Use hazelnut oil on your hair!

Highly appreciated in the kitchen for its pronounced taste, hazelnut vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing hazelnuts is also renowned for its many virtues in the field of cosmetics.

Its strong point? Its softening and moisturizing properties make it a healthy and irreproachable beauty ally.

It is indeed the happiness of all skin types, but it also finds favor with all types of hair.

Easy to get, it quickly takes its place in your hair routine . Zoom on the benefits of hazelnut oil for your hair.

The virtues of hazelnut oil for your hair

Hazelnut oil contains several beneficial active ingredients for your hair. Its multiple virtues for the hair are indeed the result of its content in:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids  that promote hair growth and repair of the hair fiber.
  • Calcium  which has the power to stop hair loss.
  • Vitamin E  which balances oil production and improves blood circulation.
  • Vitamin A  which contributes to shine and suppleness.

At the end of this composition, the natural treatments with hazelnut oil are particularly suitable for your hair, whatever its type.

Friend of normal hair

Hazelnut oil moisturizes and softens the hair.

Its softening properties will act on your hair giving it a shine and protecting it from breakage.

It is a good alternative for coarse hair, they will appreciate hazelnut oil for sure.

The ally of dry and frizzy hair

Thanks to its penetrating action, hazelnut oil is suitable for both dry and oily hair.

Its light texture nourishes the hair fiber without weighing it down. Applied carefully on your lengths to the ends for a certain break, it only works wonders.

As for curly hair, your curls will be soft and well defined. The oil controls stubborn frizz and facilitates detangling.

The accomplice of oily or colored hair

Hazelnut oil has a regulating property. It acts on your scalp by rebalancing excess sebum, delicately purifying the pores of the skin of your skull and hydrating your lengths without weighing them down.

Thanks to this virtuous circle, hazelnut oil then makes it possible to space out shampoos and your hair will grow back less quickly.

It is a treatment that helps you prevent the appearance of oily dandruff , possible sources of inflammatory reactions in the scalp.

Hazelnut oil is also recommended if you have colored, particularly damaged hair.

It brings them a unique hair care that does not disgorge your color.

Applying it regularly to your hair slows down the fading of the color and preserves its shine the longest.

In addition, it protects your hair from the destructive action of UV rays.

To treat dry and brittle hair

Following the decrease in sebum produced on the scalp, the hair can become dry. The hair also has a dry and somewhat rough appearance if you often use aggressive treatments such as straightening and various heat treatments (brushing, straightening iron, curling iron, etc.).

These distort the structure of the hair fiber. With age, the activity of the cells is also in a decreasing mode, which makes the hair dull.

To treat dry hair , a simple supply of fatty acids may be enough. This is the whole point of hazelnut oil. Thanks to this substance, your hair will be hydrated, shiny and supple.

How to apply hazelnut oil on your hair?

Depending on the result you want to have and whatever your hair type, it is possible to apply hazelnut oil differently.

  • In hair serum 

Just a few drops of hazelnut oil and spread it over all your lengths, taking care to avoid the roots.

You can use it whenever you notice your hair needs hydration or the ends need a boost. Without rinsing and with immediate effect, your ends will be nourished, shiny and goodbye split ends.

  • In oil bath

If you’re looking to perk up your hair, an oil bath is a great idea . For this, you take one to three pipettes of hazelnut oil depending on the density and length of your hair and you apply it well on the roots to the tips.

Then, you perform a small circular massage so that the oil penetrates well. And the most important thing is to wrap everything in a towel or make a braid.

Let it sit for an hour or overnight, then wash with your usual shampoo. After rinsing, your hair will be durably nourished, soft and supple and regain its vigor.

  • As a purifying mask 

A purifying mask acts like a blotter and helps regulate sebum production.

The ideal is to concoct a homemade mask based on hazelnut oil and natural ingredients from your closet. You apply the mask insisting on the roots and you leave on for about half an hour.

Afterwards, you shampoo, making sure to rinse thoroughly.

How to prepare a homemade mask based on hazelnut oil?

Here is a recipe based on hazelnut oil and clay that you can easily make at home. This purifying mask absorbs excess sebum and acts as a blotter on the hair.

Ingredients :

  •  ½ cup hot water (equivalent to 10 tablespoons).
  • 2 tablespoons of green clay.
  • 1 tablespoon hazelnut oil.

Preparation and method of use: 

  • Mix the green clay and the hazelnut oil in a bowl and pour the hot water gradually so as to obtain a smooth paste.
  • Then apply the mixture to your hair.
  • Insists well on the roots to allow the treatment to act effectively.
  • Then let it sit for a good hour.
  • Rinse thoroughly and apply your usual shampoo.

In summary

By its many virtues and its natural origin, vegetable oil can be used well on all types of hair, without adverse harmful effects.

It can be applied in several ways according to your needs: as a hair serum, a purifying mask or in an oil bath.

Easy to obtain and inexpensive, you can add it to all your beauty routines. Beyond hair care, hazelnut oil can be an irreproachable cosmetic product and a seasoning to perfect your cooking.

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