These Vegetable Butters Will Sublimate Your Hair!

Topic of the day: butter and hair!

Women who have  frizzy and very dry hair  know very well that  vegetable butters  work real miracles in terms of hair care.

These fatty substances, which are particularly unctuous, share   the same properties with vegetable oils . However, it should be noted that they take on a  solid form  when they are at room temperature.

A vegetable butter for hair not only repairs it , but also  nourishes it , hydrates it and  soothes it . They also have these different effects on the skin.

In addition, note that it is possible to use them alone or in combination with essential and vegetable oils .

Vegetable butter: its benefits on the hair

For starters, hair butter is loaded  with essential fatty acids and antioxidants .

It is obtained from two processes:  pressing and cold extraction .

It can have two different textures:  “hard” or “soft” , depending on the first material used, which will affect what it will be used for.

Note that soft vegetable butters can be used to make very good hair masks .

On the other hand, hard vegetable butters, once melted, ideally make it possible to enrich a mask made from vegetable oil.

In either of these cases, you will need to apply  a dab of vegetable butter to your hair . This, in order to provide protection, repair and hydration .

Which vegetable butter to choose for your hair?

You have several options.

1 – Vegetable Shea Butter

Our recommendation: Shea Butter 800 g – Organic – 100% virgin

Here is certainly the most popular flexible hair butter. The latter is rich  in vitamins A, D, E and F.

It is the perfect vegetable butter to nourish frizzy and very dry hair in  pre-shampoo.

Thanks to this  vegetable shea butter , your hair is much  shinier, more supple and stronger .

Its other advantages are: it protects the hair against UV rays  and various external aggressions, without forgetting that it also helps to fight against dandruff.

For what type of hair ? It is advisable to use this vegetable butter on hair that is brittle, dry or curly.

Thanks to its care, your hair will be perfectly well.

2 – Mango vegetable butter

Our recommendation: Mango butter – 1 kg – 100% pure and natural

This comes from the  core of the  mango . It can be used on  coarse and very damaged hair .

It not only helps to  coat the scales , but also to bring  suppleness and shine  to the lengths while preventing the formation of split ends.

To get results, you will need to apply a dab of it daily to the ends of your hair.

The mask is also an option you have. You do this once a week, which will repair and hydrate your hair.

For what type of hair ? Mango vegetable butter is best used on  very damaged, frizzy and curly hair . It also brings shine to  dull and long hair .

3 – Vegetable coconut butter

Our recommendation: Organic Coconut Oil – 1L

Coconut butter is obtained   from the flesh of the fresh fruit. He is very rich.

Its use is recommended on hair with many textures such as very curly , curly and frizzy hair .

It can also be used on brittle and very dry hair, as it is able to restore resistance and strength.

It protects against  the sun’s rays  and is thus the perfect ally in the summer period.

It also helps reduce  frizz . This, by smoothing the hair, which allows easier styling.

As a bonus, note that vegetable coconut butter has a delicate and exotic smell.

4 – Vegetable cocoa butter

Organic Cocoa Butter AB – 100% vegetable

This vegetable butter is very beneficial. When it comes in  the form of chocolate , it is excellent for morale.

On the other hand, in the form of a mask, it has enormous benefits for damaged and dry hair, thanks to its  moisturizing properties .

In addition, it has a beneficial action on  the scalp , as it soothes it while bringing shine to the lengths.

The vegetable cocoa butter is hard and before application, it is ideally worked with a vegetable oil .

For what type of hair ? You can use this vegetable butter on damaged , dry or dull hair.

Take full advantage of all the benefits of this butter for your hair.

Butter and hair: how to deal with it?

Vegetable butters are particularly rich. It is therefore important to know how to use it so as not to risk weighing down your hair.

In the form of pre-shampoo or oil bath , they are very effective. It’s necessary :

  • Apply your butter to damp hair all the way to the ends.
  • Massage your scalp for 2 minutes.
  • Then, for about an hour, let it rest under a plastic film + hot towel before going to your shampoo.

Thanks to this, your hair fiber will hydrate well in depth. It will also be an excellent way to perfectly detangle and coat your hair fiber.

Note that vegetable butters for hair are applicable daily in a localized way, especially on the tips.

Finally, if your hair is frizzy, curly or very dry, you can also use a leave-in.

This is a  leave-in method of using a moisturizer all over your hair after shampooing.

Taking care of your hair, whether male or female, is priceless. Everyone according to their hair type must be able to take care of it.

Herbal  hair butters have a lot of benefits and using them will only have a positive impact on  your hair.

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