The 6 Best Afro Hair Straighters

Topic of the day: The top 6 best afro hair straighteners!

Since the birth of the straightener in the 1872s, curly hair has been easier to handle.

This electrical device, which is used to make hair smoother or to curl it, was all the rage among women.

It is therefore no longer surprising to know that since then, different types of straighteners have emerged.

Among these, the steam straightener. As its name explains, it diffuses water vapour.

The infrared straightener is in the same register. Because it also seeks to preserve intact, the natural hydration of the hair.

However, it uses a very different technology. Infrared waves  . They make straightening faster and do not weaken the hair.

On the market there is also the ceramic plate straightener. It’s like an iron with ceramic plates.

It is intended to be the most  respectful  of the scalp . And the most present in homes because its passage on the hair is easy and soft.

Do you want to buy yourself a hair straightener and you don’t know which one to choose? You are on the right page. Discover here, the 6 best straighteners for your afro hair .

Key features to look for

Yes, just by reading the introduction of the article, you already know enough about the hair straightener.

However, you will have to base yourself on certain criteria to buy your straightener. Because as you can imagine, you don’t buy a straightener on a whim.

Especially when you know that this tool can damage the hair as it can take care of it. Certain characteristics must be taken into account.

  • Adjustable temperature.

It is a crucial criterion. Even more so if you plan to use the straightener with your sister or with a friend.

This feature will allow you both to adapt the straightener according to your hair and your needs. For frizzy and afro hair, it is necessary to opt for a temperature varying from 230°C .

  • Heat protection technology .

Another important criterion. Since your hair can suffer from too long exposure to the heat of the straightener.

You will therefore need to ensure that the straightener has  ionic technology  capable of protecting you against heat.

  • The quality of the plates.

As you already know, ceramic plates are the most common in the field. And it’s not for nothing.

This material is very effective for smoothing. It’s not the only one either. Those in titanium or tourmaline too.

  • The size of the plates.

Here, everything depends on the use you want to make of the straightener.

If it is only for straightening the hair, preference should be given to narrow plates . Ideal for short hair .

The top best straighteners for afro hair

It’s time to discover the top 6 best afro hair straighteners.

Top 1 of the best afro hair straighteners: The steampod 3.0

Steampod 3.0 | Full Pack | 2-in-1 Professional Steam Straightener + Serum + Vapo-activated Treatment | Hair straightener with steam technology | Suitable for all hair types | L’Oreal Professional

This is a quality straightener. The very one that will straighten your hair thanks to a perfect diffusion of steam.

A result like you’ve never seen before with disconcerting speed. It has 3 different temperature levels that can be adapted according to the type of hair.

That is 180, 200 and 210°C. Respecting the fiber, it guarantees  91%  less damage .

Its fast and floating heating plates can even out the pressure.

Their quality is no longer to be debated because they have been designed with dual technology for a size of 17.3 x 5.6 cm.

Lightweight, easy to transport and use, the steampod 3.0 can only be used with  non-calcareous water .

You can get the complete pack for 229.99 euros. The steampod 4.0 is already available.

Top 2 Best Afro Hair Straighteners: The Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale Fuchsia Hair Straightener, Black/Pink

Another straightener that you will undoubtedly find, awesome. It offers just as much as the previous one, a fast straightening for all hair types .

With 3-level adjustable temperature. 165, 185 and 210°C.

Its 4.1 cm wide and flexible copper/manganese alloy plates guarantee shiny hair.

The dyson corrale has  sensors  that effectively regulate the temperature. A temperature that will never exceed the one you choose.

With 463 euros, create new looks with your afro hair .

Top 3 of the best straighteners for afro hair: The ghd platinum+ straightener

GHD – Styler Platinum+

At 249 euros, you are going to treat yourself to one of the smartest straighteners on  the market.

The ghd platinum+ was designed with technology that is able to detect your hair’s needs. Just in one pass.

Adjustable by itself, it knows how to adjust its power to obtain the maximum temperature which is 185°C.

Protecting your hair without damaging its shape, its plates are impressively precise. Quality. Your hair will be more than happy with it.

Top 4 Best Afro Hair Straighteners: The Remington S7710 Pro

Remington Hair Straightener [Ionic: anti-frizz & antistatic] Pro-Ion S7710

This straightener is made for you, even more so if it’s the first time you’re going to use it.

It has  triple ionic technology  that protects you from the heat. Its temperature is adjustable at two levels.

That is 150 and 230°C. It heats up very quickly. In 15 seconds to be more precise.

XL 110 mm floating plates. That is 11 centimeters. The best thing is that you can afford it with 35 euros. Yes, 35 euros.

Top 5 Best Afro Hair Straighteners: IGutech Steam Plus

iGutech professional hair straightener

Easy to access, this straightener is one of the best.

If straightening your frizzy and afro hair has always been a  horror  for you, look no further, buy this straightener. You already know that its temperature is adjustable up to 230°C.

Its 3D ceramic plates will give softness to your hair. You will only need one pass to confirm.

Featuring hair care spray technology, it protects you from the heat.

All you have to do is fill its tank and wait 60 seconds to watch its narrow plates heat up. 59.75 euros , for excellent value for money.

Top 6 Best Afro Hair Straighteners: The Remington S9500

Remington Hair Straightener – S9500

40 euros for the last of the top 6. Easy to handle, it has ceramic plates.

Which, as you know, guarantees a good smoothing. It has a quick heat up time.

Its temperature is adjustable and can be followed thanks to its  digital screen . Especially when the heat is too much.

In width, the plates are 2 cm. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

5 tips for use

For you to make better use of your straightener, here are 5 tips.

  • For afro and therefore thick hair, prefer a temperature of 230°C.
  • Make sure your hair is always dry before using the straightener.
  • Smoothing is done strand after strand . Don’t skip this step. And stay  at most 20 seconds on each one.
  • For guaranteed protection, opt for thermo-protective sprays to reduce the damage.
  • The straightener should not be used more than 4 times in a week. Do not overuse the heat. The ideal is to use it once a month maximum.

Afro hair can be very difficult to straighten. And unless you’re a professional, you shouldn’t go it alone.

Otherwise, take the above criteria into account when buying your hair straightener.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the instructions for use. Your hair says a lot about you.

Do whatever it takes to keep them healthy . Until then, take care of yourself.

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