The Secrets of Green Tea On Hair Growth

Green tea is one of the beverages most loved by millions of people around the world.

Due to its sweet flavor and vitamin content, any health conscious person cannot go a day without downing a steaming cup of it.

Green tea is obtained from fresh leaves, dried and exposed to the sun, which prevents oxidation and fermentation , hence its particular flavor.

If you’re looking for the benefits of green tea for hair, you’ve come to the right place!

Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea has been linked to improved hair texture and prevents any possibility of hair loss.

In addition, applying green tea to the hair plays a protective role against dry hair, caused by the use of chemicals, but also prevents the accumulation of dandruff on the scalp.

The benefits of green tea for hair

It is first of all thanks to its many benefits that we find many hair products with green tea extracts.

Alopecia is a major symptom seen in both men and women, or the whole family, caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Inappropriate diets.
  • Hairstyles that are too tight.
  • The stress.
  • Hair errors.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of green tea for hair and its anti-hair loss action.

Enriched with vitamin B

Green tea is a powerhouse of nutrients, including vitamin B.

As explained in this article, vitamin B plays a major role in having beautiful hair.

Moreover, it is also helpful in getting rid of split ends. A vitamin that should not be overlooked, for all hair types !

Anti-inflammatory properties

Dandruff causes itching and severe hair loss.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can help your hair regrow.

It also makes your scalp clean and free from any infections.

Eliminates parasitic bacteria and fungi

Yes, not very glamorous to read, but your scalp is the perfect breeding ground for bacterial or fungal parasites!

These unwanted tenants weaken your hair roots, which often leads to hair loss .

Washing hair with green tea helps fight and keep these pests out!

Rich in antioxidants

Green tea contains catechins , which are naturally occurring antioxidants.

These properties help reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair loss.

Rich in polyphenols

Green tea is rich in a certain type of polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG .

Considering the high level of EGCG in green tea, it works very well for hair growth .

Plus, it also strengthens your hair roots, and activates hair follicles .

What if I have white hair?

Black tea is another effective ingredient for preventing gray hair .

You may have consumed black tea only for health, but know that it is beneficial for white hair .

Gray hair is a common problem as we age. Moreover, many people have gray hair prematurely.

The solutions generally used are chemical colorings, or henna to darken white hair.

But if you want to avoid coloring, black tea is a natural anti-aging alternative.

Black tea contains a high concentration of tannins, a type of polyphenol antioxidant that neutralizes cell-damaging compounds called free radicals.

It also contains theaflavins and thearubigins , which give it its characteristic dark color.

Because of these dark pigments, black tea rinses can give naturally dark hair a temporary color boost , making white hair less noticeable.

Short-term effectiveness? 

On frizzy, wavy and curly hair, black tea helps fight against hair loss by stimulating regrowth, while providing shine.

Indeed, its high concentration of theine  acts on the hormone responsible for hair loss, promoting growth.

In addition, its antioxidant content and the fact that it darkens the hair, allows it to fight against the appearance of the first gray hairs .

However, this solution is effective in the short term, and will not last after several washes.

To darken white hair, take an infusion of tea (about 200 ml), and use it as a leave-in conditioner on your hair after shampooing.

You can also soak black tea leaves for 2 hours in lukewarm water and grind them into a smooth, creamy paste.

Mix it with lemon juice and apply it as a hair mask for 40 minutes before rinsing the hair.

Black tea is not effective enough on blonde, red, light brown or other lighter hair colors. If you are in this case, then green tea is the ideal solution for your hair.

How to use green tea for hair growth?

To use it in hair care, you have several solutions.

Green tea can be used as rinsing water, in a spray or even integrate it into your recipes with Indian powders. However, it is advisable to use a certified organic tea to take advantage of its benefits.

Note that the components of green tea break down quite quickly.

Method 1: Green tea rinse

Steep a few green tea bags in about half a liter of water for about 15 minutes, then leave to cool.

After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, take the green tea and massage it into your scalp for about 10 minutes.

Then rinse it off with cold water. You can repeat this method each time you wash.

Method 2: Green tea hair mask for dry and damaged hair

In about 2 tablespoons of green tea, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

You can also add egg yolk and a few drops of essential oils , if desired.

Mix the vegetable oils with the green tea until you obtain a homogeneous texture, and apply it to all of your hair, emphasizing the lengths and ends.

Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

Method 3: Green tea hair spray

This lotion is not intended for styling, but it helps nourish the hair and facilitate detangling .

To make this spray, take equal amounts of green tea and aloe vera gel in a bottle.

You can also add a few drops of essential oil , such as rosemary or lavender if you wish.

Spray it all over your hair before styling or just to add shine.

It also works to protect your hair from dust, impurities and any other external aggression.

Aloe vera is a plant very appreciated for its many benefits.

Combining the two ingredients will give you fantastic results! So stop thinking and make green tea your best friend to stop hair loss!

Have you ever tested the tea on your hair? Leave a comment !

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