Sticky Hair: 3 solutions to get rid of it!

Sticky hair is   often perceived as oily hair by many people.

However, it is not caused by excess  sebum ,  which is the case with oily hair.

This hair state is rather due to other factors, which even after being washed are found to be sticky, heavy, and also covered with what seems to be a greasy film.

Solutions to  get rid of sticky hair  can be found here if you are interested.

How to recognize sticky hair?

To get rid of this state of hairstyle, you must learn to distinguish them well.

It is by knowing  the cause of sticky hair  that you can find solutions to this situation.

Sticky hair: what is it?

There are different characteristics that make it easy to identify this hair condition, in particular  the sticky effect  it brings to your hair.

Indeed, in this state the hair becomes heavier, more sticky, oilier, and sometimes dirty.

And this state persists even after washing with  shampoo  , which is very uncomfortable.

The most affected parts are mainly at the root or on the hair lengths.

While, the ends are often dry which gives an unpleasant appearance.

Sticky hair greatly   promotes the appearance of  dandruff  and  itching , which can be very uncomfortable.

This hair state is often confused with oily hair, which is not the case.

What are the differences with greasy hair?

Oily hair is part of the hair types (normal, dry, and oily) that are caused by excess sebum .

This capillary state is caused by the excessive production of sebum.

This phenomenon promotes a greasy appearance.

Washing with shampoo eliminates excess sebum in the hair, which temporarily becomes clean and beautiful.

Then, the hair becomes greasy over a period that depends on the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

On the other hand, the appearance of sticky hair is not the result of hypersecretion of sebum.

In fact, compared to fats, this hair condition remains after washing with shampoo while keeping the sticky appearance, with a fatty layer .

Sticky hair has the effect of poorly washed or poorly rinsed hair.

This impression is particularly visible on the part of the roots and the nape of the neck.

This type of hair  stays straight , which makes it difficult to detangle when you comb your hair.

In addition, your hair has trouble drying completely after a shampoo , which differentiates it from greasy hair.

Here is a mask that you can apply if you have oily hair .

You can treat them by mixing:

  • Three tablespoons of green clay.
  • Ten drops  of rosemary oil.

You can add lukewarm water to the mixture to have a thicker texture on the scalp .

Afterwards, you leave your hair under a plastic film and a hot towel for an hour before washing.

How to get rid of sticky hair?

There are different ways to get rid of sticky hair.

Below you will find the most effective among the existing solutions.


Clarification  is the best shampoo to wash out sticky hair to get rid of it .

This method helps to eliminate film-forming residues present in the hair such as limestone or silicones, which weigh down and suffocate the hair.

In addition, this method removes impurities caused by dust and other pollution to deeply purify the hair.

After applying a clarifying shampoo , the hair becomes freer and lighter.

You can make a clarifying shampoo using green clay or baking soda as ingredients.

There are plenty of other recipes if you click here.

Baking  soda  is more effective at treating sticky hair, but it is rather stripping.

While, green clay is more suitable for sensitive hair.

To apply this mixture, you must use:

  • Three tablespoons  of green clay .
  • A hydrolat  of lavender or nettle .

You must mix the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous paste by adding the appropriate amount of hydrosol.

You must leave your hair under a plastic wrap and a hot towel between 30 minutes and an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

By carrying out this clarifying technique between 4 to 6 weeks and alternating it with a mild shampoo, you can say goodbye to your sticky hair.

Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another effective solution to get rid of sticky hair.

Thanks to this ingredient, it is possible to remove the remains of limestone and products present in the hair in a natural way.

In addition, this solution makes the hair shine.

By rebalancing the pH of your hair, cider vinegar also helps detangle it .

The best way to apply this trick is to use it as the last rinse after washing with clarification or shampoo.

Just mix in a liter of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

This solution may leave an uncomfortable odor on the hair, but it will evaporate after a few minutes.

The right things to do

There are mistakes that can add stickiness to your hair if you’re not careful.

This is particularly the case if you use a  shampoo bar  carelessly during washing, which can cause this situation.

In particular, it is necessary to lather the shampoo between your hands before applying it to the scalp in order to reduce residues, and to rinse the hair more easily.

Using just one shampoo to  get rid of sticky hair  is more than enough.

It is not necessary to have many products to eliminate this aspect.

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