Some solutions if you have brittle hair!

You dreamed of beautiful, healthy and healthy hair…but you have brittle hair?

However, things are very different and there is another hair SOS at play!

Every time you run your hand through your hair, some part gets stuck on your ring or bracelet.

It’s time to curb hair loss and that’s why we have reviewed all the tips and tricks to deal with it.

Follow the instructions, we have created a recipe for you.

Brittle hair: why?

Back to basics, what is a brittle hair?

This is a hair that loses  its strength and elasticity. Not to be confused with hair loss, brittle hair can be broken at the scalp, but can also be broken at other levels.

Many chemical and mechanical aggressions are the cause of this weakness: perms, coloring, straightening , exposure to the sun, change of seasons, swimming in the sea or diving in the pool, but also excessive use of the hair dryer.

Some nutrient deficiencies can also occur due to an unbalanced diet.

In fact,  good habits with dedicated, tailored care  will get your hair back on track.

How can I limit my hair loss?

Perhaps first by accepting the nature of your hair.

Even if sometimes you want to change your mind, it’s not bad to accept it naturally, right?

Avoid hairstyles that require pulling on your scalp as much as possible.

Ditch the rubber bands and clips and head to the barber for  a great cut that will hold up.

With long hair,  tip trimming  is also necessary to avoid unsightly ends, a sign of premature graying of the hair. That’s great, the review process has already started!

To do this, we stop certain bad habits: goodbye, discoloration, straightening, smoothing and too many chemicals that attack your hair fiber from all sides.

Avoid drying your hair with your towel after your shampoo and opt for  a gentle spin .  Just let the breeze dry your hair naturally!

If you still can’t do it, here are some tips to help you avoid breakage.

Brittle hair: 7 tips to keep your hair healthy

1- Test the resistance of your hair

First, take a section of hair, place it between your thumb and index finger, and pull it up from the base of the skull.

If the hair resists,  it means that it is elastic and healthy.

If the hair breaks , it is dry and brittle.

Some even have a bad surprise when they run their hand through their hair: they find a few dry hairs between their fingers.

2- Space out the washes

It is very important not to wash your hair every day so as not to break it. 

Once a week is enough  if you don’t exercise.

Also, be sure to  rinse your hair well  to prevent it from retaining chemical residues that could suffocate it.

Don’t wait for them to dry completely before untangling them.

3- Avoid excessive heat

The heat dries out the hair and breaks it.

Avoid using  hot tools  as much as possible , such as hair straighteners or hot brushes.

Regarding the hair dryer, we would do well without it, but we must admit that it is very useful in winter.

Highly recommend using the lower setting if you feel compelled to use a hair dryer! and keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the scalp.

You should also apply  a heat protectant  before drying.

4- Pay attention to your diet

In fact, hair is about 95% keratin. But there are many other vitamins and minerals necessary for its growth and maintenance, including:

  • Vitamin B8.
  • Zinc.
  • Copper.

A healthy and varied diet  is essential to ensure that the hair receives enough nutrients.

But if you always make an exception, don’t worry, your beautiful hair won’t hold you back in rigor.

5- Brittle hair: favor care

The best is to choose  a mild and moisturizing shampoo.

It is preferable to choose active ingredients that penetrate and nourish the hair fiber.

Therefore, it is best to choose a sulfate-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free shampoo.

Small tip: oil-based shampoos do the job well. You can also moisturize your hair with hazelnut, borage or apricot oil.

Cooking oils, such as olive oil, have recommended culinary properties since ancient times. Those who like to trust big hair brands are spoiled for choice, as  oily solutions are on the shelves.

The second product to add to your beauty routine is  the hair mask.  For this to work, you must leave it on for at least 30 minutes after each wash.

Wrap your wet hair in plastic film + a hot towel.

Thus, the mask integrates the hair fiber more deeply.

6- Stop bad habits

To protect your hair, avoid pulling it or manipulating it in all directions. If they are too fragile, the scales open and the attacks reach the keratin (the heart of the hair).

Another action to avoid:  intense detangling  which breaks the hair fiber.

For those who like straight hair, it is important to use  a hair dryer at a respectable distance of about 20 centimeters from the hair,  otherwise it will dry out.

You can also dry them in two steps: 10 minutes in cold air and 2 minutes in hot air to print the movement you want.

When it comes to straightening hair, it’s a good idea to choose a tool that has  tourmaline plates,  because this material makes cutting easier and damages damaged hair less.

7- Make a good move

If you are used to twisting some strands with your fingers, you should do a different motion because if you manipulate too much, the brittle hair will fall out.

On the other hand, sleeping with  a conditioner or a satin bonnet  protects your hair from breakage.

Finally, take the time to entrust your hair to a professional hairdresser who regularly removes your split ends.

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