Tapered cut: this unique haircut!

The  Tapered Cut is making a lot of noise. It is a hairstyle that stands out for its uniqueness.

Indeed, it is a whole hair fashion out of the ordinary.

If changing your hairstyle  crosses your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

As Givenchy says, “The hairstyle is the ultimate clue to whether a woman really knows herself”.

Anyway, enough chatter. We tell you everything you need to know about this iconic fit. Only 5 minutes of reading for a visible and exceptional result.

What is Tapered Cut?

Taken from the English word “taper” which literally means “to make narrow”.

The secret to a successful Tapered Cut would be to ensure the asymmetry  of the cut.

Which means that with this hairstyle you will have the maximum possible length at the top of the head (like a comb) while your hair will be gradually shortened as it progresses in the back and on the sides of the skull.

In other words, this is a  degraded cut  or even  slightly shaved  depending on your choices and preferences.

A cut recognized for its great originality

When the good weather is fast approaching, we all try to adapt our hairstyles to the trends of the moment to update ourselves but above all to conform to sunny weather .

There’s nothing better than an edgy, fresh cut like the Tapered Cut.

Long designed and monopolized by men, it has finally been shaped for women and for  all hair types .

Even better if you have curly, dry, curly or frizzy hair. Especially short and voluminous hair is the most suitable hairstyle.

This style of hairstyle is original because only the daring ones dare to take the plunge.

It gives a slightly rock but very chic look  at the same time. You can bring a little more underlined femininity by using accessories for example (curls, rhinestones, multicolored additions, etc.) and makeup for the  glamorous side.

Tapered cut: a cut with several different styles

Being categorized among  short hair , the  Tapered  allows you to alternate hairstyles.

Curly ( twist out , braids , etc.), wavy, smooth (not permanent), you’ll be spoiled for choice depending on your mood and your desires in wearing your pretty short haircut.

And if you decide to  let your hair grow out , there is no problem, your hairstyle will remain stylish while growing.

You just have to equalize well so as not to let too much irregularity show through at the risk of removing the charm of the cut (opt for braids for example.)

How to maintain your Tapered Cut?

Like any  permanent hairstyle , the Tapered require careful hair routines in  order to maintain their beauty.

In this case, natural care  is the most recommended.

The hair needs active ingredients to strengthen and regenerate the hair fibre. Thus, the hair scales will be easy to penetrate and the care will be able to act effectively.

Use care products based on natural products

Natural treatments or   homemade  treatments  are very effective for the treatment of the mane. And yes, even and especially on the Tapered Cut.

You can choose between several treatment methods such as:

  • The  oil bath  based on organic vegetable oil ( by mixing several oils in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture).
  • Homemade recipes for   natural hair products (masks, shampoos, conditioners, etc.).
  • Vaporizer sprays based   on hydrosols or essential oils.

Use vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are   essential for the treatment of your hair.

We particularly note:

  • Argan oil.
  • Olive oil.
  • Apricot oil.
  • Arugula oil.
  • Avocado oil.
  • Mustard oil.

These oils are highly appreciated and widely used by professionals to treat the hair and particularly African hairstyles.

See our herbal oil blends for natural hair care .

Use good cosmetics

In addition to natural products, it is also essential that you have a  selection of good  commercial products for your hair routine.

Hair is more manageable when given the right care.

It can be your shampoo, your conditioner, your mask and your hair milk.

If you use the oil bath treatment based on vegetable oils, for example, your shampoo should be a good shampoo chosen meticulously according to the quality and nature of your mane.

Space out the shampoos

The  frequency of using shampoos  is very important in the treatment of your Tapered Cut.

To avoid dryness and hair breakage , it is better to use shampoos that are not very foamy and do not contain harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, silicone.

You can shampoo  every 10 days .

Healthy hair that   gives you  a special and super stylish look . This is what you will get from the famous Tapered Cut. It is among the top hairstyles for  short hair and medium-length afro hair .

A capillary evolution that arouses the curiosity of many of us.

In addition, you will be able to have fun in the realization of your hairstyle because an unlimited number of choices are offered to you. You can make a twist, a vanilla, a twist out, etc.

The  Tapered Cut  is a great hairstyle to try for this summer. You will see for yourself. It is light, trendy, easy to treat and flexible according to the morphology of your face. Now you know everything!

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