The Benefits of the Shikakai Mask for Frizzy Hair

Today, we are talking about the shikakai mask for frizzy hair (or not)!

Shikakai powder is an Indian powder with a cleansing effect. Thus, it can be used in shampoo to wash your hair gently.

But its benefits do not stop there: it is also a valuable treatment for dull and tired hair. It gives them strength, suppleness and shine.

Discover all the benefits of Shikakai powder and its different hair uses.

What is Shikakai?

Shikakai (Acacia concinna) is a grape variety native to Asia and widespread in India.

It produces pods which, after drying, are reduced to powder. We then obtain the famous Shikakai powder, fine and light brown in color.

In cosmetics, it is mainly known as a washing powder . Indeed, it contains plant saponins.

This powder is therefore mainly used to make soap or shampoo (paste or dry). In addition to washing the hair, it contributes to the beauty and health of the hair.

What are the benefits of Shikakai powder for hair?

The benefits of this powder are countless. In fact, they apply to all types and natures of hair: normal, dry, colored, curly…

It contains  antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D and K. It is perfect for natural hair care.

Shikakai powder cleans hair 

Thanks to the washing and cleansing action, it eliminates all impurities. It acts gently without damaging the hair fiber.

It has a naturally low pH which preserves the balance of the scalp .

In addition, it absorbs sebum, but without excess and without drying out. It is therefore suitable for oily hair as well as for dry to very dry hair .

Shikakai powder promotes hair growth

In India, it is traditionally used to enhance hair growth.

In fact, it strengthens the roots and allows hair to grow back faster and stronger. It also has an anti-hair loss effect and helps reduce hair loss.

Shikakai powder prevents white hair

Thanks to its richness in antioxidants and vitamin C , it effectively protects against free radicals.

Thus, it delays the aging process of the hair. It also slows down aging and the appearance of white hair.

Shikakai powder provides ease of detangling

With each application, it detangles and leaves a soft and shiny touch. Therefore, it is ideal for frizzy hair.

Thanks to its detangling action, it tames frizz and knots are easily eliminated.

Shikakai powder adds shine

Indeed, Shikakai powder restores radiance and shine to hair that lacks life.

It is a real beautifying treatment that makes the hair visibly lighter.

Shikakai powder reduces the formation of dandruff

By maintaining the pH of the scalp and washing without drying, it preserves the natural oils. These oils are important in reducing the formation of dandruff.

It is an ally of dry or oily hair to prevent dandruff.

Shikakai powder revitalizes shine in colored hair

It brings maximum shine and maintains the shine of colored hair. In addition, it strengthens discolored or weakened hair after coloring.

It can also be used to wash and degrease the scalp before vegetable coloring.

Shikakai powder adds volume and density to curly hair

This powder is very suitable for curly , frizzy and frizzy hair.

It revitalizes tired curls, shapes and fixes waves. Over the applications, the hair becomes denser and gains in volume.

How to use Shikakai powder on hair?

It is mainly used in paste or powder shampoo (dry shampoo). It can also be used as a fortifying hair mask and growth booster.

Make a shikakai mask for frizzy hair

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 teaspoons of Shikakai powder.
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
  • A little water.

Then follow these steps:

  • You have to put the powder in a bowl, add the olive oil and mix.
  • You must add the quantity of water necessary to obtain a creamy texture, neither too liquid nor too thick.
  • Then apply the mask to damp hair, at the roots. You must massage your scalp to allow the mask to penetrate deeply.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing.

How often do you use the shikakai mask for frizzy hair?

It’s not worth using shikakai powder every day. Once a week use is more than enough.

Also, it is not good to wash your hair every day . You must space out your shampoos if you don’t want to damage your hair.

Where can I find shikakai for hair?

Make your own shikakai powder. Possible ?

It is quite possible to make Shikakai hair powder yourself. To do this, simply dry the bark of a Shikakai plant in the sun.

Then you need to grind these barks. Here you can use a professional grinder.

For this you should stop only when you get a fine powder.

Buy Shikakai powder in-store or online

Don’t have the time or the means to make your hair shikakai powder yourself?

So, you can get it in Indian product stores or order it directly online.

Nowadays, many brands offer this type of Ayurvedic powder.

Now you know exactly how to do a shikakai mask on frizzy hair and you know all the benefits.

Your turn !

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