The Goddess Braids: An ultra-Trendy hairstyle!

Goddess braids or goddess box braids are strands of synthetic hair of different lengths braided into natural hair.

There are a variety of models that you may like. .

To have beautiful hair , you have to choose  soft and light locks. There are also different shades that you can color as you wish.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything about this beautiful and very trendy hairstyle.

What are Goddess Braids?

Goddess Braids are the protective style you’ll find everywhere.

With so many types of braids to choose from these days, it can be difficult to know which style to choose.

But trust us: Goddess Braids are a look you won’t regret.

In fact,  Goddess Braids  are simply box braids with curly strands added to the end or side of the braid.

What are the benefits of Goddess Braids?

Let’s face it, long, flowing curls add style to any person.

So if you want to add something special to your protective hairstyle, Goddess Braids  are the answer.

Goddess Braids are a great protective hairstyle because they are beautiful, standout, and last four to eight weeks.

They are therefore a good choice for low maintenance.

The precautions to take with goddess Braids?

The strands are woven into the hair itself, which creates traction and can damage the hair due to its weight.

If your hair is fine,  avoid too thick braids which can weigh down and break the hair.

It is recommended to use at least four packets per hairstyle to avoid overdosing.

Likewise, if you have short hair, avoid braids that are too long. Opt for a medium braid that goes all the way to your shoulders.

How to preserve your goddess Braids?

To slow down the aging of  Goddess Braids,  accentuate weekly washes, it is a good habit to tie them before going to bed, or even better, to protect your hair in the evening with a silk or satin bonnet.

It’s a great way to limit the frizz caused by your hair rubbing against the pillow.

It’s hard to get tired of  Goddess Braids  ! This hairstyle is designed according to desire and inspiration.

Don’t feel like doing braids?

Make a ponytail or a bun, you can be sure that your hairstyle will last all day.

Finally, do not hesitate to tie your Goddess Braids with colored extensions to add a touch of fantasy to your hairstyle.

Blonde, red, purple, and even rainbow look stunning when braided.

7 tips to take care of your braids!

You have just done your hair: braids, vanilla… The result is magnificent, but there is a problem: how to take care of this hairstyle without damaging it too much?

We then give you 7 tips to avoid compromising the hold of your hairstyle.

Although these hairstyles are practical, they are very harsh on your hair and scalp. They damage your hair if they are not well maintained!

Hair care is essential  when wearing a protective hairstyle , especially if you plan to keep it for a short period of time.

If you don’t take care of your hair, you can damage the scalp with product buildup and hair loss due to lack of moisture.

  • Before styling, apply oil to hair daily to ensure your hair is hydrated before long styling, it is also highly recommended to mix several oils together.
  • After braiding,  remember the good habits  and keep a satin cap or hat on all night to prevent your hair from getting tangled on the pillow. Indeed, it can absorb moisture from your hair, breaking it over time!
  • Moisturize your hair daily with your spray and hair leave-in (such as water, aloe vera and an oil of your choice)
  • Several times a week, bring out the heavy artillery of nourishing creams and apply it to each section of your hair roots. A leave-in care application is mandatory.
  • Wash your hair at least once a week or every 2 weeks. Preferably use a sulfate-free shampoo that does not damage your hair.
  • Avoid pulling the hair too much by making buns , high ponytails, etc., so as not to weaken the hair and the temples , which become weak and can break if pulled too hard.
  • Your hair does not always have to be muffled, because it stops growing properly. Poor blood circulation does not promote hair growth.

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