Type 4a Hair: To Know!

4A hair? 4B or 4C hair?

Taking care of your hair starts with knowing your hair texture  and for the record, there are four types.

4a hair belongs to the last category of texture and corresponds to frizzy hair.

What does this type of hair look like and how do you take care of it? We tell you all about 4a hair.

Classification of hair types according to the scale of André Walker

The classification of hair types established by André Walker is based on the texture and thickness of the hair.

This classification made it possible to differentiate  4 types of texture  numbered from 1 to 4, to which we associate a letter corresponding to the type of thickness (3 types).

This classification of  the André Walker scale  has allowed specialists to define the appropriate hair care for each type of hair.

In this content, we will focus on type 4a.

4a hair: what are their characteristics?

As mentioned above, 4a hair  is what is referred to as frizzy hair.

They should not be confused with  curly hair  even though they look alike most of the time.

Physical characteristics

We speak of frizzy hair , when we cannot find well-defined curls in it.

With frizzy hair , the hair wraps around itself and you can only tell its true length when you stretch it.

Another thing about frizzy hair is that it tends to get shorter when wet. Indeed, these fold more on themselves in contact with water.

Also,  frizzy hair  looks  thick  when it is, in fact, thin.

Indeed, these tend to  clump together , thus forming an imposing mass of hair: hence their thick appearance.

4a hair is considered kinky curly, but its curls are small and close together.

When stretched, they form an  S  and return to their normal appearance when released.

What hair lacks 4a

4a horses are not necessarily shiny, but you can see some reflections when they are in good health.

Rather, they are fragile hair types  that  tend to break  when not given the proper care.

Frizzy hair has a  lack of cuticles , which tends to make it  porous .

The cuticles are actually protective sheaths which, in the case of frizzy hair , tend to remain open.

All   category 4  hair types have a humidity problem . When wet, they do not retain water for long, which means that it ends up evaporating quickly.

Frizzy hair dries out very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to remember to hydrate them daily.

Finally, remember that frizzy hair reacts differently depending on the environment in which you find yourself.

In an environment where the  climate is temperate , your production of  sebum  decreases , which makes the  hair dry .

What care for 4a hair?

Hair types 4a can sometimes be difficult to identify. Indeed, even if they correspond to the  afro style , be aware that several textures can be found in the same hair.

They are hair types  that are vulnerable to the weather, but also to heated appliances and hairbrushes . Therefore, they require a lot of care.

Moisturizing frizzy hair  is essential to keep it healthy and prevent it from becoming dry and dull. They also need to be packaged well.

Frizzy hair has a shape that does not allow its natural oil to cover the entire length of the strand. So there are areas that are not hydrated.

In addition, too frequent washing of frizzy hair is not recommended.

With  shampoo  applied every day, your 4a hair risks losing its natural oils, essential to its health.

For the cleaning of this type of hair, it is rather to use a co wash and / or a sulfate-free shampoo.

Hair hydration 4a: which oils used?

To  moisturize your frizzy hair,  you can use a cream or oil that will maintain  moisture at the roots.

If you want, there are also  moisturizing hair gels  that work wonders on the hair.

When it comes to moisturizing frizzy hair, the  best  recommended oils are  almond, coconut, Jamaican black castor, jojoba and avocado oils.

They are all rich in beneficial nutrients and adapted to the needs of frizzy hair.

Focus on coconut oil

By properly massaging your hair with this oil , you stimulate blood circulation in your scalp.

Besides, it also brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair. This stimulates the growth and promotes the growth of your hair .

 Coconut oil  is very rich in essential nutrients for healthy hair. These include oxidants, vitamins E and K and iron, among others.

Other hair care 4a


Frizzy hair is vulnerable to heat.

It is therefore necessary to protect them with a thermal protector that you will preferably apply before the hair is straightened or curled .

They must be dried in the open air or at low temperature. With a hair dryer, it is necessary to associate a diffuser to help define the curls and a good distribution of the heat.

A revitalizing mask: aloe vera + coconut oil

In addition to revitalizing your hair , this mask will maintain it.

  • Mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 5 tablespoons of aloe vera and 2 tablespoons of honey.
  • Apply the mixture in the hair then massage the scalp properly , insisting well on the ends.
  • Let sit under plastic wrap + hot towel for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

coconut milk + aloe vera

Coconut milk deeply nourishes the scalp and revitalizes your hair. For the recipe:

  • Mix in a bowl 4 spoonfuls of coconut milk, 4 spoonfuls of aloe vera gel and 1 spoonful of serum.
  • Mix well for a homogeneous result.
  • Massage the scalp with the mixture and then apply it all over the hair.
  • Let stand under plastic wrap + hot towel for approximately 30 minutes, then rinse.

As you will have understood, 4a hair needs a lot of attention and care.

But the basic and essential in terms of hair care for these types of hair is regular hydration.

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