What did Marilyn Monroe use on her hair?

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic Hollywood actress who is known for her beauty and glamour. Her signature platinum blonde hair is still a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry. Many people wonder what products she used to maintain her hair’s shine and volume.

Marilyn Monroe used a variety of hair products to keep her hair looking glamorous. From shampoos to hair sprays, she tried different hair care products to achieve her iconic look. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the products she used and how they contributed to her iconic hairstyle.

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What did Marilyn Monroe use on her hair?  

Marilyn Monroe’s Hair Products: Discover Her Beauty Secrets!

Marilyn Monroe was a beauty icon of the 20th century. Her beauty secrets have been a topic of conversations for many years. One of her secrets was her hair. She had gorgeous, platinum blonde hair that was always perfectly styled. But how did she keep it looking so radiant?

It turns out that Marilyn had a few favorite hair products that she relied on to keep her locks looking luscious. Here are some of the products she used:

  • Prell Shampoo: Marilyn was a big fan of Prell shampoo. This shampoo was known for its ability to thoroughly cleanse the hair and remove any buildup from styling products. Marilyn reportedly loved how clean and shiny her hair looked after using Prell.
  • Lustre-Creme Conditioner: To keep her hair soft and manageable, Marilyn used Lustre-Creme conditioner. This product was known for its ability to detangle hair and leave it feeling silky smooth. Marilyn reportedly loved the scent of this conditioner as well.
  • Henna: Marilyn was known for using henna to enhance her natural hair color. Henna is a plant-based dye that can add a red or copper tone to blonde hair. Marilyn reportedly loved how henna gave her hair a natural-looking glow.

In addition to these specific products, Marilyn also took great care of her hair. She reportedly washed it every day and always made sure to brush it gently to avoid breakage. She also slept on a satin pillowcase to prevent frizz and breakage.

The beauty industry has come a long way since Marilyn’s time, but her haircare routine is still relevant today. Many of the products she used are still available, and the basic principles of good hair care remain the same. Cleanse, condition, and protect your hair, and you’ll have a gorgeous head of hair just like Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe’s Hair Secrets: Revealed!

Marilyn Monroe is an icon who is still remembered for her beauty and style. Her blonde hair was a crucial part of her signature look, and many people still wonder how she managed to keep her hair looking so perfect all the time. Fortunately, her hair secrets have been revealed, and we can all learn from them.

1. She used a lot of conditioner

Marilyn’s hair was famously soft and silky, and that was because she used a lot of conditioner. She would leave it in her hair for up to 15 minutes to make sure it was fully absorbed. Her favorite conditioner was reportedly made from raw eggs, and she would mix it with olive oil to create a nourishing treatment.

2. She slept on satin pillowcases

To prevent her hair from getting tangled and frizzy while she slept, Marilyn would always use a satin pillowcase. Satin is much smoother than cotton, so it causes less friction and keeps hair looking smoother and shinier.

3. She used hot oil treatments

Marilyn would also use hot oil treatments to keep her hair looking healthy and strong. She would mix olive oil and castor oil, warm it up, and then apply it to her hair. She would leave it in for up to 45 minutes before washing it out.

4. She didn’t wash her hair every day

Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn didn’t wash her hair every day. In fact, she would often go up to a week without washing it. This helped her hair retain its natural oils, which kept it looking shiny and healthy.

5. She used hairspray sparingly

Marilyn’s hair was always perfectly styled, but she didn’t use a lot of hairspray to achieve that look. Instead, she would use a small amount to hold her hair in place, and then she would brush it out to give it a more natural look.

By following Marilyn’s hair tips, we can all achieve hair that is soft, shiny, and healthy. Whether you use a homemade conditioner, sleep on a satin pillowcase, or skip a hair wash every now and then, there are plenty of ways to keep your hair looking its best.

Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Haircare: Discover the Shampoo She Used

When it comes to iconic Hollywood stars, few are as legendary as Marilyn Monroe. From her signature platinum blonde hair to her sultry on-screen presence, Monroe’s impact on pop culture is still felt today. But what many people don’t know is that Monroe had a secret haircare routine that helped her maintain her luscious locks.

According to Monroe’s hairstylist, George Masters, the actress used a specific shampoo to keep her hair looking its best. The shampoo in question was called Redken’s Extreme Chamomile Shampoo. Masters revealed that Monroe was a big fan of the product and used it religiously to keep her hair healthy and shiny.

So, what made this shampoo so special? Well, as the name suggests, it contained chamomile, which is known for its soothing and calming properties. This made it ideal for Monroe, who often had to endure long hours of styling and filming. The shampoo also contained other nourishing ingredients like sea kelp and apricot oil, which helped to strengthen and hydrate her hair.

While Redken’s Extreme Chamomile Shampoo was discontinued years ago, there are still other chamomile-based shampoos on the market that claim to offer similar benefits. Some popular options include Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo and Klorane’s Shampoo with Chamomile.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Monroe’s haircare routine likely involved more than just shampoo. She probably had access to all sorts of high-end treatments and products that helped her maintain her iconic look. However, if you’re looking to incorporate a bit of Monroe’s haircare magic into your own routine, a chamomile-based shampoo might be a good place to start.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe’s secret haircare routine may have included various products and treatments, but her favorite shampoo was Redken’s Extreme Chamomile Shampoo. With its nourishing ingredients and soothing properties, it’s easy to see why this product was a staple in Monroe’s beauty arsenal. And while the original product may no longer be available, there are still plenty of chamomile-based shampoos on the market that can help you achieve healthy, shiny locks.

Marilyn Monroe’s Hair: The Truth Behind the Damage

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic blonde hair is a symbol of glamour and beauty that has endured for decades. However, many people do not know the truth behind the damage that Marilyn’s hair suffered throughout her career.

The Early Years

Marilyn Monroe’s natural hair color was actually a light brown. She began bleaching her hair blonde in the early 1950s when she was starting her acting career. Marilyn’s hairstylist, Gladys Rasmussen, used a combination of peroxide, ammonia, and Lux Flakes to achieve her signature platinum blonde color. Lux Flakes are a laundry detergent that contain sodium carbonate, which can be damaging to hair over time.

The Damage

Marilyn Monroe’s hair suffered from years of bleaching, heat styling, and chemical treatments. The combination of these factors left her hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Marilyn’s hair was also very fine, which made it even more susceptible to damage.

The Solutions

To combat the damage to Marilyn’s hair, her hairstylist Gladys Rasmussen used a variety of products and techniques. One of the products she used was a protein treatment called Super X that helped strengthen Marilyn’s hair. Gladys also used wigs and hairpieces to give Marilyn’s hair a break from heat styling and chemical treatments.

The Legacy

Marilyn Monroe’s hair has left a lasting legacy in the world of beauty and fashion. Her signature blonde color and voluminous curls continue to inspire women today. However, it is important to remember the damage that Marilyn’s hair suffered and to take care of our own hair to prevent similar damage.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe’s hair was a symbol of beauty and glamour, but it also suffered from years of damage. By using a combination of products and techniques, her hairstylist was able to help strengthen her hair and keep it looking its best. Marilyn’s legacy continues to inspire women today to take care of their own hair and to embrace their own unique beauty.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic hairstyle was achieved through a combination of various hair products and techniques. She was known to use volumizing shampoos, setting lotions, and hair sprays to achieve her signature curls and soft waves. Despite her untimely death many years ago, her beauty and style continue to inspire generations of women around the world. By using some of the hair products and techniques that Marilyn used, you too can achieve a glamorous and timeless look that will turn heads wherever you go.

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