Do you think you have low porosity hair? And you don’t know which product to choose ?

First of all, to have perfectly healthy hair , it is essential to hydrate it well. It is the base of everything !

There is so much to learn about our hair. And one of the things to learn is first of all the porosity rate  of our hair.

Only then can we correctly choose the care that suits our hair.

The characteristics of low porosity hair

We women very quickly understood the importance of hair.

We do our best to keep them healthy. In order to provide adequate care, it is necessary to be meticulous and to be attentive to the nature of our hair.

Of all hair types,  low porosity hair requires the most maintenance.

We therefore tell you the right care for this particular type of hair .

The different characteristics of low porosity hair

Hair with  low porosity  is easy to recognize hair. There are a few signs that can detect them.

You should know that hair with low porosity hardly absorbs the oil you apply at all.

That is to say that no matter what care oil  you put on your hair, you can see it clearly just above.

Your hair doesn’t absorb your care, whether it’s moisturizer or your oil.

The second thing to know is that they considerably lack flexibility.

You have the impression that your hair is fragile and that sudden movements with your brush could break it.

This is quite normal since as explained above, low porosity hair is difficult or impossible to hydrate. They are therefore dry quickly and lack flexibility.

You will also notice that the ends and ends are dry.

You may also find that it is difficult to get them completely wet when washing.

And finally, you will notice that drying them takes a lot of time.

How to know its porosity?

It is important to emphasize that the porosity of a hair is  its ability to absorb water.

There are three types of hair, classified according to their porosity.

We have hair with high porosity, medium porosity and also low porosity.

A low porosity hair  is unable to store or absorb water. Faced with this deficit, the management is much more specific.

The porosity test

There are several ways to know the nature of your hair precisely.

1 – To achieve this, you must first wash your hair or wet it with a moisturizing shampoo to clean it.

Basically, to be able to know the nature of your hair it is important that they are very clean.

2 – Then add a little water in a transparent glass.

Place a hair in the water to observe its trajectory after a few minutes in the water.

Result: Low porosity hair stays on the surface of the water in your glass, while medium porosity hair stays a little underwater.

High porosity hair sinks to the bottom of the water directly.

Know the porosity of your hair thanks to the touch

This method is not known to everyone, but is quite reliable. It is important to know that each test must absolutely be done on clean hair.

So start washing your hair with a  usual shampoo . Make sure your hair is thoroughly rinsed so that no product remains.

Then let them dry by wrapping them in a towel. Once your hair is no longer damp, take a section of hair and touch it with your thumb and forefinger.

Then start to go back and forth on the wick while skirting well.

If you don’t feel any  unevenness,  your hair has low or medium porosity.

On the other hand, if you feel irregularities under your fingers, it means that you have porous hair (with high porosity).

To be explicit, these irregularities are the scales of your open hair.

Know your porosity by looking at your hair

The previous two methods are quite reliable but the previous one is the safest method.

This third method allows you to confirm exactly the nature of your hair. To do this, you just have to observe your hair during the washing day.

Start by washing your hair with your favorite mild shampoo .

Once thoroughly washed, let your hair air dry.

If your hair takes a long time to dry, you probably have low porosity. If it dries quickly, your hair has high porosity.

I know my porosity and then what?

That’s it, you finally know your porosity.

Now that you know it, you can act accordingly and choose the products adapted to the porosity of your hair , whether it is low, medium or high.

How to treat low porosity hair?

They require a series of hair care products.

You have to use them repeatedly to restore the hair’s ability to absorb water. To do this, use:

A clarifying shampoo whose function is to remove the excess that stagnates and fills in the scales.

In terms of hydration , you can put or use:

  • A steam helmet or a self-heating cap to allow the scales to open.
  • Uses 100% natural products.
  • For styling use products with a light texture.
  • Hot oils to open the scales.
  • Vegetable oils sprayed on slightly damp hair to hydrate them.
  • Choose moisturizing products rich in emollients such as shea butter or jojoba oil.

It is important to know that misting oils lightly on your hair can deeply moisturize your low porosity hair.

When you know you have low porosity hair, remember to moisturize it regularly.

For this, it is necessary to wash the hair with a closer frequency.

You must wash your hair as often as possible (every 7 days) because otherwise there will be an accumulation of products that prevents you from moisturizing your hair.

In fact, they are not sick or difficult to manage.

They are simply hydration-deficient and require a great deal of attention to regain an adequate level of hydration .

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