The 31 Ideas of Hairstyles for Curly and Short Hair

Topic of the day: short curly hair!

Daring a short cut can be useful in addition to being pleasant. Cutting the hair allows your curls to regenerate , but also removes all traces of external aggressions (discoloration, use of the hair dryer, etc.).

In addition to doing them good, the boyish cut is very popular. We’ve seen it on the heads of celebrities like Rihanna and Solange Knowles .

Having short hair suits all hair types . They bring out your sexy side, your femininity as well as the face shape. They highlight the neck and are perfect for an oval and thin face .

You still have to find a hairstyle idea that will make you even more radiant.

No more endless curling iron sessions and quantities of hair products. Want to change? I have spotted some hairstyle ideas for you to show off and be on top!

5 reasons for the success of short hair for women

1. Its practical side

This style is easy to maintain in a short time. Afro hair absorbs a considerable amount of products, and needs to be pampered every day.

On short hair, imagine how little time you need to detangle, shampoo and/or condition, mask and dry.

2. Better repair of short curly hair

This is an important step for those with chemically damaged hair. Cutting to have short hair is a radical solution to restore strength and vitality to your hair.

3. The lightweight wallet

Who says less hair, says less hair products and, therefore, less expense. A great way to save money!

4. Total freedom of look

You are spoiled for choice on the desired style: simple hairstyle, very short, short square, shaved, layered, sweeping, contours, parting on the side… The most important thing is to feel radiant.

5. And above all a transformation

Change your look without changing your wardrobe? It’s easy by adopting a new haircut. Whether it’s for a new start in your life (maternity, breakup, etc.), the most important thing is to be strong to take the plunge!

How to style short curly hair?

The best thing about curly or wavy hair is being able to test a new haircut that will enhance our face, whatever our morphology.

It’s hard not to fall for a little hair color. What is certain is that coloring will bring even more beauty to your hairstyle.

On short curly hair, the most important thing is to choose the cut that will give volume to the curls without destroying them.

But before that, to display perfectly defined curls , you must first prepare them. To do this, apply a styling mousse to wet hair to define your curls.

If you want to keep a hair length or a mid-length cut, find in my dedicated article, the methods to define curly and frizzy hair .

Generally, curly hair is dry hair by nature. Without a boost, the ends are stiff and you get frizz. Even short, to have beautiful hair, it is important to hydrate them deeply .

Short curly hair: 31 hairstyle ideas


What haircut for short curly hair made you crack?

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