The 9 Solutions for Very Dry Afro Hair!

Some women have well-hydrated Afro hair , while others unfortunately have very dry Afro hair!

The majority would like to have hair that is very easy to comb or style, but not everyone can do it.

Don’t worry, there are many solutions that can help you succeed.

In this guide, we let you discover all the necessary solutions against hair dryness.

After a good read of the next lines of this article, you can say goodbye to your dry hair .

1 – Hair washing

Man is supposed to shower every day of the week. During this session, it is imperative for him to wash his hair. Not necessarily every day, but at least once a week.

Despite this, we still want to remind you that it is very important to wash  your hair regularly . This gesture is of paramount importance for your dry hair .

So if you are a woman and you still have  dry hair , start by washing your hair with a mild shampoo suitable for your textured hair.

It is by doing this that you will purify your hair and get rid of all the dirt that prevents it from being well hydrated.

2 – The right care

Having clean hair is not enough, you also have to take care of it.

The first thing to do at this level is a good hair hydration session. That is to say, make a hair mask to have healthy, hydrated, supple and shiny hair .

3 – Rinsing

After putting the products in your hair, you must also remember to rinse your hair. The rinsing  referred to here must be done thoroughly.

Do not think that there are other products for rinsing. Only pure, clean water is recommended.

The observation at this level is that many women do the rinsing with negligence. Keep in mind that there are fairly simple gestures to observe in order to do it correctly.

Hot water is very dangerous for your scalp . Prefer lukewarm water for rinsing and a jet of cold water to close the scales.

You can also use water and a little apple cider vinegar.

4 – Hydration

Then you just have to turn to oils , balms or creams. Applying these products will drive away that dryness plaguing your hair.

In order not to over-hydrate your hair, the use of these products must be done in moderation (a few hazelnuts are enough).

You must systematically moisturize your hair after each treatment session.

5 – Food supplements

Our recommendation for your very dry hair

You have just done surface work. Now think about the  hairline. 

Apart from natural and pharmaceutical products favorable against dry hair, you also have food supplements .

It is therefore for this reason that it is recommended to use any food supplement prepared from  vitaminsminerals  and  plants .

You can make use of dietary supplements from the Amoseeds range . These are very effective.

After a few weeks of use, you will see the results for yourself.

6 – Frequent water intake

This option to eradicate very dry afro hair  may   seem ridiculous, but it is an absolute truth.

Indeed, water is the source of life and it constitutes a major part of the human body. That said, you should  drink water regularly .

Drinking enough water is an advantage in the fight against dry hair.

The lack of water in your body can then cause damage to your scalp.

Thus, the problems related to quality hair growth   and very dry Afro hair will persist.

We remind everyone that the average amount of water that humans should consume in a day is 1.5 liters, or about 8 glasses of water.

7 – The essential gestures when going to bed

As soon as you get back to your bed, there are postures and behaviors to observe.

Upon awakening, it is not uncommon to find that the hair is dry and messy.

Arrangements will then have to be made. It is recommended to sleep with a bonnet or a satin scarf.

8 – Scalp massage

To keep your hair healthy and grow as simply as possible, scalp massage seems very appropriate.

At the same time, this massage is also the solution for your very dry afro hair. A massage session  includes treatments, products (creams, oils, etc.) and many other things.

This set is conducive to flawless maintenance of your hair.

The massage will promote hair growth.

9 – Hair recipes to fight against very dry afro hair

Apart from all that has been said above, there are still many other recipes  to finish with very dry Afro hair.

1st recipe: oil baths

  • Free choice of oil or oils.
  • Heat oil or oils in 30 seconds in the microwave.
  • Apply the set on your hair.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes.

2nd recipe: the option of Indian powders

Indian powders also called Ayurvedic powders are full of many virtues. These each have their properties.

But what is interesting here is that all of the powders will allow you to deeply cleanse and strengthen your hair.

Test these powders to see how they promote shine and flexibility in your hair.

There is a wide range of solutions for your very dry afro hair.

But to overcome it, you have simple methods, oils, food supplements and many other tips.

Put these methods into practice and say goodbye to your very dry Afro hair for good.

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