The 7 steps of a good hair routine for frizzy hair

What hair routine for frizzy hair to adopt?

Frizzy hair is, by nature, dry and is characterized by its fragility.

Therefore, they require a lot of attention and specific care and grow less quickly than other types of hair.

To enhance them and encourage their growth, the key is to treat them with the utmost gentleness and cherish them.

To take care of your frizzy hair, you need to find a good natural hair routine.

Here is a typical routine that you can adopt, but according to your preferences, you can customize it.

Hair routine for frizzy hair: what to do step by step?

How to take care of your frizzy hair on a daily basis?

To keep your mane healthy, here is a simple and effective hair routine.

With  good methods to grow your hair  fast, you will no longer have any excuses for not gaining inches every month or simply having healthy hair.

In this article, you will know, step by step, how to do a complete hair care.


The dry and brittle aspect of your frizzy hair is due to the lack of sebum and essential fatty acids.

An oil bath will therefore nourish , strengthen and deeply hydrate your hair to prevent dryness and breakage!

It will also sanitize (clean) your scalp and thus, allow a healthier and faster growth.

The oil bath is done before washing the hair to prevent the drying effect of shampoos.

  • You separate your hair into several sections.
  • You apply a vegetable oil insisting on the roots and gradually towards the lengths.
  • You leave them on for at least 30 minutes or more, wrapping them in a plastic cap and/or a hot towel.

On the oil side to use, there are a multitude of vegetable oils for frizzy hair.

But you can also opt for vegetable butters. You can use an applicator bottle to make application easier.


To avoid the straw, dull and brittle effect, natural mild shampoos that do not contain silicone and sulphate are an excellent alternative for washing your frizzy hair.

Indeed, the cuticles will be airy and the hair can breathe again.

At the root level, the shampoo removes excess sebum and the accumulation of products since the last shampoo.

But the shampoo does not have the only function of washing your hair, it nourishes and sheaths the hair fiber.


As its name suggests, this treatment is applied after the shampoo for gentle detangling to avoid breakage.

It is therefore applied to your clean and towel-dried hair.

Once dry, your hair will be shiny and more supple. Unlike the oil bath and the mask, the conditioner does not need a break time.

You apply it and massage your scalp for about 5 minutes. Then you rinse thoroughly.


If you want to keep your hair healthy, the mask is very important.

It is a rich and essential treatment to maintain your frizzy hair. It repairs, nourishes, hydrates and strengthens your brittle and dry hair.

A mask is applied to clean and still wet hair and requires a break time of 1 to 2 hours. Apply your mask strand by strand, soaking the root and ends. A weekly treatment is sufficient.

There is a long list of hair masks, but the most popular are those made with avocado, keratin, aloe vera and vegetable oils.

You can make your mask with the ingredients you find in your kitchen.

With a good natural mask, your hair will be twice as smooth, strong and shiny.

Conditioner is not required if you want to apply a mask.


To seal in moisture, a leave-in treatment is recommended.

Without this treatment, the water evaporates from the hair and gives a dry and dull finish!

The leave-in treatment is applied to the lengths, strand by strand on your detangled hair that is still wet after your washing routine.

They usually come in cream or spray form, but for a supple finish, opt for cream and avoid alcohol-based spray treatments.

You can use it every day to optimize the effects of your treatments.

As it dries, your hair will be easy to comb.


To maintain and define your curls, jelly is your ally. It is applied over your leave-in or your cream and is also used to freeze your hair for certain hairstyles!

It also helps control frizz and is applied to already moisturized hair.

A small amount is enough, rub it on your hands, then work through your lengths.


Even if your hair is difficult to tame, it is possible to achieve several hairstyles that will sublimate you!

Knotted bun

Easy and quick, many women who have frizzy hair opt for this hairstyle.

To achieve this, start by detangling your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Part your hair in two.

Moisten each part then pass the brush over the entire length.

Apply a nourishing cream then tie your hair with a satin elastic to make your bun.


Braids are the trendy and timeless hairstyle for women with frizzy hair .

Before making the braids, hydration is essential.

In addition to being stylish, they allow you to tame flyaways and save you from daily brushing.

You can accessorize them with hair rings and scarves.

If you want to use synthetic extensions, soak them in apple cider vinegar before using them to remove the chemicals that cover them.

This hairstyle is undoubtedly the one that will best preserve your mane even if achieving it requires a lot of time.

The only condition is good hydration.

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Then apply a nourishing mask and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Use a hair dryer to dry and fluff your hair.
  • For more shine, apply a few drops of vegetable oil.

Hair routine for frizzy hair: care at home or in the salon?

According to your means and your time, you are free to take care of your curly or frizzy hair at home or in the salon.

It is precisely with the aim of helping you and making you discover the treatments that can be done at home that we have created the contents of our page.

In addition to the tips and tricks that allow you to take good care of your hair, recipes that can be easily done at home are also offered here to help you hydrate and avoid breakage.

For example, you can find out here how  to have beautiful hair  if you are nappy or if you just want to start taking care of your natural hair!

Having healthy frizzy hair is so much more than possible.

But to assume them and wear them with pride, a good hair routine is essential.

Naturally dry and fragile, this type of hair requires a lot of care and hydration.

After giving them the necessary nutrients they need, along with a good care and attention routine, they will grow steadily and be easy to tame.

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