The 5 Solutions Against Traction Alopecia

Does your hair look thinner? Do your temples appear less full, just like your forehead which suddenly appears wider? It could be traction alopecia.

Have you been a fan of braids , weaving or straightening for a long time?

Before your hair follicles get tired, damaged and can’t produce any more hair… It’s time for your scalp to breathe!

Because by dint of pulling the hair, the hair follicle is exhausted!

What is traction alopecia?

Traction alopecia is localized hair loss. It most often occurs in the forehead area and receding temples.

This alopecia is due to an inflammation of the bulb linked to regular and aggressive handling of the hair.

It is the result of hairstyles such as too tight afro puff, plating with gels or waxes, straightening ,.. .

This type of hair loss is reversible if the problem is treated as soon as possible.

Also, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will determine if the alopecia is irreversible or not.

So traction alopecia is seen in all hair types, whether Caucasian, African, Asian…

Women are the main victims of this problem of alopecia. They manipulate their hair more often than men .

Also, black women often suffer from visible traction alopecia on their receding hairline.

Because Afro women regularly vary their hairstyle.

How to treat traction alopecia? 

Hair loss must be treated quickly as soon as the first holes appear on the scalp.

We recommend several solutions to treat this problem of traction alopecia.

The main treatments and best practices for hair growth after hair loss are:

1/ Avoid very tight hairstyles

R ealizing a hairstyle with your natural hair or with extensions can damage the hair (especially if it is too tight).

This is why we advise you not to tighten your hairstyles too much.

They create tension on the bulb but also strip the temples.

2/ Scalp massage

We recommend that you regularly massage your scalp during your hair care with a massage brush.

The latter stimulates the bulb and will make it breathe better.

Note that this promotes hair growth, so include this step when making your mask.

3/ A hair routine and fortifying oil for hair growth

It is important to have a hair routine for your hair. It nourishes and strengthens them over time.

It helps to prevent the various attacks to which the hair can be subjected.

We recommend adding a fortifying oil specializing in hair growth to your hair routine.

It is applied to the scalp to promote the repair of the bulb and the hair.

These special oils against hair loss are regularly applied to the holes you have noticed.

It takes patience and time for restorative treatments to work effectively.

Sometimes the follicles get a little sleepy. However, with patience, it is possible to wake them up.

4/ Minoxidil

Minoxidil is well known among men who suffer from baldness.

In fact, it is the only drug (over the counter in pharmacies) officially recognized to fight against hair loss .

Of course, to put the odds on your side, this lotion (the 2% version) is applied daily directly to the scalp.

5/ Hair implant

If some areas are still sparse and there is no improvement, don’t worry.

In fact, hair transplantation remains the most appropriate solution.

Regardless of the transplant technique used (FUT or FUE), curly hair always requires special attention.

This is why the expertise of the surgeon in this area will make all the difference.

Some tips against hair loss

Some tricks can delay or prevent hair loss. Here are some you need to adopt now to keep them healthy.

Tip number 1

Put more healthy foods in your food. Fruits, eggs, vegetables, almonds, fish contain active ingredients that promote hair growth.

Tip number 2

Wash your hair with care that suits their nature. And get into the habit of massaging your scalp regularly.

Tip number 3

As for hairstyles, avoid those that are too heavy to wear. Instead, opt for protective hairstyles without additions.

And don’t forget to let your hair rest in between 2 hairstyles.

In short, applied to your hair , these products and tips will help you find healthy and shiny hair.

They are also suitable for all hair types , whether straight, afro or curly.

Note that afro hair is naturally delicate and you need to be careful about the conditioner you use.

Products based on natural ingredients, such as those just presented, are to be preferred.

Visit our organic products section to find other hair care products.

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