What against stress and hair loss solutions?

Stress and/or hair loss are a situation experienced and known by all!

The case presents itself especially when it becomes chronic. It impacts our physical health.

It also has psychological consequences.

Among these are sleep disorders, partial memory loss and hair loss.

Regarding hair loss, we will explain the causes and what you can do to avoid it.

Why does stress influence hair loss?

In practice, hair loss affects men much more than women. But whether it is a man or a woman, we must find the solution to limit it.

Hormones, factor of hair loss

Hair loss is caused by  androgen  in women. On the other hand, it is due to male hormones which are testosterone in men.

This is because testosterone is a hormone responsible for  hair growth  in men.

This hormone is secreted by the testis. Its action has an impact on the  anagen phase  of the hair cycle. While the latter is an important step during hair growth.

In practice, it is testosterone that regenerates and promotes the density of the hair. It is important to emphasize that hair loss is a natural phenomenon.

This is explained by the fact that it is due to hormonal actions. So don’t be surprised if you lose between 40 to 80 hairs a day.

In this case, there is nothing to fear. There is no need to be alarmed about this. Rather, it is inactive hair.

But if sometimes it happens that the hair loss is excessive, think again because it is no longer a normal situation.

Which means you have to take appropriate action.

The different types of stress-induced hair loss

Sometimes hair loss is the result of external agents, the main factor of which is stress.

There are three types of hair loss resulting from stress.

1 – Telogen Effluvium

Cortisol, adrenaline and adrenal androgens are hormones that are formed during stress.

Their function is to limit stress by touching adrenaline.

When the stress is stopped, no impact is possible. Which is a rare situation because stress is generally a chronic situation.

For this reason, the production of these stress hormones affects the general functioning of the hormones responsible for hair growth .

Thus, hair loss begins to occur between 3 to 6 months following a stressful event.

2 – Alopecia areata

It is also called  localized cavity.  It is a  systematic autoimmune disease.

Its manifestation is presented by the attack of the anagen hair follicles by the body.

This has a great influence on hair growth. In other words, it prevents hair growth.

3 – Trichotillomania

It is the last type of hair loss. This is a disorder that affects significant hair loss.

It is characterized by  the compulsive pulling  out of hair as well as body hair.

What solutions to avoid hair loss?

In reality, there is not yet an appropriate treatment as an anti-hair loss.

However, it is possible to stop hair loss using certain tips.

1 – Adopt a balanced diet

Why is a balanced diet important to prevent hair loss?

This is because strengthening the immune defenses decreases stress. Thus, the scalp will be automatically cared for.

To do this, you must eat foods rich in the following three elements:

  • Rich in trace element vitamins,  including zinc, iodine, iron and copper.
  • Foods that contain mineral salts.

Bet on those that are rich in  potassium, magnesium  or even sodium.

  • Finally, eat foods with  omega-3s . For example, there are fatty fish, eggs or even avocados.

2 – Play sports

Physical activity is a basic need of our body. Exercising releases endorphins.

This is what is essential because it is considered  anxiolytic.  This is very favorable for reducing  anxiety and stress.

In addition, physical exercise promotes perfect relief and therefore eliminates tension.

If you want to relax even more, yoga meditation can also be a better alternative.

3 – Sleep more!

It is necessary to sleep well when you lose your hair. Recovery and cell renewal take place when we sleep.

Which is important not only for hair but also for good health.

Stress and hair loss: how to promote growth?

You were able to find different ways to make stress disappear and thus prevent hair loss.

Now we need some good tricks to promote fast hair growth.

First, there are medical treatments to promote hair regrowth.

Cosmetic products as   well as medicines for hair regeneration also now exist.

You can take advantage of it!

A great way to get longer hair quickly is through hair care.

Instead, favor  products rich in  keratin .

Exfoliating shampoo and  strengthening serums for fragile hair are also recommended!

There is no need to wash your hair frequently. Washing once a week is more than enough.

Other than that, there are many natural elements that can increase hair growth. It also helps keep your hair healthy. These are :

  • Special growth oils.
  • Nettle.
  • Essential oil.

We have seen the different reasons why we lose our hair due to stress.

To be able to find solutions, we must understand how our body works in the face of stress.

Here are the different solutions used to stop hair loss due to stress.

But for critical cases, there is also the solution of hair transplantation. 

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