  • They must be maintained properly and regularly otherwise they may break. Click on the link to find out what to do exactly.
  • For example, if you’re thinking of re-coloring your hair, it’s a good idea to do it after the tannin straightening because the tannin straightening can change the color of your hair .
  • Also, it may be that after a while your hair grows back quickly so you will have to redo the smoothing on the regrowth.
  • Your natural hair will always be stronger and healthier (if you take care of it of course)
  • Tannin smoothing is semi-permanent. It softens the hair. So if you want it to be straight, you will have to apply the straightener regularly, which can cause breakage, dehydration and weakening the hair.

What result do we get?

With the tannin straightening you will feel that your hair is more hydrated and softer. You will have a new look with silky hair. With tannin smoothing , your hair will be lighter and fully hydrated .

Of course, this will only be if your hair is basically healthy.

Tannin smoothing is not a miracle product. If before doing your straightening, your hair breaks and is dry, you must first learn how to maintain your hair properly before doing anything.

How long does a smoothing with tannin last?

Tannin smoothing is semi-permanent. It lasts about 4 to 6 months but it all depends on how you take care of your hair. The better they are maintained after straightening, the better the quality of your hair.

Where to do a smoothing with tannin?

We strongly recommend that you do it at a hairdresser specialized in your hair type (frizzy, curly, frizzy…). You can also do it alone but if you start a professional hairdresser will be the best choice.

How to correctly apply smoothing?

What are the appropriate treatments offered for your hair?

For the treatment of your Afro hair, you have the possibility to choose between three types of straightening which are all effective:

  • Taninoplasty , Belma laboratories.
  • Taninoplasty , Salvatore Laboratories.
  • Enzynotherapy , Belma laboratories.

These are all modern methods that are practical, and without drawbacks for a perfect rendering. You will find more details by browsing the web.

What products to apply?

There are several premium products or straightening kits that are for sale in the market. Here are a few excerpts that will surely interest you:

  • Lyscia DNA  which is a powerful smoothing kit.
  • BIO TANIX which is used by Brazilians.
  • The Salvatore BLUE GOLD.
  • The Premium TANINO.

Smoothing with tannin is an essential smoothing . Many consider it a treatment and do it several times a year. We recommend that you remain cautious before any use and have it performed by a professional.

How to take care of your hair after straightening with tannin? 

Like any smoothing, it is essential to follow a specific care after the taninoplasty . First, you should know that to activate the smoothing, just use your hair dryer or your straightener.

Regarding maintenance, it will be necessary to have an irreproachable hair routine!

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