What did Audrey Hepburn use in her hair?

Audrey Hepburn was an iconic actress and fashion icon of the 1950s and 60s. Her classic beauty and timeless style have continued to inspire generations of women around the world. One aspect of her signature look that still captivates fans is her hairstyle, which was always elegant and chic.

Many have wondered what Audrey Hepburn used in her hair to achieve such impeccable style. While there is no one answer to this question, there are a few products and techniques that can help recreate her iconic look. In this article, we will explore some of the tips and tricks that Audrey Hepburn used to keep her hair looking fabulous, and how you can achieve a similar look yourself.

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What did Audrey Hepburn use in her hair?  

Audrey Hepburn Hair: Secrets and Styles

Audrey Hepburn was not only an icon of style and elegance, but also a trendsetter when it came to hair. Her signature short, cropped haircut, with defined bangs and soft waves, remains an inspiration for many women today. Here are some secrets and styles to achieve the Audrey Hepburn hair look.


1. Keep it simple: Audrey’s hair was always styled in a simple and effortless way, making it look natural and easy to maintain.

2. Don’t overdo it: Audrey’s hairstyle was never too elaborate or complicated. She kept it classic and timeless.

3. Use the right products: Audrey’s hair was always shiny and healthy-looking. Use high-quality products that will nourish and protect your hair.


1. The Pixie Cut: Audrey’s most iconic hairstyle was the pixie cut. This short, cropped cut frames the face beautifully and is perfect for those with a round or heart-shaped face.

2. The French Twist: Audrey’s elegant updo is perfect for formal occasions. To achieve this style, simply twist your hair into a bun at the back of your head, securing it with bobby pins.

3. The Ballerina Bun: Audrey was a trained ballerina, and her signature bun is a nod to her love of dance. To achieve this style, simply pull your hair back into a high ponytail and wrap it around the base, securing it with bobby pins.


Audrey Hepburn’s hair was always simple, elegant, and timeless. Her signature styles continue to inspire women today, and with a few simple tricks and the right products, anyone can achieve the Audrey Hepburn hair look.

Audrey Hepburn’s Hair Type: Fine or Not?

Audrey Hepburn is a fashion icon for many and her timeless style is still admired today. Her hair was a significant part of her overall look and many people wonder about her hair type. Was it fine or not?

Fine hair: Fine hair is characterized by its small circumference. It can be challenging to style and often appears flat. Audrey Hepburn’s hair had volume and body, which suggests that it was not fine.

Not fine hair: Hair that is not fine is often described as thick or coarse. This type of hair has a larger circumference, making it easier to style and hold a curl. Audrey’s hair had a fullness to it that is typical of non-fine hair.

What type of hair did Audrey Hepburn have? Based on her hairstyles and photos, it appears that Audrey Hepburn had non-fine hair. Her hair had volume, body, and a natural wave that is typical of non-fine hair.

How to care for non-fine hair: If you have non-fine hair like Audrey Hepburn, it is essential to keep it hydrated and nourished. Use a conditioner after shampooing to maintain its moisture and avoid using too much heat on your hair when styling. Additionally, consider using a volumizing mousse or spray to enhance its natural fullness.

In conclusion, Audrey Hepburn’s hair type was most likely non-fine. Her hair had natural volume, body, and a wave that is characteristic of this hair type. To care for non-fine hair, it is essential to keep it hydrated, avoid using too much heat, and use volumizing products to enhance its natural fullness.

Discover the Iconic Hairstyle of Audrey Hepburn: The Pixie Cut

Audrey Hepburn, the Hollywood legend, was known for her timeless beauty and impeccable style. Her hairstyle, the Pixie Cut, is one of the most iconic and popular hairstyles of all time. This short, cropped haircut has been a favorite among women for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

What is a Pixie Cut?

A Pixie Cut is a short, cropped haircut that typically features short layers and a longer top. The hair is cut close to the head, and the length can vary from a few inches to just above the ears. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want a low-maintenance, yet stylish look.

Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut

Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. Her short, cropped hair perfectly framed her face and emphasized her delicate features. Hepburn’s Pixie Cut was simple, yet elegant, and it quickly became a trendsetter in the fashion world.

How to Get Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut

If you’re looking to recreate Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut, the key is to keep it simple. Start by finding a skilled hairstylist who has experience cutting short hair. Then, ask for a classic Pixie Cut with short layers and a longer top. Make sure to bring a picture of Audrey Hepburn’s Pixie Cut to show your stylist exactly what you’re looking for.

Styling Tips for a Pixie Cut

The beauty of a Pixie Cut is that it requires minimal styling. However, there are a few tips that can help you make the most of your short haircut. Use a small amount of styling product to add texture and volume to your hair. You can also experiment with different hair accessories, such as headbands and hair clips, to add a touch of glamour to your look.

The Timeless Appeal of the Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut has been a popular hairstyle for decades, and it’s not hard to see why. This short, cropped haircut is versatile, low-maintenance, and stylish. Whether you’re looking to recreate Audrey Hepburn’s iconic hairstyle or just want a chic, modern look, the Pixie Cut is a timeless choice that will never go out of style.

Unveiling the Truth: Did Audrey Hepburn Sport False Eyelashes?

There has been an age-old debate about whether Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn wore false eyelashes or not. The stunning actress, known for her doe eyes and signature pixie cut, has been an inspiration to many women for her timeless beauty.

The Controversy

While some believe that Hepburn’s thick and luscious lashes were natural, others argue that she sported false eyelashes to enhance her look. The debate has been fueled by various photographs of the actress from different angles and lighting.

The Evidence for False Eyelashes

Many makeup artists and beauty experts have pointed out that Hepburn’s lashes appear longer and fuller in certain photos, indicating that she may have used false lashes. Additionally, in her film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” it is rumored that she wore custom-made false eyelashes to achieve her iconic look.

The Evidence Against False Eyelashes

On the other hand, some argue that Hepburn’s lashes were indeed natural, as they appear to be of the same length and thickness in many of her photographs, regardless of the lighting or angle.

The Verdict

While the debate may never be definitively settled, it is important to note that there is no shame in wearing false eyelashes. Many women use them to enhance their natural beauty and achieve a desired look.

Audrey Hepburn’s influence on fashion and beauty is undeniable, and whether she wore false eyelashes or not, her legacy will continue to inspire women for generations to come.

Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles were simple yet iconic, and her hair accessories played a significant role. From the tiaras she wore in movies like “Roman Holiday” to the scarves and headbands she donned off-screen, her style continues to inspire fashion trends today. With the right hair accessories and a bit of creativity, anyone can channel their inner Hepburn and add a touch of elegance to their look. So, whether you’re going for a classic updo or a casual ponytail, don’t be afraid to experiment with some of Audrey’s favorite hair accessories and make her style your own.

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